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Recently in Oden’s lecture on the “Galactic Alignment” (I highly recommend you attend his lectures, they are all amazing) he was answering a question about what path the earth will be headed toward in the near future and he stated that all possible futures are happening at all times simultaneously. There is the possible future where we stop polluting the planet, give up on oil and gas, let go of the survival of the fittest notion with man and nature ( survival of the fittest is a lower vibrational frequency we have allowed to rule our planet ) , man raises his frequency and we give up on killing, torturing  and abusing each other and we all move to a higher vibrational existence. There is also the future where it gets much worse, we believe the end of the world is upon us, guns and hate and violence rule, where no one feels safe and all hope is lost and the earth gets rid of man from the planet. There are also a million other possible futures for our planet Oden said and which direction we take all depends on us, where the majority of the more evolved individuals on the planet place their focus. That is what will occur. We set our future. We dictate the terms and parameters of our existence by where we place our attention and what we put our focus upon. If this is the case than I believe we all would want to start focusing on the perfect planet. No war, no pollution, clean, natural, sustainable energies for everyone, medical care and food for all, treating each other better than we would newish to be treated, moving beyond killing other souls ( animals and plants ) for our nourishment, remembering who we truly are and why we are truly in this life. Oden says the choice is ours. We can focus our vision of the future of our planet on the best possible scenario and highest imaginable light and live where we only dream of now.


In this very litigious society we exist in everyone is seeking out who is responsible, who is at fault. If something goes wrong or has a less than desired result than someone must be responsible, someone else is to blame. It seems it is one of the hardest things to do to take responsibility, to take responsibility for our own actions. Yes, others are using their free will against us all the time and have karma to pay for their actions upon another Oden says, but we as individuals are responsible for being at a certain location, frequenting with a certain crowd, accepting energy from others that might have been best left alone. Oden says it is all about percentages. He says the universe and the spiritual planes are all about math, sacred geometry. So when an event takes place, percentages of karma are doled out to the appropriate individuals. Coming to grips with ourselves and accepting responsibility for our actions or our percentage of responsibility is paramount in moving forward on our paths. Couple this with the extreme amount of self esteem issues everyone is dealing with and we end up in a perpetual cycle of blame, self pity, guilt, passive aggressive behavior and pain. If everyone was truly comfortable in their own skin, believed completely in their abilities, had undying faith that they were whole, complete, a part of the universe and could express this belief in their actions than perhaps there would be less hatred, judgment, arguments, back stabbing, revenge or pain inflicted upon another. We would not feel the need to express ourselves in a less than Godly manner. Looking at ourselves as the highest part of ourselves than we would tend to express ourselves from that viewpoint, which Oden has told us is the only way we should react to people and events at this level. There is no time like the present to start believing how wonderful you are. It doesn’t matter if you are fat, skinny, tall, short, dull, ugly, poor, rich, talented, educated, or any other description you can put upon yourself. Know you are perfect for you, no one else. You are exactly who you came to be and you are growing and moving down your path all the time. You take responsibility for your part in all actions and outcomes and are always doing better than you did before. Be happy with yourself. God loves you so why don’t you. Be and do, that is who we are.


Many treat their pets as less, as sub-servant, as something a kin to a piece of furniture. Change is imperative. Our dogs and cats and other pets are here to love us. They express their love by doing whatever we ask of them, protecting us, giving emotional support, being their when others aren’t, unconditionally. We have no idea how deep this affection goes and how extreme their help and love is for us. I know of one couple whose cat passed away because it took on the negative energy sent from someone trying to hurt that couple. The cat died protecting that couple. Another person who came into the store had to go off to fight in the war in the middle east and left two dogs behind waiting for their return. When the individual returned the dogs had these unusual sods all over their bodies. The guides told this person that the dogs had taken the energy upon themselves of what would have happened  to them in the war such as gunshots and shrapnel. As we say about each other, the animals make the ultimate sacrifice for those they love. There are thousands of stories just like these. Without preaching, we should consider now as the time to change our perceptions of us and our pets. They are partners in our life. They share in the responsibilities, or desire to. If they are equal to us in God’s eyes than they should be equal to us in our eyes as well. They need our help and if anyone ever deserved our assistance it is those who love us, whole heartedly.


