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I don’t think I would advise investing there (Japan). The natural disasters for that country have not completed and there will be two more before they are finished. That economy, I think, is not very stable. The Chinese economy is going to get stronger./  All healing modalities have benefit. I think you should go with your intuition as what is right for you./ One can do energy healings on legal matters just like you do the body and change your outcome. Put the issues in your hands and heal them there./ By getting in touch with your higher self you can be the director of your life instead of the victim in your life. It is so important that your higher self has an active participation in the unfolding of events. You want your higher self directing you on how you live, not just being a victim to other people and how they direct their lives. Get in touch with your higher self and have a cleaner connection with the God part of you.


(Here are some statements from Auriel)

Your guides have all of your answers, they have your life path set up.  It is O.K. to be with other people before you are with your soulmate because every relationship you have now is training you to be with your soulmate.

Ask God to shine his light upon you often, like during a healing or anything.  Don’t live for other people, you are the center of your universe. It is O.K. to take time for yourself. Become comfortable and balanced in your own energy. This is how to find God when you are in your own energy.

Whenever you have something wrong with you it relates to one of two things that you need help with. One is forgiveness and the other is self-worth. This is responsible for all of the illness on the planet.

With Egyptian lifetimes it is important to understand how they saw spirit. To them spirit existed within and without. It existed on all the dimensions and they used their understanding, their teachings, their knowledge and rituals to access the spirit realm on a regular basis and they learned to suspend the physical animation of the body in order to astral travel for long periods of time, like years. They would reverse the polarity on their bodies. The priests and priestesses would come back after all those years and relate back what they learned to the others. They were bringing it back to the priesthood and secret societies of the Egyptians, it was only for the most high of the priests and most high of the royals.




Think of an empty pan that is round and imagine it full of water. An Analogy of reincarnation: Imagine a round pie pan of water and what happens when you throw a small ball into the center of it. The initial splash sends the water over the edge of the pan. The moving waves each represent a lifetime. A new soul is thrown into physical matter. A new soul is thrown into the pan of water which..

Past, present and future lives are commonly represented with a line, A Linear example of past, present and future lives. On our line, the past would be at the beginning. The present in the middle of the line and the future as the end of the line.

A more accurate example of lifetimes is the reincarnation experience would be a circle with the center aspect representing the soul or higher self. Lifetimes would be represented as ripples. If you were to throw a ball into the center of a circular pan of water, the first thrust of ripples are the most forceful and some would even spill over onto the floor outside the pan. The resounding ripples that resonate as the 2nd wave would be an example of the next or present lifetimes. The smaller ripples resulting from the remaining waves,    from the force of initially throwing the ball into the water are the future lifetimes.

The early lifetimes are forceful. They are the biggest waves. This is because a new soul has the most to experience, the most energy, the most enthusiasm of the physical life.

The next set of waves are the kinetic energy from the first waves, still strong but less forceful. Here we are more selective of the experiences we choose, we are no longer a “blank slate”. We have the need for very purposeful experiences.

The final ripple is smaller, more faint, and the phase of one of our experience are more precise, more purposeful. Here we need very exact experiences to complete our journeys on the physical levels.

When the water comes to stillness our time here is done, when the water has stopped we have completed our cycle on the physical level.

Stillness is good to meditate on, stillness in a moment of light, creates a connection to God.  God cannot know stillness, God is not aware of a present moment or a single moment.   God knows all things at all times in all ways.

Each soul returning to the source empowers our creator with a new aspect that enriches God as our parent.  For God will never know true stillness- still waters, still time. A single perspective, a single moment of light that is what we share with our God.

I stand before God in all of God’s wonder and light. I stand before God-As a soul on a journey to light and to become something I can never become, God, for I have memory of time, of a light touch across my face on a sunny day.  I can never achieve a place beside God, because I have journeyed into time and space. For this same reason, God can never become me.

We both cling to be one another we both long to be what we are not, but we also long to be more than who we are.  We both find a place and a way to merge and to share, and through that sharing the longing we feel ceases.  We know we are, and that is enough.



Each soul incarnated on the physical plane has at least 7 aspects of themselves, which have also incarnated on additional spiritual planes.  Besides, the physical body, we all know and most of us are aware of our emotional, mental and astral bodies.  The systems that you have in place here you have the physical body through which you receive sensory experience, you have the emotional body which assigns a quality and interpretation of those experiences, the mental which evaluates the experience for the entire soul’s growth, and you have the astral body that creates those experiences.

Yet only one of them is supposed to exist or be anchored in the physical plane.  The physical body is the only body that should reside on the physical plane.

When we go through physical life, the physical body should be the focus of our physical experience, not our emotional or mental bodies. When one on these two controls the physical experience, the lifetime becomes one that is centered around sensory experiences, and your emotional or mental reaction to them.    These souls tend to find physical life very difficult and dissatisfying.   This is especially true for people, who live primarily in their emotional body, while on the physical plane.

