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astral level and definitely strengthening the cord to the astral body can help./ Information is information, it doesn’t matter if it comes from guides or your own super conscious, the important is that you are approaching any kind of session with love and light and always in the highest good./ It is very common to work with your guides and angels when doing any kind of spiritual work, most of the information should be channeled to the practitioner on the physical realm. It all should be anchored by a physical being./ Demons are misguided, misshapen beings that are created with light by individuals alive. They can be misshapen because their astral bodies are disintegrating./ The east coast earthquakes and the west coast earthquakes, the vibration for structural change ( coming in the near future). When you have earthquakes, the shifting of plates beneath the waters and those shifts will later produce different phenomena that will later come forth. So it is small earthquakes that are going to cause a shift in where plates sit and that in turn will cause a problem with some of the additional things that come later./ Karma is all about how advanced the soul is and how much of the soul is present at the time of the action. Repercussions or one thing affecting another doesn’t matter whether you see the results of those actions immediately or not they are always there. There are always repercussions or actions resulting from initial actions.




Most of us understand reincarnation and our current physical life, represented in linear time, as past, present and future lives.  In reality, a more accurate representation would be a circle.


Consider a circular pan filled with water, at rest and still, to represent the possibility of all your lifetimes. Now imagine, a single very large droplet, (your soul), entering into the center of the pan, which in turn, animates and creates ripples in all of the water.


The first waves are the most forceful and represents the early lifetimes of a soul. They have the biggest waves, because a new soul jumps into its early incarnations with enthusiasm and anxious to experience all it can.  Everything is new and everything is a learning experience for a new soul.


Additionally, that initial droplet’s thrust into the center of the pan will also cause some of the water to spill over onto the floor outside the pan. This spilled water represents the spiritual parts of you that do not incarnate, and remain in their original spiritual form.


The next set of kinetic waves, reacting from the first waves, is still strong but not as forceful. These are more selective lifetimes that contain pre- planned experiences.  We no longer are a “blank slate” or a new soul. We have the need for very specific experiences that will provide the exact spiritual growth and knowledge required to complete our paths and transpose our spirit to its next level.


The final smaller, barely there waves, gently moving to the outer edge of the pan represent the last and final phases of our incarnations.  The experiences of these lifetimes is very exact, precise, and more focused. These small waves symbolize a soul ready to complete its karma and end its physical journey.


When the waves stop and the water becomes still our time here is done, our cycle on the physical plane is complete.  Our soul has achieved it goals and understands the unique purpose for which it was created.


Now let’s return to the water that spilled out of the pan, the part of you that doesn’t incarnate. Besides the physical body, which is the water inside the pan, each soul has seven aspects of itself, all interacting with the physical self, and all having additional experiences on additional spiritual planes. Each of these seven bodies has a unique function, its own energy field or aura, and each are connected to your higher self or over soul.


There are many names for these other parts of you, I refer to them as: the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body, the Astral Body, the Causal Body, the Eutheric Body and the Celestial Body.


Most of us are aware of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Some of us are also aware of our astral bodies, on a conscious level.  The above are the primary bodies we use during our stay in the physical world. .

So, while on Earth, you have the physical body through which you obtain sensory experience, the emotional body which interprets and assigns a quality of feelings to those experiences, the mental body which reasons, processes and evaluates those experiences and the astral body which is responsible for creating each experience.


When on the second or physical plane, our physical body should be the focus of our physical lifetime; it should be the only body operating in the physical realm, with the higher self directing it, from the upper spiritual planes.


When we allow our emotional body or our mental body to be in control of the physical experience, we live lives focused on sensory experiences, and caught up in our emotional and mental reactions to them. This can create huge imbalances in all your spiritual bodies, limit your spiritual achievements and prolong your cycle of karma.


The emotional body resides between the Earth plane and the third or Astral Plane, Both the Astral body and the Physical Body uses the Emotional Body to assign qualities to each experience. This body travels freely between planes, absorbing kinetic energy on the Astral Plane.


The emotional body has a long memory, because it never dies, this is evident when you initially meet someone and immediately have a strong reaction to them.  Emotions transcend spiritual levels and evaluate the physical existence… When we die, our emotions remain intact. We always have, even in spirit form, the ability to feel love, anger, sadness and joy.


The Mental Body, which exists on the fourth spiritual plane, evaluates our life experiences and the impact they make for the collective karma of that soul. Additionally, it will measure the amount of spiritual growth attainable through future physical experiences.   It makes sure our collective soul utilizes every moment of physical life as effectively as possible. This makes the Mental Body a very important aspect of who we are.


