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Imagine a large cloud above our planet. Not a good or bad cloud, just a cloud and lets call that cloud mans thoughts and beliefs throughout history. How many people believe something and how long people have believed something. So, as I like to tell people when they come in the store, if I wear a t-shirt with a four leaf clover on it what I am attempting to do is connect with that part of the cloud of everyone who ever believed a four leaf clover is lucky. All the Irish, all the Catholics and anyone else who has ever believed a four leaf clover brings you good luck. I am attempting to bring that energy to me so I might have good luck. An interesting aspect of thought forms is that it has nothing to do with your beliefs, your thoughts, your culture or religion. It has to do with the fact that other people believe in a certain thing, how many people believe it and how long they believe it. This is what makes a thought form stronger. If one sits back and takes the time to think about it thought forms are a major part  of what rule our lives at this level. Hell, the devil, saints created by the church ( not all), many deities one prays to, a stone or crystal we believe protects us, a piece of sports jewelry that many believe makes them stronger or the idea that killing and consuming something will bestow it’s power or ability upon us. This is what our guides teach us. Thought forms can be very powerful but they are created by us and consequently hold us back from pursuing or connecting with truly higher aspects of us and other souls. Saint Francis of Assisi was an incredible soul that helped many but when he died that aspect of his soul moved on to other aspects of that soul to continue his evolvement toward Christ consciousness, enlightenment and his higher nature. When an individual now prays to Saint Francis of Assisi they are not praying to that individual but a thought form created by man of all the aspects we believe that saint should possess and we pray to that saint in the hopes some of that energy might be bestowed upon us. Five thousand years ago ( or whenever ) there was no hell, no Satan or devil, but somewhere along the line some priest or person of importance decided that if we want to control these people and make them do what we say we should create a place that if they don’t obey us they will go there when they die and not enjoy it and for good measure we need a person who rules over that place that is really not a good soul at all. Fast forward to now and now there is a hell and there is a devil created by us, by our thoughts because of all those throughout the past whatever time period that believes in the devil and hell. We create it. Man creates it. We have created our own stew, our own mess and per the guides it is up to us to get out of it ( hopefully with as much higher assistance as we can get). Oden says he finds it amusing when someone prays to God or an Archangel to smite the devil or Satan. It is not there job. We created these thought forms. We can destroy these thought forms. It is possible. Just imagine how many thought forms or belief systems we as men and women have created. How these rule parts of our lives. How they prevent us from having experiences we should be having. As Oden says, “This is a make believe world of our own creation. Created by us, God and the master guides and angels.” We created it so we can change it or uncreated the aspects of ourselves and our society we are not so enamored with. First stop believing in what you know not to be true. Next send love and light to everything, as much as you can. Wish all well, even those you don’t like or disagree with. Finally we are taught you can direct a beam of white light from God at the center of the universe into the top of your head and out your third eye at the perceived third eye of whatever thought form you are wishing to turn to raw energy. Start small. Thought forms are real and very powerful. Always protect yourself with the Armor of God. The guides teach us it is a process so begin with recognizing what is running our life and let us begin to take back our control. This is just one aspect of many aspects which most are not aware of that control our lives. Next time we’ll deal with “The Man” ( just kidding).



I first became familiar with the Evil Eye Symbol visiting Greece as a college student. At the store we have bracelets, tapestries, pendants & wall hangings.  We have all felt someone zap us with a negative thought, whether or not we deserved it.  This fear of the evil eye has been ongoing since prehistoric times. It represents the fear of those destructive energies that arises from negative emotions, like jealousy, hatred and envy. Desire for protection against these negative emotions is a universal impulse and for thousands of years the people of many ancient cultures and religions resorted to unimaginable procedures and sacred symbols to protect them and stop them becoming a target for these evil forces. All of these people believe it protects them, so it does.   It helps ward off all evil eyes from you and creates a protective shield against you. You can wear an evil eye protection charm to save yourself from negative energies, such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy and other such energies that can affect your health and fortune.

