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When you are talking about reiki you are looking at a spirit (Oden) who has worked very hard at learning energies at this level and even more importantly learning one aspect to another aspect as so he has worked very, very long to understand the transference of energy from one level to another without doing harm or difficulty, so in cases where you are dealing with transferences of energy or unique energy I would always refer to Oden./ It is very important, especially that healers and teachers are themselves. They are not a persona or create a persona. So when they create a persona they use a different name that may be mystical or sound mystical , they are creating a thought form or persona and that diminishes their ability to teach and to heal because the thought form does not have the soul energy connected to it , it has created a persona like another aspect of that soul. One has created something that is not as strong , is not as pure , is not as full of life. It is important to go back to the essence of who you are and teach from the heart and from the core of your spirit, not create a persona./ Many people channel and it is not unusual that they have their eyes wide open. The difference with Lauralei is that she is channeling master souls and if her eyes were open it would actually damage her eyes because our light is so bright./ When we have a karmic debt we have experiences that come to us and when we do not utilize these experiences and we do not acknowledge who we are than that is where we create karma , we do not create karma out of ignorance. You cannot create karma without knowledge and karma is your energy that is intently sent out toward a focus or a focal point , so what we seek and what our actions are on the way to that goal that is what creates the karma for us. We do not have karma from sitting on a mountain meditating, maybe the karma of a wasted life. It is through your actions with others in which you grow. So in your interactions with others be less judgmental and be more loving./ At this level it is important to understand that you all have free will, spirits on this level do not have free will. The beings God has given this plane to have free will and free choice. This physical level is not created for spiritual entities. So even I do not have free will at this level, I cannot intercede without being asked. No spirit can intercede or cause any action without permission from a living soul , a physical being on this level. So it is important that you understand that free will only extends to souls that are in physical form as long as they are physical. Once they have left the physical portion of that aspect behind they are no longer part of that free will and that free will moves into a different dimension./ If you have lower frequencies in a home they can be made to leave by raising the frequency with candles and prayer and incense and stones and meditation , it is like nails on a chalk board to a lower vibrational frequency./ Almost everybody in the world after the age of 40 has damage in their heart center, the center itself. This causes a lot of missed connections with significant others so it is good to spend a little bit of time bringing light in to this area and repairing that energy center.

A Prayer For Everyone Else


Oden tells us this galactic alignment which is currently taking place is major. It is a shift in consciousness. It is a cleansing of lower frequency energies. It is a new beginning. During this time we are obviously focused on ourselves and our world and deservedly so. These changes for the better can appear as destruction and pain for many. We should not forget that these new energies affecting us and our world are moving through out the universe and affecting all souls on all planets. As Oden stated these these are beings totally different than us that exist in the sun and on almost all the planets in our solar system. Multiply that times all the solar systems in our universe, in this dimension, and there are a lot of individuals going through interesting times. As we pray for those in our family, in our city, on our planet lets not forget to say a prayer for all those souls everywhere throughout our universe who could use some love and light. Let us say a prayer for everyone.

~ White Light Bookstore


I do intuitive readings for many people whom are going through a break up.  Most of them find it hard to move on. 

It seems our society has taught us that we need to stop loving someone when a break up happens. I believe this is literally impossible.  We are supposed to stop speaking to them, exchanging thoughts, ideas, physical expression.  One day you have someone with whom you share a big part of yourself  and then suddenly no more.

Oden says love is a power and force, it is what propels the universe and heavens in a mystic swirl of magnetic attraction and is responsible for our ability to incarnate here.

Without love we are a shell of matter, existing without purpose, without meaning, without joy.

We do not choose the people we love, and that also needs some consideration. We pre-plan and schedule love, and life events before we ever get here. Each soul we fall in love with has made an agreement to interact, learn, grow and experience physical life with us.  If the relationship doesn’t work, out, it is because one or both of you have dropped the contract you agreed to, by utilizing your FREE WILL to change your mind. If we didn’t have such a contract, we wouldn’t be magnetically attracted to that soul and we would not be able to express it with physical love.

So stop beating yourself up for bad relationship choices. It had to happen.  It was part of your life plan. The plan was to have the relationship, to give one or both of you to experience something. If the relationship ends, your souls have moved on different paths, but you still had to honor the agreement to meet. Love the soul, separate it from the actions. Understand that many things influence the outcome of a relationship: family, childhood, accidents, drug abuse; all things we may or may not have prepared for, because everyone has free will! (not just the good guys-sometimes it is someone using their free will to mess with yours.)  Love is the strongest force in the world.  We all know how happy and alive we feel when it enters our life.

So, don’t ever try to stop loving someone again. Instead expand your energy field until it blends with the highest guides, angels, God. Let the physical love transform into something greater than what can exist here.

~ White Light bookstore



Last night I woke in the middle of the night, really thirsty, so I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water.  Upon returning to bed, my calico kitty, Angel, jumped into bed with me.  Angel is an interesting cat, I don’t usually let her sleep with me, because she is known to bite instead of lick,  knock off items from my dressing table to keep me awake and somehow open my underwear drawer each day to remove every piece to a pile on the floor.  She had a rough start, we found her at the pound and she had been abused, it was almost a year before she would let me pet her. Today her favorite thing is to snuggle, when she is not biting.  So, tired and wanting to go back to sleep, I didn’t chase her down, I let her stay hoping for the best.  If this cat had been a person, she would have acted like she had won the lottery. Angel snuggled in so close to me, purring really loud. I really wanted to go back to sleep, and that was a really loud purr. I turned on the light and saw that Angel was in heaven.  I was the only the only thing that mattered in her world at that moment, as she gently pushed her paws against me, purring even louder with her eyes closed.  I watched her and realized this little soul loved me above all else.  Angel was in the present moment, sending me some of the purest love and light I have ever felt.  She loved her mom (me) and ecstatic just because she had been allowed to remain on the bed. Wow!   How many times in my life have I been present in the moment? Loved without reservation or thought, expressed complete joy just to be with someone I loved?  It made me wonder, have I ever done any of that in my life? I don’t think have. God Bless the animal souls that teach us with their love. I fell asleep holding her. Ten minutes later she knocked everything off the dresser and woke me up.

~ White Light Bookstore


It can be tough going through life. There are so many pressures on us every day, so much we would like to accomplish and so many people affecting us in a less than positive nature. Yet we don’t need to wait to bring joy and happiness into our lives. We need to accept it and bring it in immediately. All of us are always waiting to be happy. As soon as I get that promotion I’ll be happy. When I get big muscles and everyone thinks I look great then I’ll be happy. When I date that person, accomplish that task, work hard and retire at 65, then I’ll be happy. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble but it doesn’t work that way. Joy and happiness come from within. It’s all about smiling right now and loving what you are experiencing right now. We are at one of the lowest levels on the evolvement spectrum and we have lots and lots of room to grow, so don’t believe you get to quit growing or go on a permanent break. We are always participating in life and relaying our experiences back to God and this never ends. So whether you take a short break to do something different than your norm or take a vacation or are going through your everyday experiences, accept joy in your life.  Love yourself; love everything you do and everything about yourself. Love everything around you and love that you are fulfilling your plans for God by having experiences and continuing to grow. The more you are able to love yourself as you are, right now, the quicker all the things you want to come to you and happen to you in your life will be fulfilled. Others are always trying to get in our way, knock us off our path, and mess with us in some way. Our guides call it “people hitting you with sticks”. All we can do is deal with that and protect ourselves the best we can, but what we can do is make an effort to not be interfering in others lives (unless asked). Let people have their experiences so that it might be easier for them to accept joy into their lives just like you are.

~ White Light Bookstore