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More From Arianna (1-23-13)                                                                                                                                              An exercise connecting with your
higher self can help you remember what happens at night on the astral level and
definitely strengthening the cord to the astral body can help./ Information is
information, it doesn’t matter if it comes from guides or your own super
conscious, the important is that you are approaching any kind of session with
love and light and always in the highest good./ It is very common to work with
your guides and angels when doing any kind of spiritual work, most of the
information should be channeled to the practitioner on the physical realm. It
all should be anchored by a physical being./ Demons are misguided, misshapen
beings that are created with light by individuals alive. They can be misshapen
because their astral bodies are disintegrating./ The east coast earthquakes and
the west coast earthquakes, the vibration for structural change ( coming in the
near future). When you have earthquakes, the shifting of plates beneath the
waters and those shifts will later produce different phenomena that will later
come forth. So it is small earthquakes that are going to cause a shift in where
plates sit and that in turn will cause a problem with some of the additional
things that come later./ Karma is all about how advanced the soul is and how
much of the soul is present at the time of the action. Repercussions or one
thing affecting another doesn’t matter whether you see the results of those
actions immediately or not they are always there. There are always repercussions
or actions resulting from initial actions

Dragon Spirit Guides Are Special Because They Exist Both On The Physical & The Non Physical Realms.

Dragons are able to ascend their physical bodies to aid and protect us. Dragons do not breathe fire, they do however blow it. Dragons have 2 pupils in each eye.  They have the ability to look in two directions at the same time. When all four pupils are focused forward, dragon’s can look past the physical dimension when they are on it. They can see all the dimensions at once, choosing the opposite dimension of the physical plane; they can remove an atom from it and transport it here. This causes a mini nuclear type reaction and creates a fire. The dragon’s then blow this anti-matter fire to purify a space or aura.  It can prove a valuable weapon to dissolve negativity, remove lower entities and purify or raise the vibration of the aura.

~ White Light Bookstore



If you have ever been attracted to dragons, you probably have had one as a spirit guide. They are very special spirits that have the ability to perceive both time & space dimensions while also perceiving non space and time.  I have had Arianna around me since I was a child. She tells me that dragons have two pupils in each eye.  They can focus on what is in front of them while also focusing on what is to each side of them. When all 4 pupils are focused forward, they can see the geometric shapes of each of the 12 dimensions.  We are co-teaching our first class. It should be fun!

~ White Light Bookstore