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More from Oden 6/6/13

You’re not repeating the same patterns, but your reactions are the same to stimuli.  It is difficult in the moment to change that but if you look at it I think you’ll see that those are indications on an emotional level that this is not working.  When a relationship is difficult and you are spending a lot of emotional energy within a relationship, there is not more joy or there is much more conflict or emotional issues, that is an indication that it is not working.  Instead of looking at it as a long term relationship look at it as a connection for today.  Take it day by day. // When People have an imprinted disease or someone who has an imprinted energy pattern for someone to get cancer they have imprinted that energy pattern on many levels in order for it to manifest on the physical.  When you have somebody that has that kind of an imprint what you do is you begin breaking it up on the physical and then they begin feeling better but that imprint will keep coming back so the cancer or disorder will continue to return without continuous treatment because it is kind of like a shoot with balls in it, you pull one out and the next one drops down and as you keep pulling the balls out that imprint comes all the way down to the physical world and you pull it out so that there are no more balls in it.  You can’t just do one on something that is imprinted that way.  Work on them but they should commit to additional sessions. // Moving pain is a couple of things.  Sometimes when pain is released in one place they notice the other area because they are only aware of the primary pain or the most intense pain.  Once that is gone then you have a secondary pain and sometimes it is a thoughtform or energy that moves and if that comes in you can just think of focusing a laser beam of light on it and breaking it up. // Give of yourself every day.  Through service we attract energies into our aura that are blessings and those blessings grow and expand and create more energy that gives us a greater ability to be of service and so it is only through the action of service that you are going to click one to who one is.  When you focus on a service, the helping of others then that will click inside you and not even be aware of it. // Thoughtforms are energy creations that take energy from you. // The light ones (light colored apparitions) have less energy than the others, they are not being energized.  All of them have to go.  The beings that are fully charged are angels and guides and spirit that are here to help. The light ones are an astral body that is malnourished and so it is starting to disintegrate and so it is very light colored and so you need to start protecting your space so that only higher frequencies come through.  You can do it by drawing a symbol of light on the walls, the floor & ceiling.  A sacred symbol in light on all those surfaces.

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The use of Crystals for crystal healing or gem healing, has been linked to mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health of the auras and your chakra system. Stones, crystals and minerals are special because they can absorb and hold light.

We know that we live in an electromagnetic universe, and that like energy attracts like energy.  Light is electro- magnetic radiation. Each light ray vibrates to a frequency that attracts to it similar frequencies.   Some of them we perceive as a color, others, in this limitless spectrum we can only see with the help of various devices.

For Spiritual Healers, no stone is as essential to their craft as quartz. It is the quintessential healing stone.   We know that quartz has a pulse, a natural pulse; because of this pulse they are able to run and are in most of our electronics, including your watch, computer, radio, etc.

Crystal Healers believe this pulse can be heard on a subconscious level & that it is possible to place a thought in a crystal and it will pulse that thought to your subconscious brain. Since the subconscious brain believes & incorporates whatever it hears repeatedly, you can actually make positive changes in your life by using crystals.

They also believe that crystal grids can align the harmonies within the human body, & that acupuncture needles coated with quartz are more effective.

Quartz Use in Physical Healing Energy- Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz-They use Rose Quartz for treating cardiovascular health, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines and sexual dysfunction, as well as those disorders occurring in the throat, ears, nose and sinuses.

Rutilated Quartz-Believed by New Agers to have the power to regenerate the body’s tissues, aid in the assimilation of nutritional elements, bolster the immune system, and slow the advancement of aging diseases. They also  credit it with treating respiratory illnesses and being able to uncover the true cause of an illness.

Smoky Quartz-In the world of spiritual healing, this stone treats problems associated with the area of the lower torso including, the sexual organs, kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, where healers use it to treat everything from STDs to kidney disease, menstrual cramps and fertility. Further uses include strengthening the adrenal glands and regulating bodily fluids.

-One of the traditional healing stones believed to draw out pain and amplify healing energy. Crystal Healers use clear Quartz in rituals meant to treat convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, exposure to radiation, general pain, hemorrhages, headaches, hypochondria and kidney diseases.

