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When you start to communicate with your guide it is about both of you learning a new language, a little bit you and a little bit them so if you are not understanding I believe when you least expect it the meanings of symbols will come./ In order to understand something you are remote viewing you need to understand the workings of that thing, it doesn’t work if you don’t have a reference for it, you can get images and not classify them, a lot of intuitive people try to interpret what they have seen and instead of interpreting it is more, with remote viewing, about just giving what you see. Some people see an S with a line through it and think money but sometimes they think the S stands for something else and it is not about money. So remote viewing is about seeing it is not about any interpretation./ When you think about fire it is a transition, it is also a movement or an exchange of energy from one dimension to another and so if you think about a very large fire, we create a very large catalyst on a very large vacuum or a transition of energy from one level to another so a big fire is like opening a portal to bring energy to a different level so it would be like shedding a dead skin or bringing a new vibration or light. So it is like the earth going through a transition and the large fire creates an impetus that that energy can move through that fire or into that different level (in relation to a question on the Colorado fires)./ The founding fathers tried to promote spirituality as much as they could and countries have karma just like people do and countries and churches have a difficult time being a vehicle for spiritual growth./ In angelic orders you have the first level closest to God and than most angels on the next level. Those beings are love and light and seek out individuals to prepare them for their path, important tasks to perform on their mission that incarnated to this level. These high angels come very rarely to this level, they mainly are teachers and spiritual advisors for souls that have passed to the fourth spiritual plane.


Every soul has a purpose, an ultimate purpose, an ultimate reason for its creation and each lifetime is a step of growth for completing the purpose for that creation. So every moment and step is leading toward the life that God created you for and each soul finds their path individually for self discovery and self awareness with their free will./ We have different levels of master guides and spirit guides just as we have different levels of our lives and as we proceed for greater teaching and greater understanding we seek out a master soul to help us on that journey./ Every experience is learning, every experience that you have on any level is a step towards the light. When you have an ability to chose the path you wish to go on while in the physical realm, I don’t think there is any right way or wrong way to achieve spiritual growth, only that one does./ Unfortunately in hotel rooms there are a lot of lower energies that are there and when you stay in a hotel it is best to seal the room by bringing light down to the top of your head and putting a sacred symbol on all the walls and floor and ceiling (out your hand or third eye) such as a Jewish star, a Celtic cross, a pyramid, any sacred symbol in light will seal off the room./ One of the earliest uses for the five pointed star is to focus or send energy, so you have the four elements and each point is an element and then the fifth one (the top) is God so you draw a five pointed star and focus on the center of it and it will bring balance to the physical system, the spiritual system and all the elements as well as God energy.


Several years ago, my spirit guides informed me that I had completed my mission on the Earth Plane.  They asked me if I wanted to continue to live or return home. I replied that I was happy to stick around if I didn’t have to deal with a lot of..let’s say junk. My guides told me if I wanted to remain, I had to begin the work that I had planned for my next lifetime, which was learning the art of spiritual healing.  I have seen and been to a lot of spiritual healers. I never walked away from one with my pain gone. I decided if I learned to do spiritual healing I wanted to at least have an instant result of some kind. Jesus was a great guy. Totally non-judgmental.  He would walk up to someone and say your faith has healed you, go forth and sin no more. I like to interpret that as,  YOU HAVE SATISFIED YOUR KARMA, NOW DON’T MAKE ANYMORE. The priests didn’t like Jesus usurping their authority, they even tried to keep him after school for healing the sick on a Sunday.  Imagine making a sick or dying person, wait until tomorrow.  Today medicine is a big business in American. We can’t have everyone walking around healing people.  More over instantly. The ear candle people now advertise as AROMATHERAPY CANDLES.

I understand that the laws are in place to protect people, but spiritual healing is just that.  If the spirit or the soul is balanced, so too, will be the physical part of that soul.  I have been working on healing instantly for the last 10 years.  I can’t say Oden Reiki can heal you instantly, but I can say I have witnessed it removing pain instantly and  I have seen some amazing results. WWJD? What would he say to charges of practicing medicine without a license? If 2012 is as big as we think it is going to be, maybe we need to figure out a plan to keep the messiahs from being arrested. Think about this.

