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Pendulums work with your own subconscious mind. When correctly used, they tap into your Higher Self. A pendulum is a tool which can be used to communicate with your higher self & super-conscious mind. Consider that your super-conscious, which includes your unconscious mind knows everything. This is the premise for every type of divination.

Once bonded to you, it won’t work for anyone else. The same is true of one that has been gifted. It should not be used or tested by the giver more than a couple of times, otherwise it will bond for the giver and not work for the giftee.

Using a pendulum is easy, to begin hold the pendulum over your receiving hand, which is usually your left palm. Over your palm and ask the pendulum to show you the answer for YES. The pendulum will swing length-wise, across or even in clockwise or counter clockwise circles. This is your Higher Self answer for YES. It is not the same for everyone.

Next ask your pendulum to show you the answer for NO. Again, the pendulum will show you your higher self’s answer for NO.

Lastly, ask your pendulum to show you the answer for NOT KNOWN AT THIS TIME. I always include this, because the future is bendable, and it is possible to change the future if certain events have not been pre-planned by your soul and they are not part of your Karmic Debt. Next hold the pendulum in both hands against your third eye. Ask your question to your higher self in this mode.

After saying the question, aloud, open your receiving palm and hold the pendulum over it. The pendulum will move to the appropriate answer. Pendulums are also excellent for measuring energy fields and each individual chakra.   If you are worried one of your energy centers’, might be blocked. Lay your client lengthwise on the table or floor. Hold the pendulum over each chakra. The pendulum will move in a clockwise direction and will swing in an arch matching the output of energy from that chakra.

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Dowsing is a type of divination used to find anything from gems in the ground, water, & metal. Although it has no scientific basis, there are many of us who do use a pendulum or dowsing rods in our energy work.  The water company actually still uses them to find water lines. How did this practice begin? I recently channeled information that it began with the Druids and evolved beyond finding water with the ancient Egyptians.  They used it to not only create the pyramids, but to align them with the stars creating vortexes from the earth to the heavens. They also applied it as a natural healing technique, which is the biggest discovery I received.

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