The emotional body is not meant to reside in the physical plane, for a long period of time, because it is energized, receives the energy it needs to maintain its aura from the Astral Plane.  If the emotional body does reside, both by the physical body and the Astral body.  If your emotional counterpart is in the physical plane for extended period of time, the physical body becomes its only source of energy. This in turn, requires the physical body to become larger to increase its aura to include the emotional body.

This creates a huge imbalance in the physical body which might manifest as extra weight, a lethargic condition, extensive sleeping, and no motivation.

Next we have the astral body, which is a double of the physical body.  The Astral body is the part of us that communicates with our higher self, and then plans encounters, events and experiences that we need to grow as a spiritual being.

The astral body should be nourished from the astral plane and through its connection to the over-soul.  Like the Emotional body, the astral body should not be nurtured by the physical body. It can be, but again, it will cause a huge imbalance in the rest of the soul system.

When we become afraid of dying or we have a paranormal experience that scares us, the Astral body can be unable or unwilling to leave the physical plane.  If this happens, it is not pre-planning the physical encounters, experiences and events we need for the entire soul system to grow.

When you have the astral body energized, healthy and aware, it travels nightly to the astral plane, and works in conjunction with the over-soul and the mental body to pre-plan your life. This is why we have a dream about someone and then run into them the next day.

When you don’t Astral travel, you are not pre-planning your life, you become a victim of random events that you may or may not need to grow.   Oftentimes the astral body, has, disintegrated to a state in which makes it difficult for the soul to then utilize it. If this happens, your experiences are not being pre- planned, and you are more or less going through life one step at a time without  guidance and without a plan.  This would be a very tedious and difficult process for any soul to experience.

If the astral body is not energized it is not able to set up your experiences that you are walking blind into a physical world.  Or you are walking blind into a physical world led by the emotional body.  The physical body or the emotional body in charge is not a desirable outcome.    If one of them is injured, it interrupts the lessons or learning experiences for that particular soul


A healthy, balanced individual has pre-planned life experiences by its Astral Body, which are then interpreted by the emotional body, who also assigns it an emotional quality of good or bad and a mental body which evaluates if the experience accomplished what it was created to do.  Ultimately we then have a physical body that is strong, sleeps well and enjoys life.




  Your connection, and your relationship with your spirit guide or angel is the most important one of your life.   Before you were born you had a plan for the life your soul incarnated into.

E very soul has a plan.  Every soul plans their next  life accordingly: you choose a creative expression for each life, a work you are good at & like,  then you choose a soul or life mate, you choose a spiritual lesson to learn & incorporate and you choose a knowledge you have already acquired to offer to others as a gift.  With our plan, we choose the guardian angels that are most suited to help us keep on our plans.

After the life has been set up, we work with our spirit guides to learn and practice all of the above.  After we are confident we have incorporated the knowledge we need to succeed in our life, we choose  birth parents and jump into the physical world.  Our guides are close by and very connected to us.

Our guides are our partners in this life. Their job is to keep us on our chosen path and in return, we share our physical experiences with them.

The gift we give to our spirit guides every day is the experience of physical life, which they get to, perceive thru us, without incarnating.    Their guidance is crucial to our success in this life. Without them, each soul may be doomed to repeat the same events over and over, lifetime after lifetime.

If you’re not able to connect with your spirit guides, it may be because their connections with you are frayed, knotted, or broken through trauma, all of these things can get you off your plan. This meditation will repair, open & extend those connections, as well as ask the Universe to send you a Master Soul to act as a spirit guide on your behalf.  Master Souls become spirit guides only when a living being on the Earth plane is advanced enough to ask for one.  The master soul that comes to you during this meditation will become your best friend and your best teacher.

Let’s begin.

Take a deep cleansing breath.  We are going to begin by grounding.

You ground by visualizing a hollow tube or cord extending from the base of your spine and moving down through the floor, down through the many layers of the Earth, until it reaches the center of the Earth where there is a warm orange liquid energy.  Bring that orange energy up your hollow tube or cord, up thru the many layers of the Earth, up thru the floor and up into your body.   This is called grounding.  Grounding feeds your aura with healing energy and should be done before any type of spiritual work.

Next we connect to the center of the Universe.  Imagine a hollow tube or cord extending up from the top of your head, up thru the ceiling, up thru the many layers of the Universe, until it reaches the center of the Universe.  At the center of the Universe is a bright, white, light. Bring this white light, down thru the many layers of the Universe, down thru the ceiling and down into the top of your head.   When it reaches the top of your head, extend the white light outward and down, similar to the shape of bell.  Let this bell of white light totally engulf you.  This energy feeds and nourishes the spiritual bodies and will help to heal any cords or connections that are frayed to your spirit guides.

Now continue and take a deep cleansing breath and as you exhale, ask the Universe to bring you a Master Soul to act as your spirit guide, friend and teacher.

