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God does not give you bad karma, that comes from your higher self or your own experiences. If you used magic to hurt someone in a previous life or used your gifts in a bad way than you come in your next life using your gifts to help others./ You can affect change on the physical planet. You can manipulate energy on different levels to put in positive experiences in someone’s life. You can learn how to close down the path ways that a person is walking on that end in disaster. You can use energy to heal and manifest positive influences in others lives. The thing about bending spoons is that it is confirmation. You can put positive thought forms in a person’s life and in your own life and change the path in a positive way. You can use that energy to heal not only illness but you can use it to heal lack of confidence, you can use it to heal self-esteem. It is changing the vibrational frequency. You can not destroy energy. You can raise its frequency and change it. It is almost the same thing as a prayer. Usually when we pray for someone we don’t ask their permission, we just do it. A prayer is a high vibration of light and we send that energy through what we call a prayer to that person. The higher self or subconscious mind can choose to accept that gift or not. It is all about intention and it is all about the receiver. Everything is energy, everything is a frequency and we don’t have to have the lower frequencies in our energy field. We pick up so many lower frequencies from others not intending to take them but because of free will we don’t always have a lot of choice about the people we live with and they affect our energy. Use your free will to create a higher vibration and understanding that you can either be a victim of life and let things happen to you or you can be spiritually conscious and change your vibrations and make things happen for you. It is about being the master of your life. Teaching others to be the mastership of their lives./ When you have an old soul, let’s say you only have about 5 lifetimes left, and let’s say you’ve come to learn to heal and help others and instead you use your free will to sell drugs and get other people involved in drugs and now you are creating karma and instead of 5 more lifetimes you have 10. So than you do more and now you have 15 more lifetimes. The soul or spirit will than say this is not good. Let’s die before we create anymore lives and go study and learn and be with our lives and cut off this lifetime shorted so we don’t keep adding lifetimes when we were so close to concluding./ Eventually guns are going to go but it is not soon. I feel that there is going to be a lot of gun violence in the next several years until they are removed from the system. There will be a lot of violence.


Money is energy. Once you are in control of your energy field than you control the money, you control the people who come into your life, you can control your health, everything, you can control everything. So it is about understanding energy and the chakra system and make sure your energy is moving at a quick pace (like in a tornado around your physical body moving in a clockwise direction, left to right on your front, right to left on your back ). All of the money talismans work because the collective consciousness believes they work. There is¬† enough people who believe that a good luck stone works, there is enough people who believe that the number eight is the money number. All those things are true because everyone believes they are and thinks they are so always utilize symbols and talismans and those kind of things even if you don’t believe in them they still work because there are enough people who do./ The energy of the electricity in a couple of years is going to be very stretched and it is going to be very expensive. Having a generator as back up is probably a good idea but it isn’t something you would need all the time. Most of the problems will be in the change of the climate and the heat, more of an issue finding good water, finding pure water in the next couple of years. When you think about it, the springs are going to dry up because of the heat. So good water will be harder to find./ In four or five years they are going to make solar panels that are very small./ A lot of people who are dealing with low self-esteem and money issues, soul retrieval is also very, very useful to make sure that you have all of your soul’s energy in one location, in one place. If your scattered all over it is very difficult to manifest with bits and pieces all over that you have given away or has been taken from you. If you think about someone with a deep emotional issue that plugs into you and kind of drains you and when you are around them you are tired and sleepy, those are ones who are actually tasking your energy.


The basic principle, and this is for everybody, when you are wanting to increase your prosperity, you can’t increase prosperity until you are balanced and until your energy field is maintaining a steady rotation around the physical body and so your aura. Your soul blankets your physical body and when your soul is balanced it blankets all your physicals body, putting a protection around it and animating the physical body. A lot of times the soul will be off center, above or below the physical body and so aspects of the physical body are not receiving that energy from the soul. The soul needs to be centered in the physical body, centered on the physical body and you can center through prayer with your hands because there are energy centers which create a vortex and align you with the energy center in your third eye ( hands together in prayer at your forehead ) and this brings you into alignment, even more so when you knell. So when you take that position to pray you are in essence putting your soul and the physical body in its proper alignment. Then you want to visit the aura of the energy field of our soul to move around our physical body and if we have an emotional problem or disappointment or physical ailment or whatever is going on, all of those things create holes in the energy fields and keep us from spinning in a proper fashion. So when your energy is moving around the body at a very good pace than we bring more things to us and it should always be moving in a clockwise direction. So if you take a little bit of time every day to clean out your energy centers and to pull back your energy so that you have all of your soul, all of your energy present and then you align your body and your soul and you make sure that your energy is moving in a clockwise direction. When your energy is perfectly centered and all of your energy is present and moving at a good pace, than you are the perfect expression of your spirit in the physical form. So you bring the perfect experiences to you for that spirit. Trust that you can become the perfect expression of your spirit./ Every soul has a family and these are all people who are created at the same moment that you are. You are created with the same thought an sometimes the same essence and we have in our understanding many mates, many people who we planned to come into our lives and as we progress and evolve we progress and evolve with our soul family at different rates. Some of us incarnate more and some of us learn at different ratios so we progress differently and faster, but some of the other members of our soul family progress but not at the same rate and fashion that we do and so when we are youngsters we have many so called soul mates, anyone of our soul family could be our mate. As we progress through the stages, less and less of our soul family¬† are on the same vibration that we are and when it gets to a place where there is only you and one other member of our soul family that has progressed to a certain vibration than the two of you make a deal or a commitment to maintain your ratio of growth to be equal so you don’t leave one another behind. You always have at least one member of your soul family with you in every incarnation and as you progress and become more evolved it eventually becomes only one, one other spirit, one other soul that vibrates to the same frequency that you do and your incarnations become further and further apart./ If your drawn to part of your past you either left something there or something you have yet to achieve there. It is O.K. to revisit the past if you have a yearning or desire to do so, it means there is something not yet completed.


