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What we are learning is to break the frequencies of physical vibrations and the vibrational frequencies above and below the physical level and separate them so that they can be isolated and in that isolation they can be targeted to specific difficulties or problems with the physical system. The Atlantean energy is the energy that links the systems of the different spiritual bodies that relate to the physical system. It is the energy or part of the energy in each of the spiritual aspects of yourself that are linked to or vibrate with the physical system and so it increases the communication between the physical system and the other parts of you that communicate with the physical system making the communication such that you are in a sense healing yourself because another part of you that is not on the physical plane can understand the physical system and can understand how to correct the physical system because the other systems of your spirit or soul are such that they exist outside the physical realm and they are not in sync with that energy. It is more of a clarification of communication between the separate parts of you so that another aspect of your spirit can correct or send the energy of correction to the physical system. It is about teaching your other selves how to correct imbalance in the physical system.

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You can send and manipulate energy not only for illness but you can use it to heal lack of confidence, you can use it to heal low self-esteem. You can not destroy energy but you can raise its frequency and you can change it. When you chant you raise the vibrational frequency in a room. Some people can change the vibrational frequency in someone’s aura and with that change you can fine tune it to a place where it brings light and job opportunities and light and more confidence and we don’t usually do these things unless we are asked for help but it is almost the same as a prayer. If we say a prayer we don’t usually ask someone if we can pray for them before we do it. A prayer is a positive high vibration of light and we send that energy to that person and their higher self or subconscious mind can choose to accept that prayer or not. It is all about intention and it is all about the receiver. Everything is energy. Everything is a frequency and we don’t have to have the lower frequencies in our energy field. Some come to move those lower frequencies out of others paths so that they can do what they came to do. We pick up so many lower frequencies or lower energies from others, not intending to take them or be exposed to these things and because of free will we don’t always have a lot of choice about how the people we live with affect our own energies. It is about using your free will to create a higher vibration and understanding that you can either be a victim of life and let things happen to you or you can be spiritually conscious and change your vibration and make things happen for you. It is about being the master of your life and teaching others to be the master of their lives./ There will be a lot of gun violence over the next several years until they are removed from the system.

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I first became familiar with the Evil Eye Symbol visiting Greece as a college student. At the store we have bracelets, tapestries, pendants & wall hangings.  We have all felt someone zap us with a negative thought, whether or not we deserved it.  This fear of the evil eye has been ongoing since prehistoric times. It represents the fear of those destructive energies that arises from negative emotions, like jealousy, hatred and envy. Desire for protection against these negative emotions is a universal impulse and for thousands of years the people of many ancient cultures and religions resorted to unimaginable procedures and sacred symbols to protect them and stop them becoming a target for these evil forces. All of these people believe it protects them, so it does.   It helps ward off all evil eyes from you and creates a protective shield against you. You can wear an evil eye protection charm to save yourself from negative energies, such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy and other such energies that can affect your health and fortune.

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In this age of multi-tasking we are often attempting to do 3 or 4 things at once to make better use of our time. We believe that getting as much done as we can in the smallest amount of time will bring benefits to our lives, usually thinking we can do other things we might enjoy more with our saved time. I think science has told us we really can only do one thing at a time. Our brain goes back and forth between each activity very quickly so it appears we can do multiple tasks all at once. From the perspective of the guides we are actually multi-dimensional beings and are always performing multiple actions in all the various aspects of our being. We do not consciously think of our breath or breathing as we go about our daily lives but it could truly benefit us all if we did. Oden has told us we can change our world and raise the frequency of the planet if we would all pick up a stone off the ground every day and fill it with light and positive energy and place it back on the ground. He went on to say that if everyone on the planet did this every day in the matter of a month or a very short time we would be living on a planet with no war or violence, living in a higher frequency, existing and growing in the type of environment most all of us desire. During meditations with Lauralei and Oden they also have us focus on our breath, breathing in love and light and breathing out wholeness or breathing in peace and breathing out peace. I wonder how we might change ourselves and our environment around us if we would take the time to focus on our breathing in our daily lives, focusing partially on our breath all the time. For example: breathing in love and light and breathing out love and light to all the individuals around us or breathing in peace and breathing out peace to the world or whatever one might come up with as beneficial to all as what we are breathing out. If we could train ourselves to do this we might not just change things for ourselves but change our environment and all those we interact with and we might do and accomplish what we all hope for simply by breathing.

