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Lauralei recently had a plant communication class where we all received a plant or tree spirit guide (the guides tell us we all can have plant and animal guides just as all plant and animals can have mankind guides) and they came to the different individuals to help them with specific purposes. All the plants and trees have consciousness just like all animals. All the crystals we work with at the store have consciousness Oden tells us. So why do we continue to be so cruel and treat other individuals so badly, treat animals so poorly where we torture and cage and kill them in mass, use all the minerals and resources of the planet without a true and real thought of how to replenish or conserve such gifts. Through the guides eyes we must be some of the stupidest so and son’s they have ever had to deal with. They are all love and light, only want the best for us as God does and they just look at us as less evolved, but come on. It only takes half a brain to see what an absolute mess we have made of the planet we live on and how we continue to make it hard for those who are trying to be part of the solution. Doesn’t it make sense that our money should go towards education, health and spiritual needs. Animal shelters, alternative, renewable energy sources, those who plant trees, those who clean up litter, those who promote recycling, those who fight against mass genocide go species, woman’s shelters, etc., this is where the first thoughts should be for our money, not capitalism, mining, deforestation, to see who can become the richest or most famous, oil and gas, the continual pollution of the earth because it costs too much to change our ways, the systematic killing of animals for our consumption of billions of cattle and pigs and chickens and turkeys every year in the worst ways possible. Arianna has told us how plants and animals are totally willing to share of themselves to sustain people and others, but there is a certain way it needs to be done. You have to ask, it has to agree, our spirits need to be involved. Oden tells us not to never feel guilty, it is only giving your energy away. We should look at ourselves and others as less evolved and from now on we will be more evolved. Well it is really time to step up our evolvement and work with the planet and it’s pieces we are a part of, not to destroy and misuse and rape our mother earth. Anything is possible, it only takes an instant to change our viewpoint, our ways and our actions from now on.



  1. A View Of The Future: Fortune Tellers Say They Offer Insight, Not Halloween Thrills

    Expecting a baby? There is a simple way to figure out if it will be a boy or girl according to  Madam Le Marchandâ  Fortune Teller and Dreaming Dictionary.

    Originally published in 1863, it told professional and amateur fortune tellers how to read cards, tell fortunes with dice, tea, coffee grounds, eggs, apple-pairings, palms and even moles on the body.

    Although we may laugh at some of the methods, the book is still being published today and the fascination with fortune telling is just as popular, if not more so. Granted,  it is often for entertainment. And if its not, there are plenty of skeptics who question the methods, not to mention scammers and frauds involved who want to make a buck. But local psychics say if you are looking for some real answers, they can be found, and there is more to it than entertainment,  if you want there to be.

    Psychic medium Lory Lacy, professionally known as Lory Elle gives readings on Monday nights at Cafà Acoustic in St. Joseph and also online. Although she has known of her psychic abilities since she was 3 years old, it wasn’t until the last few years she began studying metaphysics and tapped in to her abilities.

    At some point I feel that science and metaphysics will come together and understanding will happen in a way beyond what we know, she says.

    Lory says she can predict the future to a degree and see into someone’s  past.   Lory says, and learning from your past lives and how they are affecting you today. Lory also uses several decks of Doreen Virtue oracle cards to do readings.

    I’m a little leery of Tarot cards,  she says.  The traditional kinds are too weighty on the spooky end of things sometimes for me.  I’m not here to spook somebody.

    She likes the Doreen Virtue cards because the pictures are pretty, with primarily benevolent looking angels on them. A book comes with them to explain what they generally mean. She says the cards and all psychic tools are simply used to get things started, by asking you questions to tap your inner thoughts.

         There are two things to be wary of if you are trying to tap into the spiritual world without any guidance, says Lauralei, owner of White Light Bookstore and Crystals in Kansas City. Lauralei and her husband, David, are both psychics and teach several kinds of classes on channeling, which is a way of communicating with spirits. They also do spiritual healing through Reiki and Sacred Geometry, plus astrological readings.

        I wouldn’t ever suggest using an Ouija board, Lauralei says.  We have free will on this level. If you invite a lower energy into your space, they can be there. I always suggest working with a master soul or spirit guide because thier frequency is so high, it keeps anything lower from coming around you.

       Lauralei is the first to admit there are people who think believing in this sort of thing is crazy or worse. Thats why she only goes by her first name.

    People are very judgmental, even my family, she says.  They like to say you’re crazy or insane, but whenever there is a crisis, I’m the first one they call. Other than that,  I’m crazy.

         Crazy or not, she has been asked by the police and FBI to help with missing person cases and has been successful at it. However, she found it emotionally draining and now prefers to help people with spiritual guidance & growth, she says.

     I would much rather do channeling to tell people what their mission in life is, what they came to learn and experience and things that help them with their own spiritual growth. 

       The other warning she has about seeking psychic advice is that it can be addictive. You can get addicted to a psychic as much as anything else,she says. You get addicted to knowing whats going to happen and hearing it s going to be OK. So I will only do card readings for someone every two months.A two-month period is also the most accurate. After that it drops way down, she says. And that is because we have free will.

    You have to take into account that we have our own choices and abilities. So your future is always in your hands, agrees Dale Davied, president of The Psychical Research Society of Kansas City, a non-profit group that meets in Parkville, Mo., to study psychic development, People can tell you things that can change it,  Dale says, you have the ultimate choice in your outcome. He says there are a few scammers out there who will try to convince you otherwise and say something like you have this spirit around you and if you pay this amount, I will get rid of it for you. But for the most part,  he found that psychics are caring and giving individuals who want to see the world as a better place.

    Curious? Check it out yourself at one of the two PRSKS Psychic fairs the group holds each year. They usually have at least 20 different psychic readers and around 50 vendors offering everything from aura photography to spiritual guide paintings, Dale Davied says. This fall the fair is scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 22 through 24 at the MCC exhibit hall at Interstate 435 and Front Street. The hours are 4 to 10:30 p.m. Oct. 22; 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Oct. 23 and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Oct. 24. Admission is $14 for the whole weekend and free for PRSKC members. For more information, visit or call (816) 880-9474. For more information on the services at The White Light Bookstore and Crystals, check out, visit or call (816) 931-0116.

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Recently Oden was giving one of his amazing lectures and there were over 20 people in the room. So Oden wants to do a meditation and states that only 4 of the people in the room are grounded. He than takes a couple of minutes and tells people you must start grounding, connecting with God, spiritually protecting yourself and pulling those attachments out of your energy field where others are robbing your energy. This is a must. This is the stores 101 program. If you don’t perform these actions everyday you are starting in the hole, less than on an even playing field. You are off balance, not connected well with God or the planet, not centered, not protected and having others draining the energy you could be using to accomplish something worthwhile, one of your goals or dreams. Whether you agree with the information we relate from the guides at the store or just like shopping there for the great bargains, it is essential you consider making the choice to perform these actions each and everyday. It’s simple. After a while, when you get the hang of it, you can perform these actions faster and faster. If you want to get the audio meditation, buy the charts, or just come in and read the charts and memorize them we don’t care, but for your spiritual growth and you’re everyday life there is nothing more important you can do. Would you head out to work without wearing any clothes? Let’s just say for the sake of argument the answer is “no”. Well consider this every bit as important as wearing your clothes to work. Bringing back the energies you’ve lost previously in your life, disconnecting from those who are taking you’re energy from you, filling your energy field with the planet and Gods  energies, why wouldn’t you want to do this everyday. Take a chance and practice making a habit of these actions and see if you don’t believe you’re life is getting better than it was. Remember, you’ll be a more balanced and reasonable person for those around you as well.

~ White Light Bookstore