Everyone vibrates to a different frequency and when you get a new guide or angel or spirit around you it is kind of like noise or white noise until you get in harmony with that frequency. So it is about adapting and raising your frequency and adjusting their frequency so that your energies can merge and sometimes it has a small effect on the physical system./ Unfortunately a lot of misguided souls, like myself, in one lifetime or another have taken a vow of poverty and when you take a vow of poverty it carries over to the next life so one needs to do kind of like a ceremony and renounce your vows. It is about universal prosperity and becoming one with the energies of giving and taking equally and doing something for your cellular (cellular memory). These vows are very strong and they put an imprint on your energy field if you take a vow of poverty or celibacy or something like that. It can cause all kinds of havoc in the next life if you aren’t a monk or a priest. So it is important to honor that the previous part of you took such a vow and you accomplished what you needed to with that vow and you no longer need to honor that vow and your higher self releases you from it in order to gain greater learning and enlightenment through the use of universal light and prosperity./ The thing about soul mates and strong connections is that they are very hard to walk away from. Everyone has free will and even if the two souls came in to be together it doesn’t mean that you should be if one is not achieving their spiritual growth in the way they should because then they have the tendency to pull the other one down with them instead of raising up together. You don’t want that and you don’t want the negative energies so what you have to do is accept that you love that person and that they will always probably have a connection to you and that when they are ready to grow and become who they came to be than you will be there to welcome them to your life so it is about understanding what a soul mate is. When you are an advanced soul, when you are an older spirit you come in with another soul because it keeps you from being lonely and you both learn together, you both learn from each other, you have the yin and yang energy and so together you become one and your energies are stronger. When one of the partnership is not achieving their scheduled growth for that lifetime they can choose not to grow and they can choose to regress and when that happens than your higher self, the head of your soul family finds another vibration that is similar, maybe not your soul mate but a vibration that is similar, at a higher frequency to mate you with for the remainder of that lifetime./ Older souls do not incarnate as often and one of the traps that they can fall into is, maybe they don’t incarnate for a thousand years and suddenly they are in a physical body and they have forgotten all the sensations of being in a physical body so they find different stimulus that spirit doesn’t have on different levels and they can get lost in those sensations because they are overwhelmed by them because they have not experienced them for a time./ Whenever we are in a place where we are not certain what to do we want to bring light into that part of our life and you can bring light into that aspect of your life through visualization, through prayer, through meditation, all ways, reiki, any way to bring light, light is change, light is positive growth and so whenever we have anything that is bringing our attention or focus away from growth or away from God you want to put light into that situation or into that problem or difficulty, like energy attracts like energy and when you put a positive partial of light and love into a negative situation and it changes the frequency and brings back to it more positive results.


When manifesting make sure your guides know what money or what you desire is, it is kind of a foreign concept to them. You need to remember to do the energy for both of you (significant other), you can’t just do it for one person because the two shall become one. When you are in a relationship, when you are sleeping with someone and your sub-conscious’s are communicating, that is one person so you have to do the meditation for both of you, otherwise it is uneven and that in itself can create imbalances. /// We are coming to the galactic alignment, the 2012 galactic alignment is about the sun, the moon, the earth being in alignment for the first time in 27,000 years, so you have the pull of the sun, you have the pull of the center of the universe equal on the earth and when that comes you have teachers and prophets and seers and healers that all will be awakened who will come to lead and help the change that is coming./// Everyone calm yourself. First what you have to do is invite God or invite holiness into your life and when you find peace allow yourself to breath in peace and center with peace and light and take a few moments and do that and then bring God or holiness into the center of your space in front of you. Use the moment to program that space, that energy of God or light and program that in its complete knowing and perfection to bring you what it is that you need in your life and the more specific you are, good, but also when you let the universe decide sometimes it is even better, but you bring a ball of light and let God hand you that energy and in that energy make it what you want it to be and then move it through you and bring it back out of you and then hand it back to God so that it has your resonance on it. It has your energy pattern in it and God will dissipate that energy and that energy will return to you tenfold with what you are wanting. It is a very good meditation for bringing things to you and always when doing this remember time and space are only here, so allot of us when we manifest we put these wonderful balls of energy out and we think these wonderful programs and we send them out and they return to us 10 years later. It is important when you are working with that ball of energy and light that you put in their time. You put a moment of time, you put this moment of time, this energy returns in this moment of time, you put a time stamp on it because if you don’t it will come whenever it is able. It will just come. There is only time here, only time and space here, so once you release it back to God, unless you put that time stamp in there, it won’t have it sand even though it returns on other levels to you instantly, on your level it has been 10 years.