Place your crystal in your right hand and press your right hand against your third chakra or solar plexus.

Focus your breathing as if you were breathing from your solar plexus.  Breathing is regulated by the subconscious part of the brain and where you move the focus of the breath, the subconscious mind will follow.  First we will breath in and out from our solar plexus and then we will focus our breath in and out from the crystal we hold in our hand.

So visualize breathing in and out from your solar plexus.  We will do this 5 times. Breath in/out

Breath in/out, breath in/out, breath in/out, last time breath in and as you breath out, now, focus your breath inside the crystal.

Take five breaths here.  Breath in/out, Breath in/out, breath in/out, breath in/out, last time breath in and as you breath out, visualize being inside of the crystal.

See yourself in an entry way with a long hallway in front of you.  Begin walking down that hallway to the fourth door on your right.  There is a sign on this door that says Spirit Guide Meeting Room.

Enter the room and sit in the chair in the center.  Repeat the following after me, silently to yourself:

I ask the universe to send me a master guide or Arch Angel to work with me, influence me and guide me.  I ask the universe to bring me the master soul that is most suited to my purposes at this time.

You hear a knock on the door of the room and your spirit guide enters.

Take a moment to look at your guide.  Some people see colors, some see detailed images, some do not see, but rather feel a guide, especially the first couple of times they do this meditation.

Whatever your experience, know that your guide is there and ask your guide to give you a name.  It is important to receive a name from your guide, so that you may call your guide and only your guide to you.  If you are unable to perceive your guide’s name at this time, ask that it be known to you in other ways.

The next few minutes, I would like you to tell your spirit guide about yourself.  Share your dreams, your wants, your life with your guide, whatever you want to share.  Ask for assistance or help with any aspect of your life, your guide has only the limits you place on them.  I’ll return to conclude this mediation in a moment, for now, enjoy getting to know your guide.

(Wait 3 minutes.)

Now it is time for you to leave your guide. Thank your guide for coming to you today.  You will leave the room and the guide will remain in it.  Walk to the door of the room and back out into the hallway.  Count the doors back to the entry way of the crystal and focus your breath there.

We will breath in and out 5 times from the crystal and then move out of the crystal back into our bodies, back thru our solar plexus.

Breath in and out, again, breath in, then out. Third one-breath in/ out, breath in/out, last one breath in and out, move the focus of your breath to your solar plexus.

Let’s do five more breaths from the solar plexus, Breath in and out, again, breath in, then out. Third one-breath in/ out, breath in/out, last one breath in and out.

Repeating this mediation every day, will strengthen the bond between you and not only your master guide but all of your guides. Come back into your body and open your eyes when you are ready.




The nature of God:

  • Very few souls have been      reunited with God
  • Time does not exist on all planes.  It usually exists here on earth, but it is also flexible and can exist or not exist at the same time.
  • Linear time gave a different perspective to God when he created it.  When God looked at a flower he would see everything it was, everything it would be and everything it I all at the same time.  So when linear time was created, God could look the rose at any point in time. So with linear time, God wanted to examine different parts of Himself with linear time so that He could take the different aspects of Himself and look at them individually.
  • So this in essence was the beginning of creation.  It was God’s awareness of the need to separate the different phases of Himself.
  • There are many types of linear time and different aspects and fluctuations of it.
  • God broke apart parts of himself to become self-aware.  He took different aspects of each moment to look at himself.
  • In reality that is what everything is—it is some aspect of God.
  • When we look at Genesis in the Bible, God talked about “Let there be light” the light was the seven archangels that vibrate to that frequency. The seven archangels create the vibrational frequency that you refer to as light.  In essence that is what they are.  They are light and they each vibrate to a different frequency of light. You can give them colors, you can give them sounds, and it is all the same thing.  It doesn’t matter if it is explored visually or explored by hearing or if it is explored by feeling, it is all the same vibrational frequency.
  •   When God created the archangels, this was the first aspect of God’s separation from self.  It was the start of God moving parts of his energy into a separate aspect of what we call linear time.
  • As God found with the archangels that he could communicate with different aspects of himself, he found that it was a new science for him that encouraged him to want to experience more.  So that is the beginning of creation.
  • Most of the aspects of the different levels and structures of the spiritual planes and of the dimensional planes were also co-created by the archangels which were in essence, also God. Together they created the different aspects that we now experience.
  • God evolves and changes just as each of you evolve and change.  God grows and becomes more just as each of you grow and become more.  To grow and to change is life.  To stop growing is dormant and that is darkness.
  • God is the opposite of darkness.  God is light.  And all aspects of light are God.
  • So when we look at God as an evolving soul or as an evolving consciousness, we find that different aspects of that consciousness are being created in different ways to experience, learn and become new things.
  • If God were to stop growing, all life would cease to exist as you know it.
  • The universe is expanding and growing as God is expanding and growing.
  • When the archangels created the spiritual plane, there are seven spiritual planes. They have angelic names that I cannot pronounce with Lauralei’s mouth.   Each one archangel is a caretaker of one of the seven spiritual planes.
  • No spiritual plane is greater or lesser than the others.  There are different types of awareness that comes with each spiritual plane.
  • Each of the spiritual planes contains twelve dimensions.  The twelve dimensions are ever moving and changing.  The dimensions never stop moving through the planes.
  • You can think of the spiritual planes as horizontal or linear and think of the dimensions as circular.  And they are ever moving on each of those levels. At different points in history or linear time, different dimensions will come together.  You may at some point have dimension one and dimension five touching.  So entities or spiritual being can sometimes move between one dimension and another more easily at certain periods of time or history than they can at other times.  It’s where the dimensional planes are at any given point, which dimensional planes you can cross into or cross out of.  The ones next to the one you currently exist on.
  • If you look at all the spiritual planes,
  1. The first plane I consider an energy plane. It’s a place of change and rebirth.  It is basically when you transmute or dump energy or something, this is where it goes.  Everything in the Universe is reusable. All of nature is in complete balance and the entire universe is complete balance. There is never any waste and there is always growth.  And so were have an energy plane for taking energy with parts that are not useful anymore and we put them in this place and there we will transmute the energy into something positive and use it to create something else.  So that is the first level and I would call it “Dumping Energy Plane”
  2. The second plane is the beginning of the physical plane, the consciousness planes, and physical reality.  There are many dimensions here and its fun to explore the different dimensions.  Right now, this particular place and moment is in the fourth dimensional plane—the fourth dimension on the second plane.
  3. Then you have the astral plane, where many souls live and learn.  This is a very enjoyable plane because it is where each of us goes to become what we were created for.  If we are created to be an artist, or to create art, then on this plane we study with the masters and create what we want to bring to the physical plane.  Because the physical plane has to keep growing and evolving and changing in order to continue to exist.  And so on the third level we have all of the scientist, artists, etc. and on the third level we all develop the purpose of our physical lifetime. We get to where we are good at them and then we come to the second level and reproduce what we have learned.
  4. The fourth level, which I would call school for teachers.  This is where we have learned to be physical and we have released our karma. So we no longer have to be caught up in the cycle of physical life.  In the fourth level we learn energy, where we learn to communicate in complete thought, we learn to become and exist as an energy wave, and where we learn and grow in our love of God.    In the fourth level we are allowed periods of time in God’s grace where we are allowed to be face to face with God for small periods.  It is a very wonderful place and that is where most of the spiritual teachers and masters exist.
  5. The fifth spiritual plane is one step above the fourth level and is those who have completed their teaching, souls who have completed their physical life and their physical expression.  In the fifth level where we learn to merge our energies with other similar energies.  We become fused with other energies to complete a better example of perfection in order to exist with God.  So two or three or four souls will merge their energies together and exist in that state for a time to experience being one with another being.  When we are comfortable and able to intertwine our energies with others, then we move to the sixth level.
  6. On the sixth level we move and intertwine our energies with God.  We are allowed moments where we are allowed to move our energy—think of the molecules in the body and move them apart and allow parts of God to merge into that.  That is where you exist or co-exist in the vibrational frequency of God.
  7. The seventh level no one knows.

Here people asked questions-couldn’t hear them, but here are Oden’s responses:

  • Darkness is the absence of light.  God created light and darkness is the absence of light, it is stagnation.  God did not create evil.  God did not ever imagine that people would kill one another.  When God created the earth it was to have an experience in linear time as a physical being and God discovered that it was possible to move the emotional body into a separate space so that you could experience emotions one at a time.  Before, this was not possible.  God created all good things.  God created growth and change and light.  Darkness was created by man.  The opposite of love is compassion, not hate.  Hate was unknown to God unless he had observed it from interaction on the physical level.  This is one of the harshest spaces in the structure that you live in right now.
  • All energy returns to God.  The difference is that the energy returns with new awareness.  So as that energy merges with God, God grows and changes.
  • You might at some point have twelve spiritual planes.
  • He archangels “jurisdiction” so speak, are all universes and all vibrational frequencies of sound, all vibrational frequencies of light in all universes.  Wherever there is that vibrational frequency, a part of the archangel exists.
  • God created the archangels and they are like the DNA pattern of God prior to creation.  They are the first created thing.  They never experienced physical life and they existed before the creation of the different levels, or they are the different levels.  They are the pattern before man, before awareness, before linear time.  Angels have not incarnated.  Souls that have incarnated and achieved Christ consciousness are masters.  Angels are masters that have never lived in a physical body and so they have never been caught up in the karma wheel.  Instead of thinking of angels as being different levels, I prefer to think of the angels as teachers or the level above teachers; as those that merge with God.  The spiritual beings on the fifth level that merge with God (such as me) very rarely work on this particular level and this particular dimensional plane because it is very, very harsh here.   Those spirits that do come to work with this level give you a very great gift to come to this level because they have to lower their vibrational frequency so much in order to be here in this moment of time.  It takes a great deal of energy to lower your frequency in order to be here and to visit.  Those that vibrate with God find it very difficult to leave God, to move even part of their awareness from God and put their awareness on something else.  They all love all of you and they want always to be with you and to help you, but God is a very intoxicating energy.  It is very difficult once you pass the fourth level to come back to this level.
  • When some people ask me to talk with their guides, it is very difficult to move to the second level, then go to the third or fourth and come back to the second.  If you have a guide on the fourth level it is much easier for them to move down one and then back.  It is lit bit trickier the lighter the energy is.



