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Recently in Oden’s lecture on the “Galactic Alignment” (I highly recommend you attend his lectures, they are all amazing) he was answering a question about what path the earth will be headed toward in the near future and he stated that all possible futures are happening at all times simultaneously. There is the possible future where we stop polluting the planet, give up on oil and gas, let go of the survival of the fittest notion with man and nature ( survival of the fittest is a lower vibrational frequency we have allowed to rule our planet ) , man raises his frequency and we give up on killing, torturing  and abusing each other and we all move to a higher vibrational existence. There is also the future where it gets much worse, we believe the end of the world is upon us, guns and hate and violence rule, where no one feels safe and all hope is lost and the earth gets rid of man from the planet. There are also a million other possible futures for our planet Oden said and which direction we take all depends on us, where the majority of the more evolved individuals on the planet place their focus. That is what will occur. We set our future. We dictate the terms and parameters of our existence by where we place our attention and what we put our focus upon. If this is the case than I believe we all would want to start focusing on the perfect planet. No war, no pollution, clean, natural, sustainable energies for everyone, medical care and food for all, treating each other better than we would newish to be treated, moving beyond killing other souls ( animals and plants ) for our nourishment, remembering who we truly are and why we are truly in this life. Oden says the choice is ours. We can focus our vision of the future of our planet on the best possible scenario and highest imaginable light and live where we only dream of now.


Many treat their pets as less, as sub-servant, as something a kin to a piece of furniture. Change is imperative. Our dogs and cats and other pets are here to love us. They express their love by doing whatever we ask of them, protecting us, giving emotional support, being their when others aren’t, unconditionally. We have no idea how deep this affection goes and how extreme their help and love is for us. I know of one couple whose cat passed away because it took on the negative energy sent from someone trying to hurt that couple. The cat died protecting that couple. Another person who came into the store had to go off to fight in the war in the middle east and left two dogs behind waiting for their return. When the individual returned the dogs had these unusual sods all over their bodies. The guides told this person that the dogs had taken the energy upon themselves of what would have happened  to them in the war such as gunshots and shrapnel. As we say about each other, the animals make the ultimate sacrifice for those they love. There are thousands of stories just like these. Without preaching, we should consider now as the time to change our perceptions of us and our pets. They are partners in our life. They share in the responsibilities, or desire to. If they are equal to us in God’s eyes than they should be equal to us in our eyes as well. They need our help and if anyone ever deserved our assistance it is those who love us, whole heartedly.


Lauralei recently had a plant communication class where we all received a plant or tree spirit guide (the guides tell us we all can have plant and animal guides just as all plant and animals can have mankind guides) and they came to the different individuals to help them with specific purposes. All the plants and trees have consciousness just like all animals. All the crystals we work with at the store have consciousness Oden tells us. So why do we continue to be so cruel and treat other individuals so badly, treat animals so poorly where we torture and cage and kill them in mass, use all the minerals and resources of the planet without a true and real thought of how to replenish or conserve such gifts. Through the guides eyes we must be some of the stupidest so and son’s they have ever had to deal with. They are all love and light, only want the best for us as God does and they just look at us as less evolved, but come on. It only takes half a brain to see what an absolute mess we have made of the planet we live on and how we continue to make it hard for those who are trying to be part of the solution. Doesn’t it make sense that our money should go towards education, health and spiritual needs. Animal shelters, alternative, renewable energy sources, those who plant trees, those who clean up litter, those who promote recycling, those who fight against mass genocide go species, woman’s shelters, etc., this is where the first thoughts should be for our money, not capitalism, mining, deforestation, to see who can become the richest or most famous, oil and gas, the continual pollution of the earth because it costs too much to change our ways, the systematic killing of animals for our consumption of billions of cattle and pigs and chickens and turkeys every year in the worst ways possible. Arianna has told us how plants and animals are totally willing to share of themselves to sustain people and others, but there is a certain way it needs to be done. You have to ask, it has to agree, our spirits need to be involved. Oden tells us not to never feel guilty, it is only giving your energy away. We should look at ourselves and others as less evolved and from now on we will be more evolved. Well it is really time to step up our evolvement and work with the planet and it’s pieces we are a part of, not to destroy and misuse and rape our mother earth. Anything is possible, it only takes an instant to change our viewpoint, our ways and our actions from now on.



