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To protect yourself always put the armor of God around you and it doesn’t hurt to let your guides stand between you and the spirit or soul you wish to be protected from./ You should be able to have many masters at the same time. It is like being in college where you have one teacher for this and one teacher for that. You have many teachers and you can love and learn from them all. They all have different techniques and different ways of looking at things and different perspectives but they all have something to offer and it is usual for a person to resonate with more than one person. There are many paths to truth, there is no one correct path. There are so many ways to achieve Christ consciousness that you should look for it where ever you feel lead./ I think in this area ( Kansas City ) the biggest concern will be water. I don’t see a run on food in this area. I do see things like gas and, I see there will be a time when the electricity is off for a time in this area and I think that will be the biggest concern is the electricity, for a couple of weeks, but I don’t see food being a problem./ Thought forms are negative energy that come together for a purpose, they only exist as long as they have a host. Bring white light down into the top of your head and out your third eye into its third eye. Either you will destroy it or you will raise its vibration so it will transition to the next level./ Put Frankincense and Myrrh oil in your shampoo or in your body wash because when you use it every day, put some of the oil and shake it up in your shampoo and that cleans your aura out every day without a lot of thought about it. Entities that are feeding off your energy field can’t handle that vibration, it is like too high a vibration so it will cause the entity to wash away with the water off of you.ARIEL



I first became familiar with the Evil Eye Symbol visiting Greece as a college student. At the store we have bracelets, tapestries, pendants & wall hangings.  We have all felt someone zap us with a negative thought, whether or not we deserved it.  This fear of the evil eye has been ongoing since prehistoric times. It represents the fear of those destructive energies that arises from negative emotions, like jealousy, hatred and envy. Desire for protection against these negative emotions is a universal impulse and for thousands of years the people of many ancient cultures and religions resorted to unimaginable procedures and sacred symbols to protect them and stop them becoming a target for these evil forces. All of these people believe it protects them, so it does.   It helps ward off all evil eyes from you and creates a protective shield against you. You can wear an evil eye protection charm to save yourself from negative energies, such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy and other such energies that can affect your health and fortune.

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The Celtic cross is an ancient symbol, the druids understood the power of lei lines and their intersections. The druids and Celts built all of their sacred worship sites on earth power lines or lei lines.  How did they know where they where? The Celtic Cross also acts as a powerful dowsing rod.  Because of this, they knew that where lei lines intersected there was a surge of earth energy which could be harnessed and directed by thought and intent.  The Celtic crosses they wore had a horizontal line and a vertical line which were the same length and intersected. The intersection is the point of power and the circle around the lines encloses and concentrates that energy.  Saint Patrick modified it slightly, to give it the double meaning of the Christian beliefs, so the Celtic cross becomes both a power symbol to tap into earth energy and provide the spiritual protections of the collective consciousness.

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It can be tough going through life. There are so many pressures on us every day, so much we would like to accomplish and so many people affecting us in a less than positive nature. Yet we don’t need to wait to bring joy and happiness into our lives. We need to accept it and bring it in immediately. All of us are always waiting to be happy. As soon as I get that promotion I’ll be happy. When I get big muscles and everyone thinks I look great then I’ll be happy. When I date that person, accomplish that task, work hard and retire at 65, then I’ll be happy. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble but it doesn’t work that way. Joy and happiness come from within. It’s all about smiling right now and loving what you are experiencing right now. We are at one of the lowest levels on the evolvement spectrum and we have lots and lots of room to grow, so don’t believe you get to quit growing or go on a permanent break. We are always participating in life and relaying our experiences back to God and this never ends. So whether you take a short break to do something different than your norm or take a vacation or are going through your everyday experiences, accept joy in your life.  Love yourself; love everything you do and everything about yourself. Love everything around you and love that you are fulfilling your plans for God by having experiences and continuing to grow. The more you are able to love yourself as you are, right now, the quicker all the things you want to come to you and happen to you in your life will be fulfilled. Others are always trying to get in our way, knock us off our path, and mess with us in some way. Our guides call it “people hitting you with sticks”. All we can do is deal with that and protect ourselves the best we can, but what we can do is make an effort to not be interfering in others lives (unless asked). Let people have their experiences so that it might be easier for them to accept joy into their lives just like you are.