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First New Moon of the New Year is very powerful for manifesting for the New Year.  Each year you should light a green candle which faces your front door, write yourself a check & sign it the Universal Law of Prosperity, at the exact moment of the NEW MOON which is JAN. 15 at 3:11 AM, and place it under the candle as you light it…  To make the spell stronger, use a green REIKI charged candle, anointed with BERGAMOT.  Spend 5 minutes staring into the flame envision prosperity flowing through the door and into your life and home.  I do this every year and IT WORKS. 
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Several years ago, my spirit guides informed me that I had completed my mission on the Earth Plane.  They asked me if I wanted to continue to live or return home. I replied that I was happy to stick around if I didn’t have to deal with a lot of..let’s say junk. My guides told me if I wanted to remain, I had to begin the work that I had planned for my next lifetime, which was learning the art of spiritual healing.  I have seen and been to a lot of spiritual healers. I never walked away from one with my pain gone. I decided if I learned to do spiritual healing I wanted to at least have an instant result of some kind. Jesus was a great guy. Totally non-judgmental.  He would walk up to someone and say your faith has healed you, go forth and sin no more. I like to interpret that as,  YOU HAVE SATISFIED YOUR KARMA, NOW DON’T MAKE ANYMORE. The priests didn’t like Jesus usurping their authority, they even tried to keep him after school for healing the sick on a Sunday.  Imagine making a sick or dying person, wait until tomorrow.  Today medicine is a big business in American. We can’t have everyone walking around healing people.  More over instantly. The ear candle people now advertise as AROMATHERAPY CANDLES.

I understand that the laws are in place to protect people, but spiritual healing is just that.  If the spirit or the soul is balanced, so too, will be the physical part of that soul.  I have been working on healing instantly for the last 10 years.  I can’t say Oden Reiki can heal you instantly, but I can say I have witnessed it removing pain instantly and  I have seen some amazing results. WWJD? What would he say to charges of practicing medicine without a license? If 2012 is as big as we think it is going to be, maybe we need to figure out a plan to keep the messiahs from being arrested. Think about this.

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The partnership you share with your guides is an intricate aspect of your soul’s evolution.  It is a mutual relationship, Your Guides help to keep you on your planned path and in return, you share your physical experiences with them.  This may not sound like much, but it is a lot.  Our spirit guides get to learn what it is like to be a physical being, share emotions, experience time and space, all without having to incarnate and without the risk of getting caught in the wheel of karma that is our gift to them.  The physical dimensions were created to give our spirits the unique perspective of time and space, or single moment awareness. Prior to this creation, God experienced all things in their totality.

When viewing a rose, God and spirit experienced it as everything it ever was, everything it is, and everything it will be, all simultaneously.

In our three dimensional world of time and space, we are able to go for a walk in a garden and observe a rose in full bloom.  We can isolate and appreciate the beauty, smell the fragrance and wonder at the softness of the petals.

Without us, our guides do not have a single moment perspective. They do not have the ability to enjoy a single aspect of that rose, except through us. With our partnership they can they enjoy the single perspective of the rose in full bloom.  This is our gift to them.

In order to incarnate, we lower our vibration and slow down our spiritual perceptions, in order to become part of this three dimensional physical plane, and single moment perspective.   This is what we gain.

Additionally, we lower our ability to perceive all parts and all sides of an object, a person, an emotion, an experience.  This is what we lose.  This inability, if you can call it that, creates the illusion we call space and time, which gives us this unique Earth Experience, something souls don’t have anywhere else.  In a way, physical life is the pause button on a soul’s remote control of experience.

Another gift we offer our spiritual companions, is viewing the world thru our eyes.  Much like a parent has a second childhood with each new toy they buy for their offspring, our guides get to jump in and watch us play.  It is fun for our Spirit Guides to learn about everything from cars, food, sports, relationships, and yes, even sex. They learn all of this through you, with you.

They love to be invited to share just about anything with you.  This is truly a 50/50 partnership. It’s not one sided. There is nothing you cannot share, seek or ask for from your guides. That’s the clue, you have to ask.  Their help is conditional though. Their help is given anytime it is part of the plan you put together with them, prior to incarnating.  They cannot and will not interfere with another person’s free will, nor can they complete any karma for you.