You have mankind destroying the ozone so you are receiving more of the heat from the sun than is in balance or is intended, so the amount of heat that you receive beyond that balance, beyond what would have occurred, had this interference not been present, you are able to remove. You can’t remove all of it, a certain amount of it was meant to be here so whatever the weather would have been had been had man not interfered that excess part you are able to remove. You can’t remove beyond that so if it was supposed to be 87 degrees that day before man destroyed the ozone and it is 92 degrees than you are only going to be able to lower it to 87 degrees. The same thing is true of cold weather. Also due to mankind’s interference the polar ice caps have shifted so they are melting and not where they used to be. The3 actual poles have shifted in their placement and so that is changing the magnetic pull of wind and weather and jet streams and things of that nature and so what you can do is remove or correct the excess in the same way and that is by returning those strips of polar energy or polar ice back to their original placement./ Anger is as big an attachment as love and you have to shatter or transform that anger into universal light and love./ I think that trying to talk yourself out of emotion is not worth much time. I do think it is important to recognize emotion and understand that the emotional body responds to the spirit and that the spirit should be in control and in charge of all balance, so acknowledge the emotion, thank the emotional body and then there is no more need for that input for that information, it is time for it to let go, emotion is like a small child hitting you on the side going “Look at me, look at me.” Once you look at the small child and say “Yes I see you, I will take care of you, you are fine”‘ than they stop tapping you. The same thing is true of your emotional system. It is about causing you to look at the quality of the emotional experience. Once you have looked at the quality of the experience you no longer need to send attention to it./  I don’t believe any portal should be left unattended. If you have a portal than you need to request a guardian angel to attend to it so that there is someone supervising what goes in and out. Most portals can’t be shut because they are portals from one dimension to another and they utilize a variety of spiritual souls and if it is one that is created by man than it can be closed by man, but if it has been created by God than it cannot be closed by man./ The moment you take a physical step upon your path, make yourself known and available and people who need and seek your energy can find you than one’s guides can flow through and assist in bringing others to you, but until you have taken those steps it won’t happen. Usually one has a thought or visualization, it can be auditory or visual, it doesn’t matter, but then it moves past thought into intent and than it has to move into action./ To increase someone’s low energy you would have to first know the stimulus for the low energy. It can be from any number of things, so it can be from giving your energy away to losing part of one’s soul, to an imbalance in the physical system, so you would first have to determine what is causing that low energy./ Most of the time the connections in autistic children are in other planes and other dimensions and so they are receiving too much input and too much stimulus and unable to focus in this physical realm so it is about taking those connections and refitting them as they should be for a physical life. It would be good to meditate on those energy cords or connections of an autistic child and bringing them back to the physical realm and into their proper alignment./ It doesn’t matter if they are alive or dead it takes a lot of energy to maintain relationships, it is good to be selective about who you maintain a relationship with./ When you have a spirit or soul you always incarnate in the same mold. People think if I say you had a fairy lifetime or elemental lifetime you are this little bitty thing flying around and that is not true. When one is in an area that is a large blanket of natural energy it helps one become lighter and not as heavy as it is here./ When you expand your energy field and what people don’t realize that when you expand your energy field your physical system follows the other systems. So when you are expanding to take care of one’s family and help them one’s physical system is following that expansion and might not be retracted. So it is O.K. to nourish people and it is also necessary at the end of the day when you are doing meditation to bring and retract your energy field back to your place, bring yourself back into a compact place, when your energy is compact you are stronger./ A lot of the places that are going to be affected are the places where there has been a great imbalance in how people are treated, like energy attracts like energy so imbalances in nature will gravitate toward places where there are imbalances in structures and societies, this could be recent imbalances or from the past. (Relating to coming upheavals in the coming months and years)//////////ODEN MEDITATION FOR THE EARTH- We offer and give our love and light, without judgment or a specific goal, to the earth, we often pray and ask for God’s love and light but we don’t often pray to give God our love and light and so think about the worthiness of the spark of God that is you and how wonderful it is for God, the earth and any entity to receive your love and light, it is a very wonderful gift. So we take a moment and take a deep breath and through that breath we find peace and you breath in peace and you release everything else and breath in peace and release everything else and just continue to breath peace and release everything else, let the peace move through all the molecules of your body, all the levels of your spirit until you have released everything else and then knowing that there is only time and space here we want to expand our energy field and aura and expand that peace and valance until your aura and your energy field is larger than the room. Expand again until it is larger than this building, larger than the city, larger than this country and larger than the earth. Than expand again until your entire body is extremely large so that the planet earth can fit into your heart. Move your heart energy so that the planet earth is in alignment with your heart energy. Breath in peace and balance and release everything else. Bring peace and balance into your heart and exhale everything else. Bring peace and balance into the earth as you hold it in your heart and let your heart energy repair the aura of the planet. Let your breath return peace to it. And this is good. Now contract your energy until you are becoming smaller, smaller than the city, smaller than the building, smaller than this room, smaller than your chair. Breath in peace, balance and love and this is all. Good night.