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As most everyone knows who would be reading this; change in the world around us is occurring at a rapid pace. We are told by our guides that over the next five years the world will be a very different place than it is now. President Obama will make sweeping changes related to gay rights, the environment, what is currently allowed in politics and what is currently considered normal in our society. The planet will have both poles melt, there will be a lot more water and a lot less land, the jet stream is changing and the weather will be just as radical as it has been the last two years (fire, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.). God, the planet and what we would consider higher evolved beings (angels, master guides) have determined it is necessary to eliminate less evolved and lower frequency energies and beings from our planet so that this new planet will exist at a higher level, a new dimension, a higher frequency of evolved beings who will take this new world of ours in the direction it was meant to go for a long time. It is finally time to get this experiment on a better path. Along with that most all of us are realizing these changes are happening within us. Some are interested in the metaphysical again. Others are remembering abilities and lifetimes that are assisting them in what their new, perceived roles are in this lifetime. Many are just becoming completely new people, unrecognizable from the life they were living formally. This happens in degrees with each of us differently so it is important to remember to let each of us grow at our own pace. I like to say that if there was ever a time one might want to meditate a little more and party a little less, this is probably it. What is important for us is to be open to all changes coming in our lives. You are not your job, your gender, your height and weight. You are not your age, your belief system or any other constraints your mind has put on you. You are more, much, much more. We are all beings of light who have come to have a physical experience and it is time we remembered that. Be open to all changes no matter how unusual you might think they are. Be unlimited in all aspects of your life. Embrace the highest parts of who you are. It is a big part of why we are here.

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From David -

We were recently at the UMKC Holistic Fair and different people were broaching the same subject with me that there are all these various modalities for healing different parts of our being and why does everyone believe so much in the one they represent.  If you have ever heard me talk it is very obvious I am all about the Oden Reiki but I am sure others feel just as strongly about their beliefs on their healing technique.  Oden says that this is a make believe world, not a dream that we, the guides, angels and God have created down here.  It is malleable and manipulatable by our thoughts and beliefs.  Imaginary thought is just as strong as real thought and can affect our physical reality accordingly.  So if you believe in something at this level and enough people believe in it it makes it so.  All these different techniques work because there is belief they work, we are creating these beliefs and they become self fulfilling.  Key words are AT THIS LEVEL!  This place was designed to work with our thoughts and beliefs and we change what happens by raising or lowering the frequencies here.  What is different about Oden Reiki is it is not from here.  It comes from the highest levels we are currently aware of.


FROM DAVID – 6/16/11:

The planet in going through a tough time right now. There is a change of consciousness on the horizon so the collective consciousness of man is attempting to fix or eliminate all of the lower vibrational situations on the planet, as well as take care of some karmic issues, so when the time comes for that consciousness shift to take place those who are on the planet can go through it smoothly and successfully. That is why the turmoil in the Middle East is taking place, Japans earthquake, the major weather disasters, oil spills and so forth. These are all connected. This is payback for the terrible things man has done to the earth and each other. It will only get worse before it gets better. We shouldn’t look at what is taking place as a negative situation so much as a correction back to a proper balance in everything. Everyone should know that if you commit improper acts, like polluting the planet, eventually you will have to pay for those actions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is inevitable good that will come from these situations. For instance the guides say that there will be no more dictatorships on the planet in a couple of years. We are heading toward a better planet, a better life, a higher vibrational frequency of existence, so just hang on until we get there. Until then we can all do whatever we can to heal the planet. Spend time focusing any healing energies we have access to upon helping the planet in any way you can. Arianna recently mentioned to pick a piece of yard somewhere and everyday focus your healing energies upon it. When it grows healthier and stronger than the area around it this will help build your confidence and you can expand your energies to do greater things for the world you call home.

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Recently in a channeling with Oden he referred to the “illusion of privacy”. Basically this is where everything went south for us on this level. I often tell people when they come into the store to come to a channeling, that it is “moderately life changing”. It is. The next morning after you first talk to and listen to an aspect of a soul that is at such a high level you tell yourself that God, ghosts, U.F.O.’s and angels are all real and you realize you are never alone. Apparently this idea that we believe we are alone much of the time and that no one can see us or hear us or know what we are doing is one of the main reasons we lower our vibrations and commit unworthy acts. When we think no one is watching many try to get away with something. They steal, they act on impulse, unworthy desires they would not normally do or they try to get ahead somehow by giving themselves an advantage or setting up a situation where they will achieve an advantage in life. If you truly know you are being watched constantly or have ten or even a hundred souls around you or with you who are at least as evolved as you are, you will think twice before acting. If it is possible (and why not) to get the word out to people that you are never alone and you will be held accountable for all your actions we might make a difference in the vibrational frequency of this planet and people as a whole and take a few steps forward, as opposed to the many steps we have taken back.

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Having been able to achieve a deep enough state of meditation in which I believe I have had moments in God’s Presence,  I have never believed the vengeful God portrayed in the Old Testament.  I have always thought, being thrown out of Eden for eating an apple seemed a bit harsh.  The metaphor of a test of our devotion also doesn’t seem to be in line with the loving light I know as God.

