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Crystals break when they are not charged up enough, put them outside or maybe bury it in the ground and leave them. Do not use broken crystals./ Complete thought is instantly knowing and understanding a concept in its entirety. That is what complete thought is, that is how master guides communicate, usually./ The Armor Of God protects you from those things that you want to be protected from. When you have protection people can’t take your energy but you can still give it away even if you have protection around you. If I agree to have someone tell me there problems than I am giving them my energy and my attention, when you give someone your attention you give them your energy. You can feel a drain of energy in lower vibrational exchanges. If you don’t participate they can’t take your energy./ It’s good to focus on a spiritual connection that comes between an agreement of souls to express life together. When you have an agreement with another person on a spiritual level you have both of your higher selves working for that connection. When you can enlist the help of the higher self with someone you have a spiritual agreement with, when you can enlist and have a direct connection or conversation with them, then one will have a much easier time on the physical plane./ The hardest thing for a person who wants to help is to learn to wait to be asked. It is about understanding everyone’s limitations. Some people can’t allow themselves to be healed quickly or easily and some people can’t expect that there is a person on the planet that can quickly and easily heal them. It is important to say this is what I am doing now, I would love to share that with you, please let me know if you would ever like to try it. There is no need for argument or judgment and it is very difficult when you see someone hurting in pain and you know that you can help, but allow them the space to be in pain if that is what the spirit wants. Wait to be asked./ Meditation the word is misleading because there are as many ways to meditate as there are people on the planet. Meditation is an altered state of mind where you can achieve clarity. Some people do well with walking meditations, some people do well with repetitive meditations like mantras. My daughter once said the lord’s prayer 150 times and that raised her vibration just by repeating the words over and over again to such an extent that clarity came./ (Question: Who is watching out for the planet?) – What is watching over the world are several. You have physical beings that would be considered aliens or extra-terrestrials that are watching out for mankind making sure they do not destroy the world. There are spiritual beings especially at Christmas time are singing white light over the planet and nourishing it. There are physical beings such as my daughter that are sending energy to the earth for the earth to use as the earth thinks best and then there are those that are activists that are working to create change with cleaner fuel and cleaner air, etc.. You have a lot of good people focused on the survival of the planet and the planet itself is focused on its survival. I do not believe the planet will have any long term ending soon./ If you open a door to a different vibration to what you are used to existing in than you have the vibration of one world and you have the vibration of another world coming through those same doors and it is about learning to process that energy and so it is very, very difficult till you become used to it and it can take years before an equilibrium is achieved./ We are participating in our own reality. There are many things that create our realities, some of us have a very clear cut plan prior to incarnating and if that is the case that reality cannot be changed or not much. So some of us have guidelines that are in place prior to our incarnation, others of us are allowed open doors and things so that we can move at our own pace. Reality can change. We have different degrees in both of these in every person so it is possible that some people have purposely blocked their prosperity as an exercise to learn to live without it or as an exercise to remove stimulation or money things so that they can focus on more spiritual pursuits./ You never put your ego aside. Your ego is part of your personality that is physical and dies with the body and the more you try to push it aside the stronger it becomes. You must always feed your ego so that when it is full it goes to sleep.


