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Astral Energy


Recently someone at the store asked for a healing and they were very low on energy. That week I was reminded of an Oden lecture and meditation that was not being used as often as it could and so after the healing we did this meditation and she said she was loaded with energy and had not heard of this meditation. Being she was a regular at the store I feel there might be many who could use this meditation whenever they feel drained of energy. Oden states that first you ground by sending a cord from the bottom of your spine to the center of the earth and then fill your body up with orange earth energy. Next you send a cord out of the top of your head to the center of the universe and fill yourself up with white light from the center of the universe. Than you call down your astral body (the astral body is an exact duplicate of your body and the astral plane is an exact duplicate of our world) and start talking to it and tell it to go up to the astral plane and take it’s shoes off and walk around on the grass on the astral plane and bring up energy through your astral feet from the astral plane and filling up your astral body. After that you have your astral body reach up to the sun on the astral plane ( your astral arms have no limits so they can extend to any length) and bring down globs of the astral sun and fill up all parts of your astral body with this energy. (The sun on the astral plane is actually God energy brought down by the masters to act like a sun, Oden says. Oden also states that this is perfect energy to use for various tasks because it has no other energy pattern on it  besides Gods. ) Then surround your astral body in a golden ball to seal it in and have your astral body then fill up all of your physical body with this astral sun energy, all parts of it, then seal that in with a golden ball as well. Thank your astral body and hopefully you’ll feel full of energy and light.

~ White Light Bookstore


What we are learning is to break the frequencies of physical vibrations and the vibrational frequencies above and below the physical level and separate them so that they can be isolated and in that isolation they can be targeted to specific difficulties or problems with the physical system. The Atlantean energy is the energy that links the systems of the different spiritual bodies that relate to the physical system. It is the energy or part of the energy in each of the spiritual aspects of yourself that are linked to or vibrate with the physical system and so it increases the communication between the physical system and the other parts of you that communicate with the physical system making the communication such that you are in a sense healing yourself because another part of you that is not on the physical plane can understand the physical system and can understand how to correct the physical system because the other systems of your spirit or soul are such that they exist outside the physical realm and they are not in sync with that energy. It is more of a clarification of communication between the separate parts of you so that another aspect of your spirit can correct or send the energy of correction to the physical system. It is about teaching your other selves how to correct imbalance in the physical system.

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You can send and manipulate energy not only for illness but you can use it to heal lack of confidence, you can use it to heal low self-esteem. You can not destroy energy but you can raise its frequency and you can change it. When you chant you raise the vibrational frequency in a room. Some people can change the vibrational frequency in someone’s aura and with that change you can fine tune it to a place where it brings light and job opportunities and light and more confidence and we don’t usually do these things unless we are asked for help but it is almost the same as a prayer. If we say a prayer we don’t usually ask someone if we can pray for them before we do it. A prayer is a positive high vibration of light and we send that energy to that person and their higher self or subconscious mind can choose to accept that prayer or not. It is all about intention and it is all about the receiver. Everything is energy. Everything is a frequency and we don’t have to have the lower frequencies in our energy field. Some come to move those lower frequencies out of others paths so that they can do what they came to do. We pick up so many lower frequencies or lower energies from others, not intending to take them or be exposed to these things and because of free will we don’t always have a lot of choice about how the people we live with affect our own energies. It is about using your free will to create a higher vibration and understanding that you can either be a victim of life and let things happen to you or you can be spiritually conscious and change your vibration and make things happen for you. It is about being the master of your life and teaching others to be the master of their lives./ There will be a lot of gun violence over the next several years until they are removed from the system.

~ White Light Bookstore



Anything is possible. It is about having the right frequency. You can mold and shape or change anything if you have the right energy or right frequency. Instead of being a master who has access to all the frequencies, we bring in one frequency at a time and push them in through the attunement and so you are getting slowly frequency after frequency that a master would have without being in a mastership. As you continue to use these energies the attunements will bond with your own energy field and they will kind of morph with what energies you need to work with. You have to use those energies for that to happen./ The ying-yang energies should help with weight loss because it should correct any imbalances in the hormonal areas. The Atlantian energy can also aid in weight loss if it has something to do with a past life./ God wants all of us to enjoy our time as well as to love and to learn while we are here. One of the good indicators is if you are happy, so take a moment and think about what you are learning from that happiness./ When you sleep in a bed with someone there is a lot of exchange of information. So there is like a dialogue going on that can keep you awake. Before you go to sleep with someone you want to be sure to shut down the energy center at the seat of the soul (back of the head), the crown chakra and the third eye. That will shut down the dialogue./ Everybody should do automatic writing and go write a page every day. By the time you get to the tenth page you will be very good at it. After a little practice we will get out of the way. It just takes a little practice. The movement of the hand keeps the subconscious mind and the conscious mind in sync and movement keeps us from blocking.

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I do intuitive readings for many people whom are going through a break up.  Most of them find it hard to move on. 

It seems our society has taught us that we need to stop loving someone when a break up happens. I believe this is literally impossible.  We are supposed to stop speaking to them, exchanging thoughts, ideas, physical expression.  One day you have someone with whom you share a big part of yourself  and then suddenly no more.