More From Arianna (1-23-13)                                                                                                                                              An exercise connecting with your
higher self can help you remember what happens at night on the astral level and
definitely strengthening the cord to the astral body can help./ Information is
information, it doesn’t matter if it comes from guides or your own super
conscious, the important is that you are approaching any kind of session with
love and light and always in the highest good./ It is very common to work with
your guides and angels when doing any kind of spiritual work, most of the
information should be channeled to the practitioner on the physical realm. It
all should be anchored by a physical being./ Demons are misguided, misshapen
beings that are created with light by individuals alive. They can be misshapen
because their astral bodies are disintegrating./ The east coast earthquakes and
the west coast earthquakes, the vibration for structural change ( coming in the
near future). When you have earthquakes, the shifting of plates beneath the
waters and those shifts will later produce different phenomena that will later
come forth. So it is small earthquakes that are going to cause a shift in where
plates sit and that in turn will cause a problem with some of the additional
things that come later./ Karma is all about how advanced the soul is and how
much of the soul is present at the time of the action. Repercussions or one
thing affecting another doesn’t matter whether you see the results of those
actions immediately or not they are always there. There are always repercussions
or actions resulting from initial actions


(Here are some statements from Auriel)

Your guides have all of your answers, they have your life path set up.  It is O.K. to be with other people before you are with your soulmate because every relationship you have now is training you to be with your soulmate.

Ask God to shine his light upon you often, like during a healing or anything.  Don’t live for other people, you are the center of your universe. It is O.K. to take time for yourself. Become comfortable and balanced in your own energy. This is how to find God when you are in your own energy.

Whenever you have something wrong with you it relates to one of two things that you need help with. One is forgiveness and the other is self-worth. This is responsible for all of the illness on the planet.

With Egyptian lifetimes it is important to understand how they saw spirit. To them spirit existed within and without. It existed on all the dimensions and they used their understanding, their teachings, their knowledge and rituals to access the spirit realm on a regular basis and they learned to suspend the physical animation of the body in order to astral travel for long periods of time, like years. They would reverse the polarity on their bodies. The priests and priestesses would come back after all those years and relate back what they learned to the others. They were bringing it back to the priesthood and secret societies of the Egyptians, it was only for the most high of the priests and most high of the royals.

Astral Energy


Recently someone at the store asked for a healing and they were very low on energy. That week I was reminded of an Oden lecture and meditation that was not being used as often as it could and so after the healing we did this meditation and she said she was loaded with energy and had not heard of this meditation. Being she was a regular at the store I feel there might be many who could use this meditation whenever they feel drained of energy. Oden states that first you ground by sending a cord from the bottom of your spine to the center of the earth and then fill your body up with orange earth energy. Next you send a cord out of the top of your head to the center of the universe and fill yourself up with white light from the center of the universe. Than you call down your astral body (the astral body is an exact duplicate of your body and the astral plane is an exact duplicate of our world) and start talking to it and tell it to go up to the astral plane and take it’s shoes off and walk around on the grass on the astral plane and bring up energy through your astral feet from the astral plane and filling up your astral body. After that you have your astral body reach up to the sun on the astral plane ( your astral arms have no limits so they can extend to any length) and bring down globs of the astral sun and fill up all parts of your astral body with this energy. (The sun on the astral plane is actually God energy brought down by the masters to act like a sun, Oden says. Oden also states that this is perfect energy to use for various tasks because it has no other energy pattern on it  besides Gods. ) Then surround your astral body in a golden ball to seal it in and have your astral body then fill up all of your physical body with this astral sun energy, all parts of it, then seal that in with a golden ball as well. Thank your astral body and hopefully you’ll feel full of energy and light.