  • Dimensions are very interesting because many people have the memory of being a fairy or sprite or unicorn—all of those kinds of mythically animals are all real and come from a crossover of the dimensional planes.  They are present in history because that plane or dimension they exist on is close to the one that you exist in.  I will try to explain something in linear time that is not linear.  The spiritual planes do not move, the dimensions do move.  So if I sit in this same spot long enough I move from one dimension into another one and will eventually experience all twelve dimensions.  The dimensions are ever changing and moving.
  • What the Mayan calendar is talking about is the next dimension, the fifth dimension coming into the particular plane.  With each dimension there are different characteristics that manifest in each spiritual plane from that dimension.  The next dimension will be one of a lighter frequency where more people will see energy, more people will be telepathic and have other experiences and they will also see some things that they can’t now see but exist.
  • Some people can visit other dimensions and experience them (Lauralei can).  Every soul has its own frequency.  Think of it like DNA.  All of you are different colors. Even if two people have blue auras, they are different shades of blue.  No two are exactly the same and there are infinite numbers of frequencies, just like a thumb print.  As you grow and evolve your frequency changes.  As your frequency changes, it becomes lighter or higher in its essence.  The higher your frequency, the movement you have; the lower the frequency, the less movement you have.  Some of the dimensional planes where lower beings incarnate. They are much like trees and hardly ever move in their whole life.  If you become a lighter frequency even on this dimension, you can move in and out of the different dimensions with the frequency of your energy, not with the frequency of the physical body because that is a different thing.
  • You raise your frequency by opening your heart and by praying to God. It is all about love and light—pure love and pure light and opening your heart and connecting with God and staying connected with God at all moments.  And only then do you truly change and raise your frequency.  It’s a very difficult thing to remember to do on this level.    God gave all beings free will because He thought it would be fun to see what they would do to be inventive.  And so man got to the point where he would look at himself in linear time and not like something about himself that he saw and separating from yourself like this was never an intention of God.    It came about through the freewill of mankind.
  • Mankind has a collective consciousness that is very powerful.  It is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  If the collective consciousness all agree that there is a being that is evil and will hurt you and send you to an awful place, then that being is created with that energy.  The devil was not the creation of God; it was the creation of man.  But it is every bit as real as a creation of God in that is has a program (like any thought form) to perform atrocities and to hurt others.  This was invented by mankind, not by God.
  • It is very unusual on the other levels for people to kill each other.  There are only two or three levels that do it.  Animals and plants give their energy and light in love to living beings and it’s not necessary to kill them to get that energy. But if you have to kill them because that is the only way you can accept their energy, you can do it that way too because they will gladly give up their lives.  They come to give their gifts of love and life to us.  The same thing with the plants.  They are just as conscious as animals but it is a different type of consciousness.  They gladly give their energy to man and to spiritual beings.  It is all in service that they give their energy and they are happy to do it if asked for it.  But some of the harsh treatment of plants and animals is very unusual.
  • It’s about meditation and prayer and raising your vibrational frequency above the mass consciousness, separating from it by increasing the frequency of your own energy field by not associating with harsh energy. Or consuming harsh energy.  That’s why it’s very important to bless food before you eat it changes the vibrational frequency of the food.  And it’s important that you change the frequency before you put it in your body.  Open you heart and try to love people and do something every day for someone else.  To be of service is the greatest lesson you can have here. To be of service to others and to grow as a spirit is your purpose in this current lifetime—you all have the same purpose.  So as you grow and evolve and change, you are able to get a different perspective and you will be able to perceive the mass consciousness and what it is programming for the future.
  • There are many universes that coexist in the same time space continuum; there are many universes that exist in this present space right, all vibrating to a different frequency.  When you change and grow into a different frequency, you begin to see things that are slipping from other dimensional universes.  God exists on all levels in all ways and the hardest thing to grasp is that we can never know God, we can only experience God.  It is only through experience that you have God. You cannot intellectualize God or give God a body.  All of the bodies in this room are God.  The spark or the aspect of yourself or your soul that is God exists in your eighth chakra.  You have the recognition and the realization that you are God; this is when you activate that center.  And a lot of interesting things happen when that center is activated and a lot of good things come with it.  It is for souls who have reached a certain aspect of growth.
  • I talk about the different aspects of God because you must realize we are all the soul, we are all the same aspect of God and we are all the vibrational frequency of God existing in different vibrational frequencies.  When we move and have the chance to merge with God there is so much love and unconditional joining of love that it is almost impossible to move away from it.
  • The spirit guides that you work with come from many different levels and they all have some kind of attachment to you.