In one of my recent meditations I was given the insight that the Garden of Eden is actually the lower Astral Plane. New souls are given an Astral Body to live in there. On the Astral plane, basically thought becomes instant reality. Whatever it is you want or don’t want, it is there: plants, animals, food, housing, anything.

New souls practice living in the lower Astral Planes where the energy is denser and closer to the reality one might have on the physical plane. When you eat the apple, which is a metaphor for activating your root chakra, you begin the process of raising your Kundalini, which is also known as a snake.

Not until a soul has learned to activate and utilize their kundalini, they are ready to incarnate, or be kicked out of Eden.  This is because raising the Kundalini is their lifeblood connection to God’s Energy. Just as a fetus is connected to and nourished by his mother through the umbilical cord, each soul is connected to their creator through a similar cord, of energy . Without it, you wander through physical reality a victim, instead of a creator of your own destiny.      In addition, when you raise the Kundalini, you connect both with your over soul, your creator and your soul mate. This energy heals the connections with each of the above, and brings a joining of all of these parts of you. There is no better way, to bring a soul mate into your life! (Also, if you can raise your Kundalini, you most likely will be broadcasting it on a subconscious level, and find you suddenly become very much in demand with the opposite sex..   This is the pull of kundalini energy.  If you haven’t done my Kundalini Meditation we sell the CD at the store.

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MORE FROM ODEN – 11/28/12


Crystals break when they are not charged up enough, put them outside or maybe bury it in the ground and leave them. Do not use broken crystals./ Complete thought is instantly knowing and understanding a concept in its entirety. That is what complete thought is, that is how master guides communicate, usually./ The Armor Of God protects you from those things that you want to be protected from. When you have protection people can’t take your energy but you can still give it away even if you have protection around you. If I agree to have someone tell me their problems than I am giving them my energy and my attention, when you give someone your attention you give them your energy. You can feel a drain of energy in lower vibrational exchanges. If you don’t participate they can’t take your energy./ It’s good to focus on a spiritual connection that comes between an agreement of souls to express life together. When you have an agreement with another person on a spiritual level you have both of your higher selves working for that connection. When you can enlist the help of the higher self with someone you have a spiritual agreement with, when you can enlist and have a direct connection or conversation with them, then one will have a much easier time on the physical plane./ The hardest thing for a person who wants to help is to learn to wait to be asked. It is about understanding everyone’s limitations. Some people can’t allow themselves to be healed quickly or easily and some people can’t expect that there is a person on the planet that can quickly and easily heal them. It is important to say this is what I am doing now, I would love to share that with you, please let me know if you would ever like to try it. There is no need for argument or judgment and it is very difficult when you see someone hurting in pain and you know that you can help, but allow them the space to be in pain if that is what the spirit wants. Wait to be asked./ Meditation the word is misleading because there are as many ways to meditate as there are people on the planet. Meditation is an altered state of mind where you can achieve clarity. Some people do well with walking meditations, some people do well with repetitive meditations like mantras. My daughter once said the lord’s prayer 150 times and that raised her vibration just by repeating the words over and over again to such an extent that clarity came./ (Question: Who is watching out for the planet?) – What is watching over the world are several. You have physical beings that would be considered aliens or extra-terrestrials that are watching out for mankind making sure they do not destroy the world. There are spiritual beings especially at Christmas time are singing white light over the planet and nourishing it. There are physical beings such as my daughter that are sending energy to the earth for the earth to use as the earth thinks best and then there are those that are activists that are working to create change with cleaner fuel and cleaner air, etc.. You have a lot of good people focused on the survival of the planet and the planet itself is focused on its survival. I do not believe the planet will have any long term ending soon./ If you open a door to a different vibration to what you are used to existing in than you have the vibration of one world and you have the vibration of another world coming through those same doors and it is about learning to process that energy and so it is very, very difficult till you become used to it and it can take years before an equilibrium is achieved./ We are participating in our own reality. There are many things that create our realities, some of us have a very clear cut plan prior to incarnating and if that is the case that reality cannot be changed or not much. So some of us have guidelines that are in place prior to our incarnation, others of us are allowed open doors and things so that we can move at our own pace. Reality can change. We have different degrees in both of these in every person so it is possible that some people have purposely blocked their prosperity as an exercise to learn to live without it or as an exercise to remove stimulation or money things so that they can focus on more spiritual pursuits./ You never put your ego aside. Your ego is part of your personality that is physical and dies with the body and the more you try to push it aside the stronger it becomes. You must always feed your ego so that when it is full it goes to sleep.