You have mankind destroying the ozone so you are receiving more of the heat from the sun than is in balance or is intended, so the amount of heat that you receive beyond that balance, beyond what would have occurred, had this interference not been present, you are able to remove. You can’t remove all of it, a certain amount of it was meant to be here so whatever the weather would have been had been had man not interfered that excess part you are able to remove. You can’t remove beyond that so if it was supposed to be 87 degrees that day before man destroyed the ozone and it is 92 degrees than you are only going to be able to lower it to 87 degrees. The same thing is true of cold weather. Also due to mankind’s interference the polar ice caps have shifted so they are melting and not where they used to be. The3 actual poles have shifted in their placement and so that is changing the magnetic pull of wind and weather and jet streams and things of that nature and so what you can do is remove or correct the excess in the same way and that is by returning those strips of polar energy or polar ice back to their original placement./ Anger is as big an attachment as love and you have to shatter or transform that anger into universal light and love./ I think that trying to talk yourself out of emotion is not worth much time. I do think it is important to recognize emotion and understand that the emotional body responds to the spirit and that the spirit should be in control and in charge of all balance, so acknowledge the emotion, thank the emotional body and then there is no more need for that input for that information, it is time for it to let go, emotion is like a small child hitting you on the side going “Look at me, look at me.” Once you look at the small child and say “Yes I see you, I will take care of you, you are fine”‘ than they stop tapping you. The same thing is true of your emotional system. It is about causing you to look at the quality of the emotional experience. Once you have looked at the quality of the experience you no longer need to send attention to it./  I don’t believe any portal should be left unattended. If you have a portal than you need to request a guardian angel to attend to it so that there is someone supervising what goes in and out. Most portals can’t be shut because they are portals from one dimension to another and they utilize a variety of spiritual souls and if it is one that is created by man than it can be closed by man, but if it has been created by God than it cannot be closed by man./ The moment you take a physical step upon your path, make yourself known and available and people who need and seek your energy can find you than one’s guides can flow through and assist in bringing others to you, but until you have taken those steps it won’t happen. Usually one has a thought or visualization, it can be auditory or visual, it doesn’t matter, but then it moves past thought into intent and than it has to move into action./ To increase someone’s low energy you would have to first know the stimulus for the low energy. It can be from any number of things, so it can be from giving your energy away to losing part of one’s soul, to an imbalance in the physical system, so you would first have to determine what is causing that low energy./ Most of the time the connections in autistic children are in other planes and other dimensions and so they are receiving too much input and too much stimulus and unable to focus in this physical realm so it is about taking those connections and refitting them as they should be for a physical life. It would be good to meditate on those energy cords or connections of an autistic child and bringing them back to the physical realm and into their proper alignment./ It doesn’t matter if they are alive or dead it takes a lot of energy to maintain relationships, it is good to be selective about who you maintain a relationship with./ When you have a spirit or soul you always incarnate in the same mold. People think if I say you had a fairy lifetime or elemental lifetime you are this little bitty thing flying around and that is not true. When one is in an area that is a large blanket of natural energy it helps one become lighter and not as heavy as it is here./ When you expand your energy field and what people don’t realize that when you expand your energy field your physical system follows the other systems. So when you are expanding to take care of one’s family and help them one’s physical system is following that expansion and might not be retracted. So it is O.K. to nourish people and it is also necessary at the end of the day when you are doing meditation to bring and retract your energy field back to your place, bring yourself back into a compact place, when your energy is compact you are stronger./ A lot of the places that are going to be affected are the places where there has been a great imbalance in how people are treated, like energy attracts like energy so imbalances in nature will gravitate toward places where there are imbalances in structures and societies, this could be recent imbalances or from the past. (Relating to coming upheavals in the coming months and years)//////////ODEN MEDITATION FOR THE EARTH- We offer and give our love and light, without judgment or a specific goal, to the earth, we often pray and ask for God’s love and light but we don’t often pray to give God our love and light and so think about the worthiness of the spark of God that is you and how wonderful it is for God, the earth and any entity to receive your love and light, it is a very wonderful gift. So we take a moment and take a deep breath and through that breath we find peace and you breath in peace and you release everything else and breath in peace and release everything else and just continue to breath peace and release everything else, let the peace move through all the molecules of your body, all the levels of your spirit until you have released everything else and then knowing that there is only time and space here we want to expand our energy field and aura and expand that peace and valance until your aura and your energy field is larger than the room. Expand again until it is larger than this building, larger than the city, larger than this country and larger than the earth. Than expand again until your entire body is extremely large so that the planet earth can fit into your heart. Move your heart energy so that the planet earth is in alignment with your heart energy. Breath in peace and balance and release everything else. Bring peace and balance into your heart and exhale everything else. Bring peace and balance into the earth as you hold it in your heart and let your heart energy repair the aura of the planet. Let your breath return peace to it. And this is good. Now contract your energy until you are becoming smaller, smaller than the city, smaller than the building, smaller than this room, smaller than your chair. Breath in peace, balance and love and this is all. Good night.