~ White Light Bookstore


collective consciousness

Many of us have learned from Lauralei and the guides, our past, various cultures and our inner knowing that we are evolving, growing and on a path to being more like God. We have discovered (from the guides) that everything is about frequency. Take certain actions and avoid certain actions and you can raise or lower your vibrational frequency accordingly. We have also learned that God gave everyone free will, he couldn’t give it to just particular individuals. God gave us free will to see how we might creatively choose our path back to God (sometimes I think we have free will to see how we can screw up and get off our path). Everyone down here we learn is on a particular physical lifetime (roughly 200 of them) and in various stages of evolvement. As well we find out that in any particular lifetime you are born with various percentages of your soul (50% or better you can walk through walls and the equivalent, 1% not so much). So we end up with a planet filled with souls all moving and growing at different levels and different speeds, here to learn different lessons and accordingly treating other individuals in manners which are not anywhere close to the same. It is kind of like people driving with various autos, in different emotional states, with unusual conditions and attempting to keep them all in line. Here’s 80 year old grandma going down the highway at 35 miles per hour and 16 year old speeding kid, 40 year old man late for an appointment, tractor-trailer guy barreling down the road and someone else who just got bad news and is very emotional driving down the road crying. Someone is bound to get hurt if everyone doesn’t follow the rules of the road that are out there to protect us. In life it is the same. Everyone is out doing their own thing and many are not concerned about the others around them or how their actions might affect them. There are universal laws we as people should all be following. Not killing or hurting another unless we are in grave danger from them, whatever energy you send out or action you take upon another is coming back upon you whether you see it or not, you receive what you give, like energy attracts like energy and a special one that many often forget, that we are all in this together as a collective, not only as an individual. Yes we need to focus on our evolvement, yes we should keep our attention on ourselves and not focus our attention so much on how others need to improve (we need to be evolved enough to let others grow at their own pace, Oden tells us) and yes we should be the best we can be. The problem occurs when others believe they have certain rights that cannot be infringed upon. That no one will tell them what to do. That they have a right to smoke, hurt others, keep guns, do drugs, say one group is right and another group is wrong, declare war, pollute, drive the biggest gas hog, steal, beat up those who are weaker than them, have competition where we infer this one is a winner and all the rest in the competition is a loser, hoard, believe everything is fair to do in business, only look out for number one, commit adultery and believe in all these cases they really are not hurting anyone that much because they are doing what they desire. The situation which than occurs is that we are pulling down the collective to a lower level. We are lowering the frequency of the whole of mankind which makes it very difficult for those who wish to grow and evolve to do so. Any lesser choice or negative action taken affects us all. If you choose to smoke it is not just bothering those around you with second hand smoke or hurting yourself. You’re action is having an effect on someone around the world. Let this sink in. Every choice you make is affecting all parts of your soul as well as all others. What is occurring is we are letting those who are less evolved, those with a less percentage of their soul and those choosing less than positive actions to determine the fate of us all. It is creating an imbalance on our planet. Unless we start changing as a group and heading in a more positive direction man will be wiped from the planet. If we would all choose the best part of ourselves, take the perfect actions we would most like to see us take, help others, send love and light to everyone and everything all the time, envision the perfect planet we want to see in the immediate future than we can get out of this funk. As Oden says,” If everyone would pick up a stone and fill it with love and light and positive energy and place it back on the ground and do this every day for a month than on that time we would be in a completely different planet than we are familiar with now.”

~ David Bradley, White Light Bookstore


Often when people come to me for a reading or channeling, their first questions are usually: Who am I?, Why am I here? What am I supposed to do?  All questions I have asked myself many times in my life, and many times the answers have changed.  The great thing is, if you are asking the questions, you are ready to hear the answers. Don’t think for a minute that you are not special, if you are asking those questions. It is time for you to take the first steps toward your mission, whatever it is.  Learning to still the mind and hear spirit is the beginning of a wonderful journey and partnership.  How do you do that? Well, there are lots of methodologies: Chanting, Meditation, Hypnosis & my favorite, Trance States. You have to learn to meditate. I consider meditation very similar to prayer, only in deep meditation can you truly connect with your higher self, your spirit guides and your God. I find guided meditations work best with beginner’s. Take meditation classes of any kind, because some people will find some types of meditation easier than others. I have always used my meditations to gain knowledge so I typically do one to speak with my spirit teachers, then I do one to heal and align my physical body.  Some people do great things with walking meditations in nature. Whatever type works with you, it is the path to finding the answers to the above questions.

~ White Light Bookstore