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Always Thankful


Many belief systems say you should squash your ego or release it or move it outside yourself. Lauralei and the guides say that that would be impossible. They say our ego is something we are given by our parents ( which explains a lot for some of us ) and at this level, is something that is part of us, like your left hand. They say it does not die until the astral and physical bodies die. They believe the way to more easily control your ego is by feeding it, doing something nice for it. In a sense doing something nice for you. One could buy some new clothes or treat oneself to a special event or a nice dinner. Something that keeps the ego in check. Instead of buying something or performing an activity with ourselves I wonder if we could stroke our ego daily by telling it how lucky we are for those gifts we possess right now? What if we told it how thankful we are for being with our beautiful partner, how much we love our wonderful family, how lucky we feel for the job we have, the fantastic clothes we wear, the great car we drive, for being an integral part of our soul, not any other but our beautiful, incredible soul and what if every day we were so thankful for who we are and what we have been given? Might that also please our ego and help much of the rest of this aspect of our soul while we are here? Wouldn’t our higher self be happy with us as well? Just a thought.

~ White Light Bookstore