The next body, the Astral Body is an energy duplicate of the Physical Body and is the link between the Physical Plane and the Astral Plane.  The Astral Body is nourished and absorbs energy from the Astral Plane, when we sleep. Also known as the light body, this part of us, plans and creates physical life interactions and events with other souls to further our spiritual growth.  This explains why you have a dream about someone and then run into them the next day. Your Astral Body is responsible for setting up that meeting, as well as many others.


A healthy Astral Body initiates strong communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind. If your Astral Body is disconnected from part of you or anchored in the physical realm, then your life is not being pre- planned, and you are more or less walking blind, without guidance, a victim of circumstances.


Now we look at the spiritual bodies you may not be aware that you have. The first one, the Causal Body, is also known as the Upper Mental Body.  This body evaluates karma. It evaluates the need for the soul to continue reincarnating and it understands the path you need to take to be free from karma.  When you meditate, pray, or slip into any kind of altered state, your experiences are translated through the Causal Body.


When you have a spirit or soul with a strong connection to their Causal Body that spirit radiates love and light. They are givers of energy, you feel good when you are near them. The Causal Body is the link to our Eutheric Body, informing it when karma and missions have been completed.

The Eutheric body when housing a master soul can change spiritual planes at will, appearing solid or less dense as required.  It does not need to go through the birth process to become physical.


In simple terms, the Eutheric Body is your soul’s meter, conscience or moral compass. Truth changes, it is not constant, which makes right and wrong subjective to each soul.

No two people have the same purpose for creation, so no two people have the same path, or the same lessons or karma.


If each of us were to commit the same action, some of us would have a very large bag of karma, some of us smaller bags and some souls, none.  It is the evolution of the soul, the experiences and intent of the soul, the learning and knowledge of the soul, and the interconnections of each soul to its other bodies that determine the karma associated with an action.


The Eutheric Body comprehends God’s unique purpose for your creation. It knows why your soul was created, what purpose it has and how that purpose is best discovered and revealed.  It measures and tests the growth rate of the soul and determines if that soul is worthy of advancing to higher levels.  All moral judgments and all moral understandings come from the Eutheric Body.

The Seventh Spiritual Plane is home to your seventh spiritual body, called the Celestial Body.  It is the part of you, which always remains with God.  Part of each soul always vibrates in God’s presence, for which there are no physical words or experience to describe it. Only a handful of physical beings every decade, make it here consciously.


The Celestial Body’s main function is to sustain the flow of energy to the entire soul system.  Additionally, it repairs, rebuilds or strengthens communication between all of your various bodies and parts.


The Celestial Body monitors all the other bodies and decides when any of them becomes damaged, whether or not to continue with the current incarnation. It may decide to end the physical life and put the Emotional, Mental, Astral and Causal Bodies into a deep state of rest. While these bodies are unconscious, it will repair, reprogram and re-plan the path for its soul’s progression.


When we have completed the task for which we were created, our Celestial Body absorbs the energies of any of our remaining bodies.  We vibrate only to light, serve light and produce the light, of all that is.



Each soul incarnated on the physical plane has at least 7 aspects of themselves, which have also incarnated on additional spiritual planes.  Besides, the physical body, we all know and most of us are aware of our emotional, mental and astral bodies.  The systems that you have in place here you have the physical body through which you receive sensory experience, you have the emotional body which assigns a quality and interpretation of those experiences, the mental which evaluates the experience for the entire soul’s growth, and you have the astral body that creates those experiences.

Yet only one of them is supposed to exist or be anchored in the physical plane.  The physical body is the only body that should reside on the physical plane.

When we go through physical life, the physical body should be the focus of our physical experience, not our emotional or mental bodies. When one on these two controls the physical experience, the lifetime becomes one that is centered around sensory experiences, and your emotional or mental reaction to them.    These souls tend to find physical life very difficult and dissatisfying.   This is especially true for people, who live primarily in their emotional body, while on the physical plane.

The emotional body is not meant to reside in the physical plane, for a long period of time, because it is energized, receives the energy it needs to maintain its aura from the Astral Plane.  If the emotional body does reside, both by the physical body and the Astral body.  If your emotional counterpart is in the physical plane for extended period of time, the physical body becomes its only source of energy. This in turn, requires the physical body to become larger to increase its aura to include the emotional body.

This creates a huge imbalance in the physical body which might manifest as extra weight, a lethargic condition, extensive sleeping, and no motivation.

Next we have the astral body, which is a double of the physical body.  The Astral body is the part of us that communicates with our higher self, and then plans encounters, events and experiences that we need to grow as a spiritual being.

The astral body should be nourished from the astral plane and through its connection to the over-soul.  Like the Emotional body, the astral body should not be nurtured by the physical body. It can be, but again, it will cause a huge imbalance in the rest of the soul system.