  • Each of you has many different aspects of yourself and what is sitting in front of us right now is a very small part of what you are.  The most important thing for you now is to rediscover all of those other parts. Because in those other parts is information that you need here today.  When you assimilate all of that information into a conscious center, and it could be in this lifetime, a past one or a future one, but because we are talking in linear time we’ll say this one; when you consolidate all of those lessons, all of those learnings, all of that love into one aspect of yourself then that is when you can consciously change the world and yourself and your life and restructure it as you desire and wish and grow.  And you can do healings and tell the future or the past, you can heal the emotions, you can help them manifest, you can help people with all of these things when you consolidate your learnings.
  • And that comes with some of the eighth chakra work too.  But it also can be done with a lot of past life regression.  Don’t forget that you can also regress to future lives.  You can do a past life regression to your master self, your soul self even though it may be many lifetimes in the future. It is good to talk to your master self.
  • Sometimes you will pray for help and the soul that will hear it is the one who most closely matches your frequency at that time and that soul answers the prayer.  God micromanages and the different levels each have a hierarchy of souls and so the frequency that you are brings you the frequency of the one who can help you the most, which the one who is most similar to your frequency.  You have attachments with others, a soul family type of attachment and you can evolve at different paces.  That is neither good nor bad, there is no right or wrong, it just is.   Some souls like to repeat lifetimes even though they learned the lesson; they just want to do it again for the experience.  And that is allowed.  Different members of a soul family will move at different paces.  A lot of times your guides are members of your soul family that have evolved a little further than you.  Sometimes your call for help is answered by an aware soul that (aware of how to manipulate energy) may still have karma to work out.  Sometimes on early stages of the fourth level some of the master souls still have obligations to the physical world.  And so they answer that frequency call in order to help and also to resolve that commitment.  Most of your master guides are at some aspect of the fourth level.
  • Very rarely are archangels with anyone for an extended period. They are usually there for a purpose which is usually a change in frequency that is occurring to the soul they come to.  They are there to supervise or fine tune that change in frequency.
  • When you change your frequency you get something else.  For example, using colors, you are a red frequency so you can only see red; when I become an orange frequency I can see orange and red; and I become a yellow and I can see yellow, orange and red. Each time you change your frequency you are able to perceive something new.  It is usually a sign of growth or accomplishment but not always. Sometimes our souls change frequency because we have completed a task we came to complete and have chosen to remain in the physical and then we ask for another task.
  • Krishna, Buddha and Jesus are more than those people; those lifetimes are just one small part of who they are.  They are all on the sixth level merging with God.  For instance, you have two Krishna’s.  You have the spirit of a person that walked in a physical body and manifested Christ consciousness and evolved past the persona and that soul has travelled through the various levels and evolved beyond that single lifetime.  And then you have the Krishna thought form which created by the mass consciousness of that religion.  It is a thought form programmed to behave a certain way, say certain things, and grant certain things when the correct prayer is presented.  All of the saints and Hindu Gods and religious icons all have thought forms that have been created by the collective consciousness.  If you say the correct prayer, the thought form gives a certain gift and this works because everyone has agreed that it will work.  The aspect, the soul that walked as Buddha has evolved so far from that name that it doesn’t even respond when it is called. That name is such a small part of that soul or that essence; it’s one drop in a large bucket of all that essence is. They are evolved so far past those lifetimes that they are not even connected to the thought forms of them.  Once you get to the sixth level it is very, very difficult to pull that existence, that frequency away from God.  They also have students that exist in the fifth and fourth levels and those students will sometimes answer those calls.
  • Once you get to the fifth level you no longer have a form.  You exist as energy and an essence.  You move and you experience all things: love and light and happiness and emotion; you know that you are a separate entity at times but in reality there is not a set form like there is on the other lower levels.  When your frequency gets to the place when you touch God, the amount of energy and thought it would take to lower yourself from that frequency to this one would probably cause some kind of catastrophe or explosion.  It would be very difficult to lower your frequency enough to exist here if you are living in the sixth level.  Only a small part of me is in this you.
  • All of you have so many more parts to yourselves.  You are very extensive, and when you begin to meet those other aspects of yourself and consolidate them into this moment of time, that is when the miracles occur that you see in the bible.  The miracle of moving in and out of frequencies; becoming physical and moving to another place, or astral travel or healing—any of it.  It is always when the soul reclaims itself in a conscious state.  The soul is aware of itself in a subconscious state.  But it has to be aware of itself in a conscious state.  But they are never separate.  It you think in linear time you have to have separateness because the point of linear time is to create separateness.  But you are never separated, there is always a connection—a cord.