The basic principle, and this is for everybody, when you are wanting to increase your prosperity, you can’t increase prosperity until you are balanced and until your energy field is maintaining a steady rotation around the physical body and so your aura. Your soul blankets your physical body and when your soul is balanced it blankets all your physicals body, putting a protection around it and animating the physical body. A lot of times the soul will be off center, above or below the physical body and so aspects of the physical body are not receiving that energy from the soul. The soul needs to be centered in the physical body, centered on the physical body and you can center through prayer with your hands because there are energy centers which create a vortex and align you with the energy center in your third eye ( hands together in prayer at your forehead ) and this brings you into alignment, even more so when you knell. So when you take that position to pray you are in essence putting your soul and the physical body in its proper alignment. Then you want to visit the aura of the energy field of our soul to move around our physical body and if we have an emotional problem or disappointment or physical ailment or whatever is going on, all of those things create holes in the energy fields and keep us from spinning in a proper fashion. So when your energy is moving around the body at a very good pace than we bring more things to us and it should always be moving in a clockwise direction. So if you take a little bit of time every day to clean out your energy centers and to pull back your energy so that you have all of your soul, all of your energy present and then you align your body and your soul and you make sure that your energy is moving in a clockwise direction. When your energy is perfectly centered and all of your energy is present and moving at a good pace, than you are the perfect expression of your spirit in the physical form. So you bring the perfect experiences to you for that spirit. Trust that you can become the perfect expression of your spirit./ Every soul has a family and these are all people who are created at the same moment that you are. You are created with the same thought an sometimes the same essence and we have in our understanding many mates, many people who we planned to come into our lives and as we progress and evolve we progress and evolve with our soul family at different rates. Some of us incarnate more and some of us learn at different ratios so we progress differently and faster, but some of the other members of our soul family progress but not at the same rate and fashion that we do and so when we are youngsters we have many so called soul mates, anyone of our soul family could be our mate. As we progress through the stages, less and less of our soul family  are on the same vibration that we are and when it gets to a place where there is only you and one other member of our soul family that has progressed to a certain vibration than the two of you make a deal or a commitment to maintain your ratio of growth to be equal so you don’t leave one another behind. You always have at least one member of your soul family with you in every incarnation and as you progress and become more evolved it eventually becomes only one, one other spirit, one other soul that vibrates to the same frequency that you do and your incarnations become further and further apart./ If your drawn to part of your past you either left something there or something you have yet to achieve there. It is O.K. to revisit the past if you have a yearning or desire to do so, it means there is something not yet completed.


When manifesting make sure your guides know what money or what you desire is, it is kind of a foreign concept to them. You need to remember to do the energy for both of you (significant other), you can’t just do it for one person because the two shall become one. When you are in a relationship, when you are sleeping with someone and your sub-conscious’s are communicating, that is one person so you have to do the meditation for both of you, otherwise it is uneven and that in itself can create imbalances. /// We are coming to the galactic alignment, the 2012 galactic alignment is about the sun, the moon, the earth being in alignment for the first time in 27,000 years, so you have the pull of the sun, you have the pull of the center of the universe equal on the earth and when that comes you have teachers and prophets and seers and healers that all will be awakened who will come to lead and help the change that is coming./// Everyone calm yourself. First what you have to do is invite God or invite holiness into your life and when you find peace allow yourself to breath in peace and center with peace and light and take a few moments and do that and then bring God or holiness into the center of your space in front of you. Use the moment to program that space, that energy of God or light and program that in its complete knowing and perfection to bring you what it is that you need in your life and the more specific you are, good, but also when you let the universe decide sometimes it is even better, but you bring a ball of light and let God hand you that energy and in that energy make it what you want it to be and then move it through you and bring it back out of you and then hand it back to God so that it has your resonance on it. It has your energy pattern in it and God will dissipate that energy and that energy will return to you tenfold with what you are wanting. It is a very good meditation for bringing things to you and always when doing this remember time and space are only here, so allot of us when we manifest we put these wonderful balls of energy out and we think these wonderful programs and we send them out and they return to us 10 years later. It is important when you are working with that ball of energy and light that you put in their time. You put a moment of time, you put this moment of time, this energy returns in this moment of time, you put a time stamp on it because if you don’t it will come whenever it is able. It will just come. There is only time here, only time and space here, so once you release it back to God, unless you put that time stamp in there, it won’t have it sand even though it returns on other levels to you instantly, on your level it has been 10 years.


