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“Dearest Lord, please bring the purity of your love into our hearts, and into our minds, and into our bodies, and into our soul.  Please breathe your light and your love and your life into us, around us, and within us.  Keep us and hold us, as we keep and hold you, deeply within and without our hearts.  God so loves  us all,  he brings us all  a great gift:  the ability to give and receive love, and the ability to give and receive joy.  Use those gifts not just in this season, but in all the seasons of your heart. God bless and keep you all. “

~ White Light Bookstore



A lot of people refer to the Eutheric Body as the Light Body. To me it is the energy of creation. At this time of year, with all the good wishes, the sound of singing, and blinking lights, we create a bubble of Eutheric Energy over the physical plane.  This is the Christmas magic. This is the energy we call miracles. It is thicker now than at any other time and is available from the collective conscious of all spiritual souls living on this plane.  Whatever we do for the next 2 to 3 weeks, whether it is programming a crystal, spiritual healing, or silent prayers for peace, tapping into that bubble will make it stronger and more real for you than it has ever been.

To do this: open your heart chakra, pull on the silver cord from your solar plexus to your Astral Body and visualize bringing the Astral Body to you and opening the heart center of the Astral Self.  Offer gratitude to the collective and allow your consciousness to merge into the silver bubble of stars around the planet.  Open all your chakras and let the sparkles enter and merge with your own energy patterns.  Send them thru and around you with your wishes and prayers, then allow them to return to their source.

~ White Light Bookstore