A prayer for God

  • We do a lot of praying and the purpose of the prayer is to touch God, to be one with God.
  • Touch the third eye energy center with the energy centers of the hand to create an energy center around the heart.  This creates a vibrational frequency that will call to God or call for God.  It is a way to raise your vibration in order to get closer to God.
  • When we look at God, we pray to God to converge in God’s light.  We pray to God to help us grow, to heal, to help others.
  • All prayers are answered.
  • We rarely pray to God for God. I send God a prayer of love for God:  Dear God, please enable me and merge with me to send love to you.
  • When we change the focus of the prayer from God giving to us and us receiving to the focus of giving to God love and asking God to help with that love to send to God; when we change the focus and the direction of the energy, then we change the vibrational frequency and the polarity of the energy and the body that we exist in.
  • It will bring new things as it opens new doors as changes the way that energy moves within you.
  • We send light and love to God because the aspect of us that is God needs to heal the God that exists on the seventh level.
  • We change the direction of the giving and receiving and when we do that we change the polarity and our frequency and by doing that it brings light and love in abundance.
  • A prayer for God:  we take a moment and center ourselves and take a moment and touch our earth.  We ask deep in our souls and all the layers of our bodies to come into this present moment. We ask for all aspects of ourselves to join with the self in this present moment.  And we ask for all our hearts and all the aspects of God beating in our hearts to join and be with us in this present moment.  And we ask to send light and love in abundance to our creator and creator within us.  God may you feel our love, God may you feel our light, and God may you know that as we are here we are also with you in love.  Amen


Many people ask for the difference between angels and spirit guides. Angels can be spirit guides and spirit guides can become angels but not all spirit guides are angels.  Angels are so evolved; they vibrate in God’s presence.

 Arch Angels, however, have never incarnated.   When God created light, the band of colors in that spectrum, are in essence, the Arch Angels.  Each Arch Angel represents a frequency of pure light, ranging from the colors we can see: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & violet, to the many we cannot see.  Each of them vibrates to the highest frequency for the light spectrum they were created for.   They are literally beings created of light, that radiate light and they are the master examples of what each of us can achieve.

All angels have access to our creator’s direct presence and many find it difficult to leave that presence.  Anyone that has had an Angelic encounter, achieved a deep state of meditation, has had a near death or out of body experience, knows what I am talking about.  It is very difficult to return to the physical plane after experiencing the bliss of unconditional love and light.

Each of us, including the angels, is a soul with many levels to their spirit.

Let’s define the soul as the aspect of your spirit that is conscious, the part you are aware of and the part you bring to the Earth plane.  Define your spirit as a much larger, multi-dimensional energy, which includes your higher self and the aspects of yourself that you may not be in touch with.

In other words, your soul is the incarnating conscious aspect and the spirit is the sum total of all the aspects which exist, both consciously and unconsciously.

As we grow and evolve in our spiritual development, we integrate consciously, more and more of our spirit.  With each lifetime, with each lesson learned, each lifetime integrated, we become more consciously whole.

Master souls, which have achieved total spiritual consciousness and integration, can be considered angels.  Ultimately, it is everyone’s goal.

A good first step towards this goal is to consciously learn to connect and communicate with your higher self. Your higher self, also called your over-soul, is available 24-7 to aid your soul in its spiritual development.

Contact and connection with the higher self can be achieved in many different ways.  Many have utilized meditation, vision quests, hypnosis, yoga, chanting, and mantras.

There is no doubt that the body is a temple. What goes into your body affects your ability to achieve higher states.

~ White Light Bookstore


As most everyone knows who would be reading this; change in the world around us is occurring at a rapid pace. We are told by our guides that over the next five years the world will be a very different place than it is now. President Obama will make sweeping changes related to gay rights, the environment, what is currently allowed in politics and what is currently considered normal in our society. The planet will have both poles melt, there will be a lot more water and a lot less land, the jet stream is changing and the weather will be just as radical as it has been the last two years (fire, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.). God, the planet and what we would consider higher evolved beings (angels, master guides) have determined it is necessary to eliminate less evolved and lower frequency energies and beings from our planet so that this new planet will exist at a higher level, a new dimension, a higher frequency of evolved beings who will take this new world of ours in the direction it was meant to go for a long time. It is finally time to get this experiment on a better path. Along with that most all of us are realizing these changes are happening within us. Some are interested in the metaphysical again. Others are remembering abilities and lifetimes that are assisting them in what their new, perceived roles are in this lifetime. Many are just becoming completely new people, unrecognizable from the life they were living formally. This happens in degrees with each of us differently so it is important to remember to let each of us grow at our own pace. I like to say that if there was ever a time one might want to meditate a little more and party a little less, this is probably it. What is important for us is to be open to all changes coming in our lives. You are not your job, your gender, your height and weight. You are not your age, your belief system or any other constraints your mind has put on you. You are more, much, much more. We are all beings of light who have come to have a physical experience and it is time we remembered that. Be open to all changes no matter how unusual you might think they are. Be unlimited in all aspects of your life. Embrace the highest parts of who you are. It is a big part of why we are here.

