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Anything is possible. It is about having the right frequency. You can mold and shape or change anything if you have the right energy or right frequency. Instead of being a master who has access to all the frequencies, we bring in one frequency at a time and push them in through the attunement and so you are getting slowly frequency after frequency that a master would have without being in a mastership. As you continue to use these energies the attunements will bond with your own energy field and they will kind of morph with what energies you need to work with. You have to use those energies for that to happen./ The ying-yang energies should help with weight loss because it should correct any imbalances in the hormonal areas. The Atlantian energy can also aid in weight loss if it has something to do with a past life./ God wants all of us to enjoy our time as well as to love and to learn while we are here. One of the good indicators is if you are happy, so take a moment and think about what you are learning from that happiness./ When you sleep in a bed with someone there is a lot of exchange of information. So there is like a dialogue going on that can keep you awake. Before you go to sleep with someone you want to be sure to shut down the energy center at the seat of the soul (back of the head), the crown chakra and the third eye. That will shut down the dialogue./ Everybody should do automatic writing and go write a page every day. By the time you get to the tenth page you will be very good at it. After a little practice we will get out of the way. It just takes a little practice. The movement of the hand keeps the subconscious mind and the conscious mind in sync and movement keeps us from blocking.

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Think of an empty pan that is round and imagine it full of water. An Analogy of reincarnation: Imagine a round pie pan of water and what happens when you throw a small ball into the center of it. The initial splash sends the water over the edge of the pan. The moving waves each represent a lifetime. A new soul is thrown into physical matter. A new soul is thrown into the pan of water which..

Past, present and future lives are commonly represented with a line, A Linear example of past, present and future lives. On our line, the past would be at the beginning. The present in the middle of the line and the future as the end of the line.

A more accurate example of lifetimes is the reincarnation experience would be a circle with the center aspect representing the soul or higher self. Lifetimes would be represented as ripples. If you were to throw a ball into the center of a circular pan of water, the first thrust of ripples are the most forceful and some would even spill over onto the floor outside the pan. The resounding ripples that resonate as the 2nd wave would be an example of the next or present lifetimes. The smaller ripples resulting from the remaining waves,    from the force of initially throwing the ball into the water are the future lifetimes.

The early lifetimes are forceful. They are the biggest waves. This is because a new soul has the most to experience, the most energy, the most enthusiasm of the physical life.

The next set of waves are the kinetic energy from the first waves, still strong but less forceful. Here we are more selective of the experiences we choose, we are no longer a “blank slate”. We have the need for very purposeful experiences.

The final ripple is smaller, more faint, and the phase of one of our experience are more precise, more purposeful. Here we need very exact experiences to complete our journeys on the physical levels.

When the water comes to stillness our time here is done, when the water has stopped we have completed our cycle on the physical level.

Stillness is good to meditate on, stillness in a moment of light, creates a connection to God.  God cannot know stillness, God is not aware of a present moment or a single moment.   God knows all things at all times in all ways.

Each soul returning to the source empowers our creator with a new aspect that enriches God as our parent.  For God will never know true stillness- still waters, still time. A single perspective, a single moment of light that is what we share with our God.

I stand before God in all of God’s wonder and light. I stand before God-As a soul on a journey to light and to become something I can never become, God, for I have memory of time, of a light touch across my face on a sunny day.  I can never achieve a place beside God, because I have journeyed into time and space. For this same reason, God can never become me.

We both cling to be one another we both long to be what we are not, but we also long to be more than who we are.  We both find a place and a way to merge and to share, and through that sharing the longing we feel ceases.  We know we are, and that is enough.



Each soul incarnated on the physical plane has at least 7 aspects of themselves, which have also incarnated on additional spiritual planes.  Besides, the physical body, we all know and most of us are aware of our emotional, mental and astral bodies.  The systems that you have in place here you have the physical body through which you receive sensory experience, you have the emotional body which assigns a quality and interpretation of those experiences, the mental which evaluates the experience for the entire soul’s growth, and you have the astral body that creates those experiences.

Yet only one of them is supposed to exist or be anchored in the physical plane.  The physical body is the only body that should reside on the physical plane.

When we go through physical life, the physical body should be the focus of our physical experience, not our emotional or mental bodies. When one on these two controls the physical experience, the lifetime becomes one that is centered around sensory experiences, and your emotional or mental reaction to them.    These souls tend to find physical life very difficult and dissatisfying.   This is especially true for people, who live primarily in their emotional body, while on the physical plane.

The emotional body is not meant to reside in the physical plane, for a long period of time, because it is energized, receives the energy it needs to maintain its aura from the Astral Plane.  If the emotional body does reside, both by the physical body and the Astral body.  If your emotional counterpart is in the physical plane for extended period of time, the physical body becomes its only source of energy. This in turn, requires the physical body to become larger to increase its aura to include the emotional body.

This creates a huge imbalance in the physical body which might manifest as extra weight, a lethargic condition, extensive sleeping, and no motivation.

Next we have the astral body, which is a double of the physical body.  The Astral body is the part of us that communicates with our higher self, and then plans encounters, events and experiences that we need to grow as a spiritual being.

The astral body should be nourished from the astral plane and through its connection to the over-soul.  Like the Emotional body, the astral body should not be nurtured by the physical body. It can be, but again, it will cause a huge imbalance in the rest of the soul system.

When we become afraid of dying or we have a paranormal experience that scares us, the Astral body can be unable or unwilling to leave the physical plane.  If this happens, it is not pre-planning the physical encounters, experiences and events we need for the entire soul system to grow.

When you have the astral body energized, healthy and aware, it travels nightly to the astral plane, and works in conjunction with the over-soul and the mental body to pre-plan your life. This is why we have a dream about someone and then run into them the next day.

When you don’t Astral travel, you are not pre-planning your life, you become a victim of random events that you may or may not need to grow.   Oftentimes the astral body, has, disintegrated to a state in which makes it difficult for the soul to then utilize it. If this happens, your experiences are not being pre- planned, and you are more or less going through life one step at a time without  guidance and without a plan.  This would be a very tedious and difficult process for any soul to experience.

If the astral body is not energized it is not able to set up your experiences that you are walking blind into a physical world.  Or you are walking blind into a physical world led by the emotional body.  The physical body or the emotional body in charge is not a desirable outcome.    If one of them is injured, it interrupts the lessons or learning experiences for that particular soul


A healthy, balanced individual has pre-planned life experiences by its Astral Body, which are then interpreted by the emotional body, who also assigns it an emotional quality of good or bad and a mental body which evaluates if the experience accomplished what it was created to do.  Ultimately we then have a physical body that is strong, sleeps well and enjoys life.



Energy cannot be destroyed or created, only changed. This is the fundamental Law of the Conservation of Energy. Yet a water molecule is always a water molecule. It changes form from air (spirit) to dew and rain (astral) than to ice, (physical). Just as a spirit moves from its super conscious, spiritual form, to a lower dimension, such as the Astral Plane, (when we see an astral body, we can see thru it, the same as fog) to solid form which is the physical plane. Water molecules don’t suddenly become air molecules, they are always water molecules, they change forms, but the essence of what they are never changes, the same is true of each created soul.  All souls, all life forms, regardless of their initial created form can achieve Christ consciousness.  This includes all plants, animals, and humanoids.

All of the laws of Physics are also Universal laws or fundamental spiritual laws.  Newton’s third law of motion:  For Every Action, there is an Opposite and Equal Reaction.  Every spiritual student and guru recognizes the above as also the Law of Karma:  The Energy We send Out, Always Returns to Us, if not in this Lifetime, then in the Next.

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