~ White Light Bookstore

Animal Testing


Animal testing has to be about the most stupid, barbaric, least evolved thing we do on our planet. Hunting, mass cattle, chicken and turkey slaughter, zoos and circuses and regular abuse man commits against animals is all very bad, but the systematic torturing of cats and dogs and monkeys and rabbits and rodents is just beyond comprehension. They take these animals and they never see the light of day during their lives, they never touch the ground and grass, they never have contact with another of their kind, they are caged and abused and given diseases all in the name of cosmetics, new medicines (which don’t heal all that much, they can create more problems than they help, just listen to the disclaimers) and learning from science. These are souls just as we are. They are equal in God’s eyes to us for they are just like us. If they look different, communicate differently, are smaller than us and we have the idiot idea that we have dominion over the earth instead of a part of the earth than some think it is  our obligation to use them in any way we want, as if we are better than them. Those that feel and act this way don’t have a very long time left on this planet so it might be time to ask for guidance and help in how things are really set up. Time to understand that these animals have a bit of God in them. They have emotions and feelings just like us. What in God’s name can these people be thinking.

~ White Light Bookstore

Always Thankful


Many belief systems say you should squash your ego or release it or move it outside yourself. Lauralei and the guides say that that would be impossible. They say our ego is something we are given by our parents ( which explains a lot for some of us ) and at this level, is something that is part of us, like your left hand. They say it does not die until the astral and physical bodies die. They believe the way to more easily control your ego is by feeding it, doing something nice for it. In a sense doing something nice for you. One could buy some new clothes or treat oneself to a special event or a nice dinner. Something that keeps the ego in check. Instead of buying something or performing an activity with ourselves I wonder if we could stroke our ego daily by telling it how lucky we are for those gifts we possess right now? What if we told it how thankful we are for being with our beautiful partner, how much we love our wonderful family, how lucky we feel for the job we have, the fantastic clothes we wear, the great car we drive, for being an integral part of our soul, not any other but our beautiful, incredible soul and what if every day we were so thankful for who we are and what we have been given? Might that also please our ego and help much of the rest of this aspect of our soul while we are here? Wouldn’t our higher self be happy with us as well? Just a thought.

~ White Light Bookstore

A Prayer For Everyone Else


Oden tells us this galactic alignment which is currently taking place is major. It is a shift in consciousness. It is a cleansing of lower frequency energies. It is a new beginning. During this time we are obviously focused on ourselves and our world and deservedly so. These changes for the better can appear as destruction and pain for many. We should not forget that these new energies affecting us and our world are moving through out the universe and affecting all souls on all planets. As Oden stated these these are beings totally different than us that exist in the sun and on almost all the planets in our solar system. Multiply that times all the solar systems in our universe, in this dimension, and there are a lot of individuals going through interesting times. As we pray for those in our family, in our city, on our planet lets not forget to say a prayer for all those souls everywhere throughout our universe who could use some love and light. Let us say a prayer for everyone.

~ White Light Bookstore


From David:

I see Oden get the most excited when someone tells him “I’m going to be the greatest healer on the planet” or “I’m going to be the best tarot reader ever”. He says “Yes that’s it. Do that or be that”. This is not a competition down here. Even though we have the appearance of one world or one reality there is actually everyone’s individual reality. As Oden says “When you learn to control energy you control everything. You control your money, your health, the people who come into your life, everything “. We are to become the stars of our own world. The focus and center of our attention. This does not mean in any way we don’t help or care about others. To do our best to be of support to others when needed. It is about doing the best we can in our own world from our own perspective and then growing and being the best we can as our perspective changes. It is not about being dominate or better than another. It is about perfecting all you can in the energies that are part of your world or come to your world. Lauralei is the best I have ever met at this. Appearances do not dictate this is always so but as we evolve higher more is put on our plate to deal with to see how we handle it. Also as we deal with our higher evolvement, the last vestiges of our karma quicken their arrival to be worked off in a more hastened manner. This all looks like it can lead to some minor chaos, but that can be what higher evolvement consists of. We do not judge ourselves to any others standards but our own and consequently we bring perfection to every task we undertake. Learn about energy, learn to control and manipulate it and the world is truly your oyster.

~ White Light Bookstore