However, their guidance is crucial to your success in this life. Without them, you could be doomed to repeat the same events over and over, lifetime after lifetime.   The mission of our guides is to help keep us on our planned path towards spiritual growth, by utilizing our free will, while we are in our single moment perspective, physical forms.

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      All of the laws of Physics are also Universal laws or fundamental spiritual laws.  For example, Newton’s third law of motion:  For Every Action, there is an Opposite and Equal Reaction.  Every spiritual student and guru recognizes the above as the Law of Karma:  The Energy We send Out, Always Returns to Us, if not in this Lifetime, then in the Next.  Souls interacting with other souls in the physical dimension, with time and space, could choose not to share every moment of everything, which is the case, basically, everywhere else, on every other plane.  Because of time & space  souls believed they could hide parts of themselves and could even lie to one another.    It was never conceived by our creator that our free will, so generously given, with the gift of space and time, would be used in such a way as to harm one another.  This was the creation of Karma, the creation of hell. We became lost in physical sensations and begin to believe we were their bodies.  We started leaving different parts of our energy behind, when we died, we created a need to return to retrieve it.

       After we began murdering one another and committing unspeakable acts in the name of our creator, our memories of home and previous lives were taken from us. Why?  We had created a need to return to this plane, to fulfill and complete the karma we had created.   Souls who left their energy here had to return to retrieve it, and they became stuck in the wheel. Feeling hopeless and isolated, many souls committed suicide to end their time on the planet and return to the peaceful home they came from, without completing their karma.

     So, to ensure each soul retrieved their energy, good or bad, and complete the karmic cycles they had created, they had to forget who they are and where they came from.  They also lost their connections to their super-consciousness or higher self, until their spirit had evolved to such a state where they understood the laws of karma and the need to complete them.  The loss of this connection made souls believe they were just their physical body, and after the death of the physical body they ceased to exist.

      Yet we were never supposed to experience physical life detached from our source.  God did give us free will, but God never sent souls to the physical plane without a lifeline.  That lifeline is your guides. If we utilize their love and guidance, we have a stronger inclination to stay with our plan, stay on our path and increase our spiritual growth, as we spin and complete our karmic.

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Halloween has always been a special holiday for me, as my birthday is but 2 days from it.  What most people do not understand is that witches were the first environmentalists.  They have a huge respect for the Earth, Nature & all its natural processes.  Understanding the planet, nature and energy is the beginning of understanding the divine creator as well as the divine in all of us. Ever notice a witch’s hat resembles a pyramid??   A pyramid you wear on your head?? Could the Druids have known something we don’t? Samhain is the day to release the old, celebrate the New Year, and honor our relatives that have passed on.  However you feel about Halloween witches and hats, I knew, even as a child, there was something special about the night; I could feel it in the energy.   As an adult, I know it is the time of year when the veil between our world and the Astral Planes the thinnest. If you have a loved one who has passed and you would like to hear from them, this is the night to contact them.   But be careful, make sure you put up the proper protections and call you spirit guides to be present.  There are a lot of ghosts in our world, or souls that are reluctant to cross over.  They are stronger this night and most of them are mad or have some major emotional baggage. It is a good night to do scrying with mirrors. Light a white candle, sit in a circle if there are several of you, and ask to be shown something significant in the coming year. This is a night of power & manifestation,, if you have any intuition at all, you should get a result.  Eat a lot of candy, have fun and enjoy the “spirit night”, as they say in Wales .

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Stones are special because they contain light. Different stones hold different vibrations or wavelengths of light when charged in the sun.  The different vibrations manifest in the physical world in different ways.  For example, Rose Quartz vibrates to Love, Amethyst to healing and intuition.  Quartz is the best to use for healing because it can be programmed for any type of dis-ease.  Another aspect of stones that make them ideal for use, is the agreed upon function of each by the collective consciousness of us all. If you look up onyx in a stone book, it will tell you it is useful for protection, you can also look it up online and in any other stone book, you find anywhere, it will state onyx can be used for protection. Both the light wavelength and our collective consciousness give stones and minerals amazing energy and power.