Oden says love is a power and force, it is what propels the universe and heavens in a mystic swirl of magnetic attraction and is responsible for our ability to incarnate here.

Without love we are a shell of matter, existing without purpose, without meaning, without joy.

We do not choose the people we love, and that also needs some consideration. We pre-plan and schedule love, and life events before we ever get here. Each soul we fall in love with has made an agreement to interact, learn, grow and experience physical life with us.  If the relationship doesn’t work, out, it is because one or both of you have dropped the contract you agreed to, by utilizing your FREE WILL to change your mind. If we didn’t have such a contract, we wouldn’t be magnetically attracted to that soul and we would not be able to express it with physical love.

So stop beating yourself up for bad relationship choices. It had to happen.  It was part of your life plan. The plan was to have the relationship, to give one or both of you to experience something. If the relationship ends, your souls have moved on different paths, but you still had to honor the agreement to meet. Love the soul, separate it from the actions. Understand that many things influence the outcome of a relationship: family, childhood, accidents, drug abuse; all things we may or may not have prepared for, because everyone has free will! (not just the good guys-sometimes it is someone using their free will to mess with yours.)  Love is the strongest force in the world.  We all know how happy and alive we feel when it enters our life.

So, don’t ever try to stop loving someone again. Instead expand your energy field until it blends with the highest guides, angels, God. Let the physical love transform into something greater than what can exist here.

~ White Light bookstore


Lauralei’s customers’ account of her experience with Oden Reiki:

At a channeling session I asked if I had any issues with the energy of my physical system and I was told by Jeramie, a spirit guide that Lauralei channels, that I should have my feet looked at. I wasn’t having any trouble but I visited my doctor for a checkup, and she said I had diabetes (foot problems are very common with diabetes).  She loaded me up with a blood testing kit and a list of foods I should eat.  I read it over a few times, but it didn’t have any sugar or carbs on it.  I came home and did some research and found I had to give up pretty much all normal food. I hated the way that made me feel everyday. It felt like the diabetes issue was consuming all my energy and my time. I was following the approved diet and still tested high blood sugar and I felt awful.  To give you an idea, I was averaging 250 levels in the early am on my test meter, when it should have been 70-100.  Later in the day I would hit near 297.  I continued Oden Reiki with Lauralei. During one session I registered 180, and five minutes after the treatment, I took my blood sugar again and it was 30 points less!  30 points!  (I really wish I had the doctor there to see that).  With some fine tuning, Lauralei figured out that clearing the energy of my blood, was vital to improvement.   My blood sugar levels started going down and staying down, either though I had added carbs and some sugar to my diet. When I next went back to the doctor, she said my blood sugar was better. This was my doctor using small words for big improvement. I returned for Oden Reiki with Lauralei every week for 4 weeks and my blood sugar went down to 109. Every session, I felt better and healthier.  When Lauralei received the Ying/Yang Reiki attunement, which is an energy to balance the aura around our organs, she began focusing on the pancreas.  Each time the bad energy around the pancreas got smaller & smaller. At my six month check-up, the doc said no more monitoring, no more sticking my finger for blood samples.  She said I didn’t need to go back until my yearly checkup.  It is miraculous that in a very short period of time, a disease that can span a lifetime was gone. I am so very grateful for Oden, David and Lauralei and the fact that Oden Reiki is available.  It changed my entire life.  Thank you, David and Lauralei, for your dedication and for helping me to feel better.

~ White Light Bookstore


All skills come from practice./ The upper bodies that make up your higher self, you have to remember that this lifetime is just a drop in the bucket and so they don’t look as one singular lifetime as important. The higher self sees only the collection of lifetimes and the amount of learning that occurs from them. If you have a particular lifetime that you are struggling with or having difficulty with then it is important that you get that Atlantean attunement so that your bodies can better communicate with one another. So if a physical body is struggling with something then the eutheric body can better understand what the issue is because the eutheric body does not talk in language, does not talk in pictures, the eutheric body is not capable communicating word for word. It communicates in complete thought, complete knowing. Anything you can do to make that a stronger connection to acclimating the eutheric body at this level the better for both your physical body as well as your eutheric./ Never stop or slow down someone’s aura. It does not help in healing. Actually the faster your aura goes the better it is for healing because it processes it faster./ It is very important that you give and receive in equal amounts and many more advanced souls are givers, inclined to think of others and to give. The problem is that after a time they begin to incur karma because they are not giving and receiving in equal amounts. They are out of balance because of it. It is important you learn to ask for help, you learn to ask others to do things for you as well as accept it when they do./ There are enzymes man has not identified yet and when one goes through a difficult, hard, emotional, stressful time these collect in the body and they need to be removed, detox, cleansing, etc../ There is no should. There is nothing you should do. In a lifetime there are goals and achievements and you do what you can./ We are each the controller of our lives and we all have to move and grow at a pace that is comfortable for us./ If you think about God as a bright, white light and the universe as a prism and as God’s light shines through the prism and breaks up into different bands and each of you here is one of those bands so together we are all God.