When we become afraid of dying or we have a paranormal experience that scares us, the Astral body can be unable or unwilling to leave the physical plane.  If this happens, it is not pre-planning the physical encounters, experiences and events we need for the entire soul system to grow.

When you have the astral body energized, healthy and aware, it travels nightly to the astral plane, and works in conjunction with the over-soul and the mental body to pre-plan your life. This is why we have a dream about someone and then run into them the next day.

When you don’t Astral travel, you are not pre-planning your life, you become a victim of random events that you may or may not need to grow.   Oftentimes the astral body, has, disintegrated to a state in which makes it difficult for the soul to then utilize it. If this happens, your experiences are not being pre- planned, and you are more or less going through life one step at a time without  guidance and without a plan.  This would be a very tedious and difficult process for any soul to experience.

If the astral body is not energized it is not able to set up your experiences that you are walking blind into a physical world.  Or you are walking blind into a physical world led by the emotional body.  The physical body or the emotional body in charge is not a desirable outcome.    If one of them is injured, it interrupts the lessons or learning experiences for that particular soul


A healthy, balanced individual has pre-planned life experiences by its Astral Body, which are then interpreted by the emotional body, who also assigns it an emotional quality of good or bad and a mental body which evaluates if the experience accomplished what it was created to do.  Ultimately we then have a physical body that is strong, sleeps well and enjoys life.


From David -

I have heard from various people many times over the last couple of weeks something akin to “Well I believe in channeling and guides and stuff like that but I think I want to learn on my own, find out my own answers, learn from my heart, I don’t need anyone else.”  There are two things going on here.  One is ego and the other is a misconception that one is alone.  Ego might be the number one blockage to growing, understanding and evolvement at a more rapid pace.  We think we are the bomb.  We believe for some reason, on some level we are somehow better than another.  We want to show our belief is somehow better than another belief and we will defend those beliefs with actions if need be to stand our ground no matter what the emotional or physical consequence may be.  Belief, like trust, is ever changing and growing as our perspective grows and changes our guides tell us.  Ego is a lower part of our being.  When we evolve enough ego drops away.  Look at Gandhi or Jesus or Mother Theresa, there wasn’t a lot of ego going on there.  The other issue is what Oden calls the illusion of privacy.  We are beings of light having a physical experience.  To keep this aspect of ourselves at this level God and the guides and angels and us had to agree that we would be able to forget where we came from, forget what it feels like to be in God’s presence and on higher spiritual realms. This has caused many problems down here but suffice it to say we so aren’t alone.  Everyone is born with two guides similar to us in this aspect.  We can also have master guides, animal guides, plant guides, crystal guides.  Maybe our deceased relatives are hanging around us.  There are so many souls around us all the time screaming for us to do this or that and we think we just got the idea to do this thing when someone has been telling us to do it for the last hour.  You are never alone.  God is always with you as well as all these others, even random beings from other levels are around.  Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Our guides say that on the astral level there are all sorts of souls painting masterpieces, writing music, creating incredible works of art that they can somehow transfer to a physical soul to then be made at this level.  Lauralei read an article where Bob Dylan was being interviewed and he was asked how he wrote so much amazing music and he said, “You think a person could write these songs?”  Our thoughts are not just our thoughts.  You can randomly pick up another’s thoughts because thoughts are energy and travel through space just like a radio signal.  It could be your intuition, your astral body senses, a message from your higher self, a guide or angel communicating to you.  It takes a lot of practice to discern what thoughts are ours and what comes from elsewhere.  Yes, we have self-discovery.  Yes, we have lessons for us to learn.  And yes, we do have some original ideas, but oftentimes it is a group effort.  Ariel said that the three most important relationships in ones’ life are with God, your Higher Self & with your Master Guide.  Master guides’ come before a soulmate but that’s probably  the forth most important relationship.  If we have some of God within us why and how can we believe we are alone.  Our belief in our aloneness is one of the toughest difficulties to overcome at this level, but do not let it mask you from the truth that we have so many souls sending love and light to us always and at this level we can use all the help we can get.

~ White Light Bookstore


Having been able to achieve a deep enough state of meditation in which I believe I have had moments in God’s Presence,  I have never believed the vengeful God portrayed in the Old Testament.  I have always thought, being thrown out of Eden for eating an apple seemed a bit harsh.  The metaphor of a test of our devotion also doesn’t seem to be in line with the loving light I know as God.

In one of my recent meditations I was given the insight that the Garden of Eden is actually the lower Astral Plane. New souls are given an Astral Body to live in there. On the Astral plane, basically thought becomes instant reality. Whatever it is you want or don’t want, it is there: plants, animals, food, housing, anything.

New souls practice living in the lower Astral Planes where the energy is denser and closer to the reality one might have on the physical plane. When you eat the apple, which is a metaphor for activating your root chakra, you begin the process of raising your Kundalini, which is also known as a snake.

