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(Here are some statements from Auriel)

Your guides have all of your answers, they have your life path set up.  It is O.K. to be with other people before you are with your soulmate because every relationship you have now is training you to be with your soulmate.

Ask God to shine his light upon you often, like during a healing or anything.  Don’t live for other people, you are the center of your universe. It is O.K. to take time for yourself. Become comfortable and balanced in your own energy. This is how to find God when you are in your own energy.

Whenever you have something wrong with you it relates to one of two things that you need help with. One is forgiveness and the other is self-worth. This is responsible for all of the illness on the planet.

With Egyptian lifetimes it is important to understand how they saw spirit. To them spirit existed within and without. It existed on all the dimensions and they used their understanding, their teachings, their knowledge and rituals to access the spirit realm on a regular basis and they learned to suspend the physical animation of the body in order to astral travel for long periods of time, like years. They would reverse the polarity on their bodies. The priests and priestesses would come back after all those years and relate back what they learned to the others. They were bringing it back to the priesthood and secret societies of the Egyptians, it was only for the most high of the priests and most high of the royals.

Astral Energy


Recently someone at the store asked for a healing and they were very low on energy. That week I was reminded of an Oden lecture and meditation that was not being used as often as it could and so after the healing we did this meditation and she said she was loaded with energy and had not heard of this meditation. Being she was a regular at the store I feel there might be many who could use this meditation whenever they feel drained of energy. Oden states that first you ground by sending a cord from the bottom of your spine to the center of the earth and then fill your body up with orange earth energy. Next you send a cord out of the top of your head to the center of the universe and fill yourself up with white light from the center of the universe. Than you call down your astral body (the astral body is an exact duplicate of your body and the astral plane is an exact duplicate of our world) and start talking to it and tell it to go up to the astral plane and take it’s shoes off and walk around on the grass on the astral plane and bring up energy through your astral feet from the astral plane and filling up your astral body. After that you have your astral body reach up to the sun on the astral plane ( your astral arms have no limits so they can extend to any length) and bring down globs of the astral sun and fill up all parts of your astral body with this energy. (The sun on the astral plane is actually God energy brought down by the masters to act like a sun, Oden says. Oden also states that this is perfect energy to use for various tasks because it has no other energy pattern on it  besides Gods. ) Then surround your astral body in a golden ball to seal it in and have your astral body then fill up all of your physical body with this astral sun energy, all parts of it, then seal that in with a golden ball as well. Thank your astral body and hopefully you’ll feel full of energy and light.

~ White Light Bookstore

Animal Testing


Animal testing has to be about the most stupid, barbaric, least evolved thing we do on our planet. Hunting, mass cattle, chicken and turkey slaughter, zoos and circuses and regular abuse man commits against animals is all very bad, but the systematic torturing of cats and dogs and monkeys and rabbits and rodents is just beyond comprehension. They take these animals and they never see the light of day during their lives, they never touch the ground and grass, they never have contact with another of their kind, they are caged and abused and given diseases all in the name of cosmetics, new medicines (which don’t heal all that much, they can create more problems than they help, just listen to the disclaimers) and learning from science. These are souls just as we are. They are equal in God’s eyes to us for they are just like us. If they look different, communicate differently, are smaller than us and we have the idiot idea that we have dominion over the earth instead of a part of the earth than some think it is  our obligation to use them in any way we want, as if we are better than them. Those that feel and act this way don’t have a very long time left on this planet so it might be time to ask for guidance and help in how things are really set up. Time to understand that these animals have a bit of God in them. They have emotions and feelings just like us. What in God’s name can these people be thinking.

~ White Light Bookstore

Always Thankful


Many belief systems say you should squash your ego or release it or move it outside yourself. Lauralei and the guides say that that would be impossible. They say our ego is something we are given by our parents ( which explains a lot for some of us ) and at this level, is something that is part of us, like your left hand. They say it does not die until the astral and physical bodies die. They believe the way to more easily control your ego is by feeding it, doing something nice for it. In a sense doing something nice for you. One could buy some new clothes or treat oneself to a special event or a nice dinner. Something that keeps the ego in check. Instead of buying something or performing an activity with ourselves I wonder if we could stroke our ego daily by telling it how lucky we are for those gifts we possess right now? What if we told it how thankful we are for being with our beautiful partner, how much we love our wonderful family, how lucky we feel for the job we have, the fantastic clothes we wear, the great car we drive, for being an integral part of our soul, not any other but our beautiful, incredible soul and what if every day we were so thankful for who we are and what we have been given? Might that also please our ego and help much of the rest of this aspect of our soul while we are here? Wouldn’t our higher self be happy with us as well? Just a thought.

~ White Light Bookstore

A Prayer For Everyone Else


Oden tells us this galactic alignment which is currently taking place is major. It is a shift in consciousness. It is a cleansing of lower frequency energies. It is a new beginning. During this time we are obviously focused on ourselves and our world and deservedly so. These changes for the better can appear as destruction and pain for many. We should not forget that these new energies affecting us and our world are moving through out the universe and affecting all souls on all planets. As Oden stated these these are beings totally different than us that exist in the sun and on almost all the planets in our solar system. Multiply that times all the solar systems in our universe, in this dimension, and there are a lot of individuals going through interesting times. As we pray for those in our family, in our city, on our planet lets not forget to say a prayer for all those souls everywhere throughout our universe who could use some love and light. Let us say a prayer for everyone.