~ White Light Bookstore


From David:

I see Oden get the most excited when someone tells him “I’m going to be the greatest healer on the planet” or “I’m going to be the best tarot reader ever”. He says “Yes that’s it. Do that or be that”. This is not a competition down here. Even though we have the appearance of one world or one reality there is actually everyone’s individual reality. As Oden says “When you learn to control energy you control everything. You control your money, your health, the people who come into your life, everything “. We are to become the stars of our own world. The focus and center of our attention. This does not mean in any way we don’t help or care about others. To do our best to be of support to others when needed. It is about doing the best we can in our own world from our own perspective and then growing and being the best we can as our perspective changes. It is not about being dominate or better than another. It is about perfecting all you can in the energies that are part of your world or come to your world. Lauralei is the best I have ever met at this. Appearances do not dictate this is always so but as we evolve higher more is put on our plate to deal with to see how we handle it. Also as we deal with our higher evolvement, the last vestiges of our karma quicken their arrival to be worked off in a more hastened manner. This all looks like it can lead to some minor chaos, but that can be what higher evolvement consists of. We do not judge ourselves to any others standards but our own and consequently we bring perfection to every task we undertake. Learn about energy, learn to control and manipulate it and the world is truly your oyster.

~ White Light Bookstore


     All of the laws of Physics are also Universal laws or fundamental spiritual laws.  For example, Newton’s third law of motion:  For Every Action, there is an Opposite and Equal Reaction.  Every spiritual student and guru recognizes the above as the Law of Karma:  The Energy We send Out, Always Returns to Us, if not in this Lifetime, then in the Next.  Souls interacting with other souls in the physical dimension, with time and space, could choose not to share every moment of everything, which is the case, basically, everywhere else, on every other plane.  Because of time & space souls believed they could hide parts of themselves and could even lie to one another.    It was never conceived by our creator that our free will, so generously given, with the gift of space and time, would be used in such a way as to harm one another.  This was the creation of Karma, the creation of hell. We became lost in physical sensations and begin to believe we were their bodies. We started leaving different parts of our energy behind, when we died; we created a need to return to retrieve it.

       After we begin murdering one another and committing unspeakable acts in the name of our creator, our memories of home and previous lives were taken from us. Why?  We had created a need to return to this plane, to fulfill and complete the karma we had created.   Souls who left their energy here, had to return to retrieve it, and they became stuck in the wheel. Feeling hopeless and isolated, many souls committed suicide to end their time on the planet and return to the peaceful home they came from, without completing their karma.

     So, to ensure each soul retrieved their energy, good or bad, and complete the karmic cycles they had created, they had to forget who they are and where they came from.  They also lost their connections to their super-consciousness or higher self, until their spirit had evolved to such a state where they understood the laws of karma and the need to complete its cycle.  The loss of this connection made souls believe they were just their physical body, and after the death of the physical body, and they ceased to exist.

      Yet we were never supposed to experience physical life detached from our source.  God did give us free will, but God never sent souls to the physical plane without a lifeline.  That lifeline is your guides. If we utilize their love and guidance, we have a stronger inclination to stay with our plan, stay on our path and increase our spiritual growth, as we spin and complete our karmic.

~ White Light Bookstore


Many people ask for the difference between angels and spirit guides. Angels can be spirit guides and spirit guides can become angels but not all spirit guides are angels.  Angels are so evolved; they vibrate in God’s presence.

 Arch Angels, however, have never incarnated.   When God created light, the band of colors in that spectrum, are in essence, the Arch Angels.  Each Arch Angel represents a frequency of pure light, ranging from the colors we can see: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & violet, to the many we cannot see.  Each of them vibrates to the highest frequency for the light spectrum they were created for.   They are literally beings created of light, that radiate light and they are the master examples of what each of us can achieve.

All angels have access to our creator’s direct presence and many find it difficult to leave that presence.  Anyone that has had an Angelic encounter, achieved a deep state of meditation, has had a near death or out of body experience, knows what I am talking about.  It is very difficult to return to the physical plane after experiencing the bliss of unconditional love and light.

Each of us, including the angels, is a soul with many levels to their spirit.

Let’s define the soul as the aspect of your spirit that is conscious, the part you are aware of and the part you bring to the Earth plane.  Define your spirit as a much larger, multi-dimensional energy, which includes your higher self and the aspects of yourself that you may not be in touch with.

In other words, your soul is the incarnating conscious aspect and the spirit is the sum total of all the aspects which exist, both consciously and unconsciously.

As we grow and evolve in our spiritual development, we integrate consciously, more and more of our spirit.  With each lifetime, with each lesson learned, each lifetime integrated, we become more consciously whole.

Master souls, which have achieved total spiritual consciousness and integration, can be considered angels.  Ultimately, it is everyone’s goal.

A good first step towards this goal is to consciously learn to connect and communicate with your higher self. Your higher self, also called your over-soul, is available 24-7 to aid your soul in its spiritual development.

Contact and connection with the higher self can be achieved in many different ways.  Many have utilized meditation, vision quests, hypnosis, yoga, chanting, and mantras.

There is no doubt that the body is a temple. What goes into your body affects your ability to achieve higher states.

~ White Light Bookstore