What we are learning is to break the frequencies of physical vibrations and the vibrational frequencies above and below the physical level and separate them so that they can be isolated and in that isolation they can be targeted to specific difficulties or problems with the physical system. The Atlantean energy is the energy that links the systems of the different spiritual bodies that relate to the physical system. It is the energy or part of the energy in each of the spiritual aspects of yourself that are linked to or vibrate with the physical system and so it increases the communication between the physical system and the other parts of you that communicate with the physical system making the communication such that you are in a sense healing yourself because another part of you that is not on the physical plane can understand the physical system and can understand how to correct the physical system because the other systems of your spirit or soul are such that they exist outside the physical realm and they are not in sync with that energy. It is more of a clarification of communication between the separate parts of you so that another aspect of your spirit can correct or send the energy of correction to the physical system. It is about teaching your other selves how to correct imbalance in the physical system.

~ White Light Bookstore



Anything is possible. It is about having the right frequency. You can mold and shape or change anything if you have the right energy or right frequency. Instead of being a master who has access to all the frequencies, we bring in one frequency at a time and push them in through the attunement and so you are getting slowly frequency after frequency that a master would have without being in a mastership. As you continue to use these energies the attunements will bond with your own energy field and they will kind of morph with what energies you need to work with. You have to use those energies for that to happen./ The ying-yang energies should help with weight loss because it should correct any imbalances in the hormonal areas. The Atlantian energy can also aid in weight loss if it has something to do with a past life./ God wants all of us to enjoy our time as well as to love and to learn while we are here. One of the good indicators is if you are happy, so take a moment and think about what you are learning from that happiness./ When you sleep in a bed with someone there is a lot of exchange of information. So there is like a dialogue going on that can keep you awake. Before you go to sleep with someone you want to be sure to shut down the energy center at the seat of the soul (back of the head), the crown chakra and the third eye. That will shut down the dialogue./ Everybody should do automatic writing and go write a page every day. By the time you get to the tenth page you will be very good at it. After a little practice we will get out of the way. It just takes a little practice. The movement of the hand keeps the subconscious mind and the conscious mind in sync and movement keeps us from blocking.

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Most of us have experienced at one time or another, a dark wave of negative energy that hit us out of the blue. For those of us sensitive to these things, it seems that this wave has no physical or emotional connection to us.  It feels as this dark wave originated outside of us, from somewhere or someone else. Then when we use the usual ritual & spiritual protections we know to do, they don’t seem to work on removing it.  So where did this wave of darkness come from? So why did we accept it into our energy field and why can’t we get rid of it???  What if I told you, most likely, it came from yourself!

Whenever any of your bodies receives an injury or injurious energy, that wave of negative energy can move through each of your seven spiritual energy bodies, like a wrecking ball thrown at the roof of your house.  It   first crashes through the roof, into the attic, then falls through the attic into the second storey, then crashes through the living room ceiling, to finally fall into the basement of the house, leaving havoc, chaos and giant holes in each level it passes through.

The same thing happens to us.  When you work with a disorder that occurs in the physical body know that  you’re also working with disorders that are occurring, (and have occurred), in the many layers of your other seven Spiritual Energy Bodies.  We all have a Physical, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Causal, Etheric, and Celestial body, whether we are consciously aware of them or not, and all of them can  become damaged, hurt and sickly.

When a disorder has manifested in the physical body, it has first filtered through other layers of our spirit, because the physical body is the final and last layer of your entire soul system of experience.

When you have an energy that enters the Soul System, it usually passes through several of your other spiritual body prior to reaching the physical body.  If the negative energy is too strong to be processed out of the spiritual body it enters, it will be released to the next. So you may have dis-ease in any number of your other energy bodies, before you are aware on a physical level that any disruption has occurred.  As the last layer, the physical body will then manifest this injurious energy as a disease, in order to process and remove it from the entire soul system, it has damaged.

If the negative energy creates a dis-ease which is extremely massive in its nature, it can kill the physical body or create a permanent hole or blockage in the auric field.  If the soul is unable to process the injurious energy completely out of its field, that negative energy will return with that soul when it reincarnates.