~ White Light Bookstore



Many people ask for the difference between angels and spirit guides. Angels can be spirit guides and spirit guides can become angels but not all spirit guides are angels.  Angels are so evolved, they vibrate in God’s presence. Arch Angels, however, have never incarnated.   When God created light, the band of colors in that spectrum, are in essence, the Arch Angels.  Each Arch Angel represents a frequency of pure light, ranging from the colors we can see: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & violet, to the many we cannot see.  Each of them vibrates to the highest frequency for the light spectrum they were created for.   They are literally beings created of light, that radiate light and they are the master examples of what each of us can achieve.  All angels have access to our creator’s direct presence and many find it difficult to leave that presence.  Anyone that has had an Angelic encounter, achieved a deep state of meditation, and has had a near death or out of body experience, knows what I am talking about.  It is very difficult to return to the physical plane after experiencing the bliss of unconditional love and light.

Each of us, including the angels, is a soul with many levels to their spirit.   Let’s define the soul as the aspect of your spirit that is conscious, the part you are aware of and the part you bring to the Earth plane.  Define your spirit as a much larger, multi-dimensional energy, which includes your higher self and the aspects of yourself, that you may not be in touch with.    In other words, your soul is the incarnating conscious aspect and the spirit is the sum total of all the aspects which exist, both  conscious and unconsciously.  As we grow and evolve in our spiritual development, we integrate consciously, more and more of our spirit.  With each lifetime, with each lesson learned, each lifetime integrated, we become more consciously whole.  Master souls, which have achieved total spiritual consciousness and integration, can be considered angels.  Ultimately, it is everyone’s goal.  A good first step towards this goal is to consciously learn to connect and communicate with your higher self. Your higher self, also called your over-soul, is available 24-7 to aid your soul in its spiritual development.  Contact and connection with the higher self can be achieved in many different ways.  Many have utilized meditation, vision quests, hypnosis, yoga, chanting, and mantras.

There is no doubt that the body is a temple. What goes into your body affects your ability to achieve higher states.

~ White Light Bookstore

~ White Light Bookstore


I believe that all relationships, especially the important ones, are meant to be and that we have relationships and we are to gain spiritual knowledge and growth through the experience of being with another person.  Oftentimes we find that when we have had a failed relationship or a divorce or a separation in a relationship that we have a wounded energy field or we have a misaligned chakra system or a misaligned energy system and we might have damage to various chakra centers and cords that are coming from that so it is very important to not forgive as much as to release, to let go of another’s energy so that it doesn’t affect you in a positive way or a negative way and if you have an old spouse’s or an old boy friend’s energy still in your energy field other souls sense that on a subconscious level and it has a tendency to keep people away from you, to keep people from suggesting things to you. So my first thing would be to do some kind of clearing where you go meticulously through each of your energy centers, not just the major chakras but I would look at the minor chakras as well. You have a minor system of 24 that you can go through and clear in addition to your major systems and when you have methodically gone through and removed any energy from past relationships then it is also important to reclaim any energy that is gone from your system. So claim your own energy or do a soul retrieval and claim your energy back. The next thing that is very important in relationships is to make sure your heart center is open and that it is in good working order and that again is making sure there are not any connections in there, the heart center is open./ Your mastership is about finding and remembering who you are. It is about bringing back information and knowledge and technique that you have learned previously and bringing it into this lifetime. Energy is manipulated by thought and by sound and by frequency and by understanding./ What I refer to as elementals are elves and elementals. Spiritual beings that have an understanding of creating matter from energy.  Being able to tune into nature and effect change. These energies are what I consider beings who reincarnate. They are spiritual beings that are somewhat more advanced than human souls that incarnate but they are still in that evolutionary process of incarnating. So they are not master souls, they have mastership of the physical plane and of the earth and so in learning to take that mastership that applies to the wind or the earth and the various forces of the earth and to transform that understanding into spiritual law and law of the higher frequencies./ Dimensional frequencies revolve and move at different times in history they connect and so they are closer together than at other times and so when you have certain dimensions that are touching that haven’t been back to back before you might have things where you have animals like unicorns, where you have fairies and those kind of things that begin to be seen and begin to be felt by people and eventually disappear as those dimensions move apart again. The beings are not able to cross as easily or as frequently and so they kind of disappear from understanding and they become myth or legend./ If you think of a frequency like when you are hearing a sound and the sound becomes higher pitched but you are always hearing it and it becomes very difficult to remain in a place where that sound is and so the spirit of the soul will find a way to remove itself from that room and so when the frequency changes on the planet then the entities or the souls that choose to incarnate here will change also.

~ White Light Bookstore