~ White Light Bookstore


What we are learning is to break the frequencies of physical vibrations and the vibrational frequencies above and below the physical level and separate them so that they can be isolated and in that isolation they can be targeted to specific difficulties or problems with the physical system. The Atlantean energy is the energy that links the systems of the different spiritual bodies that relate to the physical system. It is the energy or part of the energy in each of the spiritual aspects of yourself that are linked to or vibrate with the physical system and so it increases the communication between the physical system and the other parts of you that communicate with the physical system making the communication such that you are in a sense healing yourself because another part of you that is not on the physical plane can understand the physical system and can understand how to correct the physical system because the other systems of your spirit or soul are such that they exist outside the physical realm and they are not in sync with that energy. It is more of a clarification of communication between the separate parts of you so that another aspect of your spirit can correct or send the energy of correction to the physical system. It is about teaching your other selves how to correct imbalance in the physical system.

~ White Light Bookstore



You can send and manipulate energy not only for illness but you can use it to heal lack of confidence, you can use it to heal low self-esteem. You can not destroy energy but you can raise its frequency and you can change it. When you chant you raise the vibrational frequency in a room. Some people can change the vibrational frequency in someone’s aura and with that change you can fine tune it to a place where it brings light and job opportunities and light and more confidence and we don’t usually do these things unless we are asked for help but it is almost the same as a prayer. If we say a prayer we don’t usually ask someone if we can pray for them before we do it. A prayer is a positive high vibration of light and we send that energy to that person and their higher self or subconscious mind can choose to accept that prayer or not. It is all about intention and it is all about the receiver. Everything is energy. Everything is a frequency and we don’t have to have the lower frequencies in our energy field. Some come to move those lower frequencies out of others paths so that they can do what they came to do. We pick up so many lower frequencies or lower energies from others, not intending to take them or be exposed to these things and because of free will we don’t always have a lot of choice about how the people we live with affect our own energies. It is about using your free will to create a higher vibration and understanding that you can either be a victim of life and let things happen to you or you can be spiritually conscious and change your vibration and make things happen for you. It is about being the master of your life and teaching others to be the master of their lives./ There will be a lot of gun violence over the next several years until they are removed from the system.

~ White Light Bookstore



Anything is possible. It is about having the right frequency. You can mold and shape or change anything if you have the right energy or right frequency. Instead of being a master who has access to all the frequencies, we bring in one frequency at a time and push them in through the attunement and so you are getting slowly frequency after frequency that a master would have without being in a mastership. As you continue to use these energies the attunements will bond with your own energy field and they will kind of morph with what energies you need to work with. You have to use those energies for that to happen./ The ying-yang energies should help with weight loss because it should correct any imbalances in the hormonal areas. The Atlantian energy can also aid in weight loss if it has something to do with a past life./ God wants all of us to enjoy our time as well as to love and to learn while we are here. One of the good indicators is if you are happy, so take a moment and think about what you are learning from that happiness./ When you sleep in a bed with someone there is a lot of exchange of information. So there is like a dialogue going on that can keep you awake. Before you go to sleep with someone you want to be sure to shut down the energy center at the seat of the soul (back of the head), the crown chakra and the third eye. That will shut down the dialogue./ Everybody should do automatic writing and go write a page every day. By the time you get to the tenth page you will be very good at it. After a little practice we will get out of the way. It just takes a little practice. The movement of the hand keeps the subconscious mind and the conscious mind in sync and movement keeps us from blocking.

~ White Light Bookstore



I first became familiar with the Evil Eye Symbol visiting Greece as a college student. At the store we have bracelets, tapestries, pendants & wall hangings.  We have all felt someone zap us with a negative thought, whether or not we deserved it.  This fear of the evil eye has been ongoing since prehistoric times. It represents the fear of those destructive energies that arises from negative emotions, like jealousy, hatred and envy. Desire for protection against these negative emotions is a universal impulse and for thousands of years the people of many ancient cultures and religions resorted to unimaginable procedures and sacred symbols to protect them and stop them becoming a target for these evil forces. All of these people believe it protects them, so it does.   It helps ward off all evil eyes from you and creates a protective shield against you. You can wear an evil eye protection charm to save yourself from negative energies, such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy and other such energies that can affect your health and fortune.

~ White Light Bookstore


I do intuitive readings for many people whom are going through a break up.  Most of them find it hard to move on. 

It seems our society has taught us that we need to stop loving someone when a break up happens. I believe this is literally impossible.  We are supposed to stop speaking to them, exchanging thoughts, ideas, physical expression.  One day you have someone with whom you share a big part of yourself  and then suddenly no more.

Oden says love is a power and force, it is what propels the universe and heavens in a mystic swirl of magnetic attraction and is responsible for our ability to incarnate here.

Without love we are a shell of matter, existing without purpose, without meaning, without joy.

We do not choose the people we love, and that also needs some consideration. We pre-plan and schedule love, and life events before we ever get here. Each soul we fall in love with has made an agreement to interact, learn, grow and experience physical life with us.  If the relationship doesn’t work, out, it is because one or both of you have dropped the contract you agreed to, by utilizing your FREE WILL to change your mind. If we didn’t have such a contract, we wouldn’t be magnetically attracted to that soul and we would not be able to express it with physical love.

So stop beating yourself up for bad relationship choices. It had to happen.  It was part of your life plan. The plan was to have the relationship, to give one or both of you to experience something. If the relationship ends, your souls have moved on different paths, but you still had to honor the agreement to meet. Love the soul, separate it from the actions. Understand that many things influence the outcome of a relationship: family, childhood, accidents, drug abuse; all things we may or may not have prepared for, because everyone has free will! (not just the good guys-sometimes it is someone using their free will to mess with yours.)  Love is the strongest force in the world.  We all know how happy and alive we feel when it enters our life.

So, don’t ever try to stop loving someone again. Instead expand your energy field until it blends with the highest guides, angels, God. Let the physical love transform into something greater than what can exist here.

~ White Light bookstore