The way to start  teaching individuals how to heal the physical body, is by emphasizing that the physical body is just one of many layers, of the soul.  The most important layer being the God Center.

The God Center, is another name for the higher self and it resides about half way between the Physical Body (your body which vibrates the heaviest) and the Celestial Body(your body that vibrates the lightest).

We use the term God Center when we are referring to healing aspects, because  it is the heart of the spiritual system of a soul.  It is the director of all of the other Energy Bodies.  It is unique in the sense that it can move up and down the spiritual planes at will, and exist in several planes, the past and future, simultaneously.

When you look past time and space of a multi-dimensional spirit, you will find there are re-occurrences of many physical bodies connected to that soul, in the past and future, not just the one that you are currently aware of.

Each of us has multi-dimensional layers, and when something occurs to one of our incarnations, it immediately creates change and factors of change, in all of our other incarnations.   Whether or not you view them, as simultaneous or whether you view them as past or future lives, according to your perspective, each of these parts of you should be considered and connected to a spiritual healing.

When a disorder manifests in a physical body,  which is the last and final layer, that disorder has affected at least one of your other 6 Energy Bodies. The most common pathways of dis-ease are from the Astral Body to Emotional Body to the Physical Body,  but that is usual and not absolute.

A dis-ease can pass in any type of order from astral to mental to emotional or to etheric.  It can pass in any different numbers or layers, up and down, back and forth, prior to reaching the physical body.  There is no set order.

Dis-ease can also pass from one physical incarnation to another physical incarnation!  Know that an ailment can actually come from another aspect of yourself in the past,  because it was pulled out and thrown away!  Additionally the  future you can send ailments back to the present you. This is not spiritual healing!!

The spiritual healer should be delivering Life Force Energy  to all of the aspects of that particular soul, rather than removing dis-ease from the one personality, that can come and reattach to another in the past or future.

This happens because of the spiritual laws regarding magnetic fields.  Like energy attracts like energy, and no energy can be destroyed. Energy  will always return to its owner, (and by allowing the negative energy to create illness in your body, you have owned it).

So, never pull something out of a present body and throw it away, it will return to its owner, somewhere in time.   Removal is not healing, it is merely changing the time and location of the negative energy. .  It will just re-manifest somewhere else.

Instead try to connect all of the aspects of that person by making conscious contact with their God Center.  This is what directs or monitors every energy in its soul system, as well as any disorder that passes through its layers.  By contacting the God Center, you have a way to send spiritual healing to all the Energy Bodies, as well as all the past and future lives for that soul.

You can contact the God Center and send an effective, yet simple healing to your soul system with this meditation. First connect with the Earth. Visualize sending a hollow cord extending from the base of your spine, down into the ground until it reaches the center of the Earth. Allow the orange liquid energy that is there, to begin flowing up your hollow cord until it reaches your body and flows up into your body.

The visualize a hollow cord extending from the top of your head and moving up through the Universe until it reaches the center of the universe. Bring the White Light that is there down your hollow cord until it reaches the top of your head and flows into your body.

Next visualize an energy cord coming out of the back of your head where the spine and the skull meet.  This hollow cord reaches through time & space to connect with your God Center or Higher Self.  Send the white light that is flowing into the top of your head, through this cord.  As the white light moves through the cord, it will heal and unblock this connection. When you reach the higher self with the white light, greet and ask to utilize the system of communications that spring from the higher self to all the other aspects of you.

If allowed, bring the orange energy from the Earth, mix it with the white light coming in the top of our head and send to the higher self, which will then send the mixture to any of the your soul system that needs it. Clearing the path to the Higher Self, alone, brings lightness to you and a sense of a burden being lifted.

Before working on any client, make sure your connection is strong and free of blockages, before you do the same for them.