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Recently Oden was giving one of his amazing lectures and there were over 20 people in the room. So Oden wants to do a meditation and states that only 4 of the people in the room are grounded. He than takes a couple of minutes and tells people you must start grounding, connecting with God, spiritually protecting yourself and pulling those attachments out of your energy field where others are robbing your energy. This is a must. This is the stores 101 program. If you don’t perform these actions everyday you are starting in the hole, less than on an even playing field. You are off balance, not connected well with God or the planet, not centered, not protected and having others draining the energy you could be using to accomplish something worthwhile, one of your goals or dreams. Whether you agree with the information we relate from the guides at the store or just like shopping there for the great bargains, it is essential you consider making the choice to perform these actions each and everyday. It’s simple. After a while, when you get the hang of it, you can perform these actions faster and faster. If you want to get the audio meditation, buy the charts, or just come in and read the charts and memorize them we don’t care, but for your spiritual growth and you’re everyday life there is nothing more important you can do. Would you head out to work without wearing any clothes? Let’s just say for the sake of argument the answer is “no”. Well consider this every bit as important as wearing your clothes to work. Bringing back the energies you’ve lost previously in your life, disconnecting from those who are taking you’re energy from you, filling your energy field with the planet and Gods  energies, why wouldn’t you want to do this everyday. Take a chance and practice making a habit of these actions and see if you don’t believe you’re life is getting better than it was. Remember, you’ll be a more balanced and reasonable person for those around you as well.

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MORE FROM ODEN – 11/28/12


Crystals break when they are not charged up enough, put them outside or maybe bury it in the ground and leave them. Do not use broken crystals./ Complete thought is instantly knowing and understanding a concept in its entirety. That is what complete thought is, that is how master guides communicate, usually./ The Armor Of God protects you from those things that you want to be protected from. When you have protection people can’t take your energy but you can still give it away even if you have protection around you. If I agree to have someone tell me their problems than I am giving them my energy and my attention, when you give someone your attention you give them your energy. You can feel a drain of energy in lower vibrational exchanges. If you don’t participate they can’t take your energy./ It’s good to focus on a spiritual connection that comes between an agreement of souls to express life together. When you have an agreement with another person on a spiritual level you have both of your higher selves working for that connection. When you can enlist the help of the higher self with someone you have a spiritual agreement with, when you can enlist and have a direct connection or conversation with them, then one will have a much easier time on the physical plane./ The hardest thing for a person who wants to help is to learn to wait to be asked. It is about understanding everyone’s limitations. Some people can’t allow themselves to be healed quickly or easily and some people can’t expect that there is a person on the planet that can quickly and easily heal them. It is important to say this is what I am doing now, I would love to share that with you, please let me know if you would ever like to try it. There is no need for argument or judgment and it is very difficult when you see someone hurting in pain and you know that you can help, but allow them the space to be in pain if that is what the spirit wants. Wait to be asked./ Meditation the word is misleading because there are as many ways to meditate as there are people on the planet. Meditation is an altered state of mind where you can achieve clarity. Some people do well with walking meditations, some people do well with repetitive meditations like mantras. My daughter once said the lord’s prayer 150 times and that raised her vibration just by repeating the words over and over again to such an extent that clarity came./ (Question: Who is watching out for the planet?) – What is watching over the world are several. You have physical beings that would be considered aliens or extra-terrestrials that are watching out for mankind making sure they do not destroy the world. There are spiritual beings especially at Christmas time are singing white light over the planet and nourishing it. There are physical beings such as my daughter that are sending energy to the earth for the earth to use as the earth thinks best and then there are those that are activists that are working to create change with cleaner fuel and cleaner air, etc.. You have a lot of good people focused on the survival of the planet and the planet itself is focused on its survival. I do not believe the planet will have any long term ending soon./ If you open a door to a different vibration to what you are used to existing in than you have the vibration of one world and you have the vibration of another world coming through those same doors and it is about learning to process that energy and so it is very, very difficult till you become used to it and it can take years before an equilibrium is achieved./ We are participating in our own reality. There are many things that create our realities, some of us have a very clear cut plan prior to incarnating and if that is the case that reality cannot be changed or not much. So some of us have guidelines that are in place prior to our incarnation, others of us are allowed open doors and things so that we can move at our own pace. Reality can change. We have different degrees in both of these in every person so it is possible that some people have purposely blocked their prosperity as an exercise to learn to live without it or as an exercise to remove stimulation or money things so that they can focus on more spiritual pursuits./ You never put your ego aside. Your ego is part of your personality that is physical and dies with the body and the more you try to push it aside the stronger it becomes. You must always feed your ego so that when it is full it goes to sleep.

Dragon Spirit Guides Are Special Because They Exist Both On The Physical & The Non Physical Realms.