A full moon is a conclusion, it is a completion, it is about ending, about completing things. Eclipses are about ying and yang, it is about opposite energy. Different energy than what you are used to. It is about looking at completing things in an unusual or super conscious way./ Around the tree of life every branch is a different dimension, every leaf is a different aspect of that dimension./ Putting Oden reiki in cloth works but it doesn’t last that long unless you sew crystals into the cloth and create a matrix that would hold it for a while./ What you have in that situation is a complex nervous disorder and while you have the energy to heal damage, heal dies-ease with energy you don’t have a matrix that stimulates or fires electrons. That one is coming. It is like when you start a heart with the paddles you are interrupting the beat of the heart so that it stops completely and then resets. When you have a complex nervous disorder the nervous system cannot except the energy directly. It has got to go into little parts of you that are fires that start the energy moving and so it is a little complex to try and heal someone or something that difficult./ Whenever you do long distance Oden reiki remember to engage the higher self of the spirit and soul that you are working on. Often times you will get information. You can call the higher self or place attention upon the higher self and ask for the higher self to be included in the process and to be part of the process because it is very important that that connection is clear and sometimes the reiki will go to the higher self, to the connection, to healing the connection to the higher self because often times if we are cut off from our higher self we can develop loss of energy in various places in our field and that can result in dies-ease, but if we have a strong connection to our higher self than those kind of dies-eases that are not karmic, that are not required or asked for by our spirit, those kind of things don’t happen than and we often times will have a healthier persona. We heal the connection to the higher self./ Whenever we have a past life issue it is about recognizing and resolving it. If you have a belief in God, if you have a belief that you transition from this level to the next one, that you go through a period of a life review and sometimes those reviews can be very painful to relive and so some spirits do not engage in a life review before incarnating again. When that happens you can bring conditions from a previous life and that is what happens when an illness suddenly appears. There is no build up or reason for it, it just appears.  It is always excellent to go through and do a past life regression where you rehear and you go through the life review from the past, you don’t even have to go through the lifetime, just the life review. Heal from that and then also healing the connection to your higher self will be very useful as well.


I don’t think I would advise investing there (Japan). The natural disasters for that country have not completed and there will be two more before they are finished. That economy, I think, is not very stable. The Chinese economy is going to get stronger./  All healing modalities have benefit. I think you should go with your intuition as what is right for you./ One can do energy healings on legal matters just like you do the body and change your outcome. Put the issues in your hands and heal them there./ By getting in touch with your higher self you can be the director of your life instead of the victim in your life. It is so important that your higher self has an active participation in the unfolding of events. You want your higher self directing you on how you live, not just being a victim to other people and how they direct their lives. Get in touch with your higher self and have a cleaner connection with the God part of you.

Animal Testing


Animal testing has to be about the most stupid, barbaric, least evolved thing we do on our planet. Hunting, mass cattle, chicken and turkey slaughter, zoos and circuses and regular abuse man commits against animals is all very bad, but the systematic torturing of cats and dogs and monkeys and rabbits and rodents is just beyond comprehension. They take these animals and they never see the light of day during their lives, they never touch the ground and grass, they never have contact with another of their kind, they are caged and abused and given diseases all in the name of cosmetics, new medicines (which don’t heal all that much, they can create more problems than they help, just listen to the disclaimers) and learning from science. These are souls just as we are. They are equal in God’s eyes to us for they are just like us. If they look different, communicate differently, are smaller than us and we have the idiot idea that we have dominion over the earth instead of a part of the earth than some think it is  our obligation to use them in any way we want, as if we are better than them. Those that feel and act this way don’t have a very long time left on this planet so it might be time to ask for guidance and help in how things are really set up. Time to understand that these animals have a bit of God in them. They have emotions and feelings just like us. What in God’s name can these people be thinking.

~ White Light Bookstore


FROM LAURALEI – 7/1/11:  

With nuclear plants  & research centers in New Mexico being threatened by fire, and the nuclear plants in Nebraska being threatened by flooding, and remember those three TOTAL NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS in Japan?? Experts say that it will take over 50 years to clean up that area. If you can locate any news on them, you will find that Japan’s plants are still not stable and they are having a problem at another site.  What is really interesting, is that no one in the media is connecting the dots. We have to give up this energy if we want to continue to live on this planet. That message is pretty clear. I am going to meditate on this and probably have a group meditation when my guides give me better direction. Their must be something on an energy level we can do. Pray for our Earth and send love to the planet.

~ White Light Bookstore


FROM DAVID – 6/16/11:

The planet in going through a tough time right now. There is a change of consciousness on the horizon so the collective consciousness of man is attempting to fix or eliminate all of the lower vibrational situations on the planet, as well as take care of some karmic issues, so when the time comes for that consciousness shift to take place those who are on the planet can go through it smoothly and successfully. That is why the turmoil in the Middle East is taking place, Japans earthquake, the major weather disasters, oil spills and so forth. These are all connected. This is payback for the terrible things man has done to the earth and each other. It will only get worse before it gets better. We shouldn’t look at what is taking place as a negative situation so much as a correction back to a proper balance in everything. Everyone should know that if you commit improper acts, like polluting the planet, eventually you will have to pay for those actions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is inevitable good that will come from these situations. For instance the guides say that there will be no more dictatorships on the planet in a couple of years. We are heading toward a better planet, a better life, a higher vibrational frequency of existence, so just hang on until we get there. Until then we can all do whatever we can to heal the planet. Spend time focusing any healing energies we have access to upon helping the planet in any way you can. Arianna recently mentioned to pick a piece of yard somewhere and everyday focus your healing energies upon it. When it grows healthier and stronger than the area around it this will help build your confidence and you can expand your energies to do greater things for the world you call home.

~ White Light Bookstore