As most everyone knows who would be reading this; change in the world around us is occurring at a rapid pace. We are told by our guides that over the next five years the world will be a very different place than it is now. President Obama will make sweeping changes related to gay rights, the environment, what is currently allowed in politics and what is currently considered normal in our society. The planet will have both poles melt, there will be a lot more water and a lot less land, the jet stream is changing and the weather will be just as radical as it has been the last two years (fire, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.). God, the planet and what we would consider higher evolved beings (angels, master guides) have determined it is necessary to eliminate less evolved and lower frequency energies and beings from our planet so that this new planet will exist at a higher level, a new dimension, a higher frequency of evolved beings who will take this new world of ours in the direction it was meant to go for a long time. It is finally time to get this experiment on a better path. Along with that most all of us are realizing these changes are happening within us. Some are interested in the metaphysical again. Others are remembering abilities and lifetimes that are assisting them in what their new, perceived roles are in this lifetime. Many are just becoming completely new people, unrecognizable from the life they were living formally. This happens in degrees with each of us differently so it is important to remember to let each of us grow at our own pace. I like to say that if there was ever a time one might want to meditate a little more and party a little less, this is probably it. What is important for us is to be open to all changes coming in our lives. You are not your job, your gender, your height and weight. You are not your age, your belief system or any other constraints your mind has put on you. You are more, much, much more. We are all beings of light who have come to have a physical experience and it is time we remembered that. Be open to all changes no matter how unusual you might think they are. Be unlimited in all aspects of your life. Embrace the highest parts of who you are. It is a big part of why we are here.

~ White Light Bookstore



We are reflections of each other and we reflect to those around us what they are. We have heard this mirrors and reflection talk before, but what in the world are these people talking about. She probably won’t like it but I’ll use Lauralei as an example because what I’m writing is true for all of us, yet with her it is easier to understand. When Lauralei goes out in public to shop or eat or whatever, generally speaking people either love her or hate her. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground. Since she has spent more time meditating and evolved a little higher than most, the reactions people have are stronger. It is like she has a couple of very powerful angels holding up a huge mirror above her head and when she meets someone those individuals are looking into that mirror and seeing ( or forced to see ) their true selves. If they are generally good people, trying to do the right thing, helping others, etc., they are liking what they see, they suddenly feel extra good about themselves and they often mistake that feeling for having something to do with Lauralei, so they love her instantly. If they aren’t such great people, lying, cheating, stealing, hurting others physically or emotionally, etc., they really do not like what they see when they look at their true self. All their garbage is being reflected back at them and they interpret that as a hatred for Lauralei even though she has never met them or done anything to them. This can be a real issue for Lauralei to deal with, forgetting who she is, wondering why these people hate her who she doesn’t even know. This holds true for everyone to some degree. If we are with a group of individuals who have over achieved, accomplished great things, worked extra hard to get what they have and we have not done those things we feel smaller around them, less confident, asking ourselves why we didn’t do more with our lives and consequently we then make fun of that group, hate them, call them names when in actuality we are only upset with ourselves. These are only examples, for we are all only reflections for everyone we meet every day of our lives. Know that if you are living your dreams, are on your path and working for the betterment of all, the greatest good for all concerned, you will always be happy with the reflections that all are sending back to you. If not you might consider a possible change in your approach to life.

~ White Light Bookstore


FROM LAURALEI – 7/7/11:  

How does Oden Reiki Work? Everything alive has a Life Force Energy, Aura or Shield around it. We know it can be photographed and we think many intuitive people can see it. What exactly is this shield and what is its function while we exist on the physical plane? The Aura is a series of rings of energy that encircle and nourish our physical and spiritual bodies. The inner ring usually remains the same color  in our lives and it is the vibrational frequency we used to enter this physical plane. The middle and outer rings change frequently.  The patterns and colors contain all we are, all we have experienced and everything we are about to.  This is what a clairvoyant often tunes into when reading a person. If we have any kind of dark or heavy pattern in our middle or outer auras, we might have a corresponding condition in our physical, mental or emotional bodies.  Rather than pulling the energy out or pouring light into it, Oden Reiki matches the frequency of such an energy, surpasses and then shatters it. Much in the same way Ella Fitzgerald did in the 1960′s Memorex Commercials, when she shatters a glass by hitting a high note.  In easy terms, Oden Reiki is instant in its results to purify the Aura, or Life Force Energy Field of anyone or anything. Within minutes the offending energy pattern no longer exist as it was, it has been shattered to raw energy to be returned to the first spiritual plane of Energy.

~ White Light Bookstore