Dragons are able to ascend their physical bodies to aid and protect us. Dragons do not breathe fire, they do however blow it. Dragons have 2 pupils in each eye.  They have the ability to look in two directions at the same time. When all four pupils are focused forward, dragon’s can look past the physical dimension when they are on it. They can see all the dimensions at once, choosing the opposite dimension of the physical plane; they can remove an atom from it and transport it here. This causes a mini nuclear type reaction and creates a fire. The dragon’s then blow this anti-matter fire to purify a space or aura.  It can prove a valuable weapon to dissolve negativity, remove lower entities and purify or raise the vibration of the aura.

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This meditation is used to energize and cleanse a property, a house or a space. It will open spiritual portals in the space to balance and cleanse.  Do this meditation at least once a month to keep your living spaces, clear of negative energy, charged with positive energy and to attract blessings.

1.     Ground & Connect to the Center of the Universe

2.     Visualize Your House or Work Space

3.     Shrink it Down to the Size of A Rosebud, that Can Easily Fit in Your Hand

4.     Place Your Home or Space in Your Right Hand & Hold Your Hand to the Sun

5.     Let the Warm Rays of Light Penetrate Your Home

6.     See Warm Golden Rays Hitting the Home or Space, Until it is Glowing with a Golden Aura

7.     Take Your Right Hand, Still Holding the House or Work Space & Visualize Placing it inside Your Heart Chakra

8.     Close the Opening to the Chakra Center

9.     Let the Green Energy in This Center Surround & Infuse Your Small Home or Space

10.   Relax for About 3 Minutes, Then Using Your Right Hand, Remove the House or Space From Your Heart.

11.   Allow Your Home or Space to Grow Back to its Normal Size

12.   Place the Sign of Oden on Your Home or Space & Release all Excess Energy to the Creator

13.   Sprinkle a little rose oil on your front steps

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Halloween has always been a special holiday for me, as my birthday is but 2 days from it.  What most people do not understand is that witches were the first environmentalists.  They have a huge respect for the Earth, Nature & all its natural processes.  Understanding the planet, nature and energy is the beginning of understanding the divine creator as well as the divine in all of us. Ever notice a witch’s hat resembles a pyramid??   A pyramid you wear on your head?? Could the Druids have known something we don’t? Samhain is the day to release the old, celebrate the New Year, and honor our relatives that have passed on.  However you feel about Halloween witches and hats, I knew, even as a child, there was something special about the night; I could feel it in the energy.   As an adult, I know it is the time of year when the veil between our world and the Astral Planes the thinnest. If you have a loved one who has passed and you would like to hear from them, this is the night to contact them.   But be careful, make sure you put up the proper protections and call you spirit guides to be present.  There are a lot of ghosts in our world, or souls that are reluctant to cross over.  They are stronger this night and most of them are mad or have some major emotional baggage. It is a good night to do scrying with mirrors. Light a white candle, sit in a circle if there are several of you, and ask to be shown something significant in the coming year. This is a night of power & manifestation,, if you have any intuition at all, you should get a result.  Eat a lot of candy, have fun and enjoy the “spirit night”, as they say in Wales .

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I can remember going to my mother’s house and always falling asleep.  Whenever friends would come with me, they too, would have to fight to stay awake, while my mother would get more energetic and more active. We all thought it was such a peaceful, relaxing, environment. 

All of our souls are powered by the field of energy around us, our aura. Also known as our life force energy. We acquire this energy, through many different methods, depending upon the soul’s level of development.  When we sleep, we bring energy to us from the Astral Plane, when we meditate & pray, we bring energy back to us from higher spiritual planes, when we bond with nature and other living things, we bring earth energy into our fields.  All of these different types of energy are then processed and utilized by our auras.  The emotional body can be a large consumer of energy, and so can the physical body, if either of them are out of balance. If you meet people who can’t or won’t meet their own energy needs by doing one of the above, the next step is to steal energy.  We may like, love or even enjoy the people who are feeding off of us, but we can’t allow it. Ultimately, being around an energy vampire on a regular basis can not only endanger your health and balance, but can also affect your prosperity.  Prosperity is the last energy priority in your aura: health, balance, mental well being, and connections to soul family come first. If you are feeling an energy vampire in your life, you need to limit the time you give them and certainly put a protection around yourself. My husband is a great believer in telling them they are stealing energy and we can only be around them a short time. He then educates them on how to create their own energy so they do not steal it from others. The only other thing you can do is put an energy shield up, similar to a mirror between the two of you.

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