Not until a soul has learned to activate and utilize their kundalini, they are ready to incarnate, or be kicked out of Eden.  This is because raising the Kundalini is their lifeblood connection to God’s Energy. Just as a fetus is connected to and nourished by his mother through the umbilical cord, each soul is connected to their creator through a similar cord, of energy . Without it, you wander through physical reality a victim, instead of a creator of your own destiny.      In addition, when you raise the Kundalini, you connect both with your over soul, your creator and your soul mate. This energy heals the connections with each of the above, and brings a joining of all of these parts of you. There is no better way, to bring a soul mate into your life! (Also, if you can raise your Kundalini, you most likely will be broadcasting it on a subconscious level, and find you suddenly become very much in demand with the opposite sex..   This is the pull of kundalini energy.  If you haven’t done my Kundalini Meditation we sell the CD at the store.

~ White Light Bookstore


 MY  DREAM- Every  year at this time I like to share a dream I  had that had an important impact on my life.

….and the greatest of them all, is love.

     I have had dreams and I have had astral experiences and mostly the two are very different, when you feel emotion and the dream is in color, you are on the astral plane. Dreams don’t follow logic as they are a tool for the subconscious mind to communicate with the conscious, but whatever it was, it scared the hell out of me.

      I remember looking down a long line of people in a train. Each person was looking at a horrible being making its way down the line. Pausing at each person in turn, and then killing them.  As it got closer to me, I realized the demon was pausing in front of each person,  allowing them a moment to speak, and then killing them.  I felt like we were in Nazi Germany at a death camp, but it was worse.   To call it evil would be an understatement. It was a demon without form, cruel, and found pleasure in killing.

     I realized, each person, in their turn was to battle this demented soul. If someone could defeat it, we would all be safe. One by one, it approached each person, waited and then killed them.   Now I have encountered lots spirits and thought forms full of anger and hate. I have learned to use prayer, incense, spirit guides and white light to battle them. I probably knew more than most of the people, but as the demon drew closer, I realized most of the above had been used to try and defeat it.

     An ordained minister, three people away from me, who I considered had a better chance than most, looked directly in this being’s face.  The man withdrew a cross from under his shirt and thrust it at the demon, only to be devoured. I heard his screams as he died.

The next person, an older woman, shouted at the devil and ordered it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. I remember thinking that would work, I myself knew this was a powerful tool against evil, and had used it many times. Not against this being, it was more powerful than anything I had ever encountered. The woman, too, died.

    The next woman in line, a younger version, probably the previous woman’s daughter,  begged for mercy, with tears in her eyes and she shared her mother’s fate, and died.  The next man was a Franciscan Monk. He stared the being down, without fear and it paused. The monk recited the 23 Palms, which I have never memorized, but easily recognized. I realized this was the answer, this would defeat evil, but  the monk, too, died…

     The person in front of  was next, an older African American woman. She was strong in her faith, probably had never done anything wrong in her entire life. With great conviction, she screamed, “Devil, God forsakes you, I ordered you back to hell!  Unbelievably, it didn’t work.   My time had come. In seconds lifetimes of thought passed through my mind. How did our God and our Spirit Guides, and Angels allow this? Why was this thing allowed to slaughter us? What magic, what lesson, what connection, did I miss? I had heard them all and none of them had worked. Nothing I had been taught was strong enough to kill this demon.

      It was my turn. As I looked into bottomless eyes, rays of hate moved through me, and I panicked.   Was there no defense; are we really at the mercy of evil on this plane? If I died, would I be able to combat it on equal ground?  If invoking God didn’t save me, and getting angry and ordering the demon back to hell, didn’t work, what would? What were we missing? As I begged my spirit guides to aid me, I prepared to die. I realized I had nothing to offer, than was new or different than those who went before me.    I opened my mouth to invoke protection of some kind, but instead, I felt a click in my mind and almost involuntarily,  I remembered something I had learned a long time ago and never really used as a defense, something too simple to be true.

     I stared into the face of evil and I heard myself say, “I love you”.  As I said it, the demon melted into the Earth and was gone. Relief ran through the line of people remaining, and I immediately woke up.  My entire arsenal of spiritual and religious beliefs had been useless against this being. They could all be whittled down to a single emotion, love. I now knew the truth.   All the world’s religions, and the ceremonies and the paraphernalia  all offer, when stripped down, just one thing, love.

    There is only love, it is our guide, love is our truth and  love is our ultimate protection. It is the force that created us and it is the force we must exist in to survive. We must walk in its path everyday to remember who and what we are. Love is our roadmap to God  and in the end, and through love we find our God.

~ White Light Bookstore