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Many treat their pets as less, as sub-servant, as something a kin to a piece of furniture. Change is imperative. Our dogs and cats and other pets are here to love us. They express their love by doing whatever we ask of them, protecting us, giving emotional support, being their when others aren’t, unconditionally. We have no idea how deep this affection goes and how extreme their help and love is for us. I know of one couple whose cat passed away because it took on the negative energy sent from someone trying to hurt that couple. The cat died protecting that couple. Another person who came into the store had to go off to fight in the war in the middle east and left two dogs behind waiting for their return. When the individual returned the dogs had these unusual sods all over their bodies. The guides told this person that the dogs had taken the energy upon themselves of what would have happenedĀ  to them in the war such as gunshots and shrapnel. As we say about each other, the animals make the ultimate sacrifice for those they love. There are thousands of stories just like these. Without preaching, we should consider now as the time to change our perceptions of us and our pets. They are partners in our life. They share in the responsibilities, or desire to. If they are equal to us in God’s eyes than they should be equal to us in our eyes as well. They need our help and if anyone ever deserved our assistance it is those who love us, whole heartedly.


When you are talking about reiki you are looking at a spirit (Oden) who has worked very hard at learning energies at this level and even more importantly learning one aspect to another aspect as so he has worked very, very long to understand the transference of energy from one level to another without doing harm or difficulty, so in cases where you are dealing with transferences of energy or unique energy I would always refer to Oden./ It is very important, especially that healers and teachers are themselves. They are not a persona or create a persona. So when they create a persona they use a different name that may be mystical or sound mystical , they are creating a thought form or persona and that diminishes their ability to teach and to heal because the thought form does not have the soul energy connected to it , it has created a persona like another aspect of that soul. One has created something that is not as strong , is not as pure , is not as full of life. It is important to go back to the essence of who you are and teach from the heart and from the core of your spirit, not create a persona./ Many people channel and it is not unusual that they have their eyes wide open. The difference with Lauralei is that she is channeling master souls and if her eyes were open it would actually damage her eyes because our light is so bright./ When we have a karmic debt we have experiences that come to us and when we do not utilize these experiences and we do not acknowledge who we are than that is where we create karma , we do not create karma out of ignorance. You cannot create karma without knowledge and karma is your energy that is intently sent out toward a focus or a focal point , so what we seek and what our actions are on the way to that goal that is what creates the karma for us. We do not have karma from sitting on a mountain meditating, maybe the karma of a wasted life. It is through your actions with others in which you grow. So in your interactions with others be less judgmental and be more loving./ At this level it is important to understand that you all have free will, spirits on this level do not have free will. The beings God has given this plane to have free will and free choice. This physical level is not created for spiritual entities. So even I do not have free will at this level, I cannot intercede without being asked. No spirit can intercede or cause any action without permission from a living soul , a physical being on this level. So it is important that you understand that free will only extends to souls that are in physical form as long as they are physical. Once they have left the physical portion of that aspect behind they are no longer part of that free will and that free will moves into a different dimension./ If you have lower frequencies in a home they can be made to leave by raising the frequency with candles and prayer and incense and stones and meditation , it is like nails on a chalk board to a lower vibrational frequency./ Almost everybody in the world after the age of 40 has damage in their heart center, the center itself. This causes a lot of missed connections with significant others so it is good to spend a little bit of time bringing light in to this area and repairing that energy center.


I believe that all relationships are, especially the important ones, meant to be and that we have relationships and we are to gain spiritual knowledge and growth through the experience of being with another person and often times we find that when we have had a failed relationship or a divorce or a separation in a relationship that we have a wounded energy field or we have a misaligned chakra system or a misaligned energy system and we might have damage to various chakra centers and cords that are coming from that so it is very important to not forgive as much as to release, to let go of another’s energy so that it doesn’t affect you in a positive way or a negative way and if you have any of an old spouse’s or an old boy friend’s energy still in your energy field other souls sense that on a subconscious level and it has a tendency to keep people away from you, to keep people from suggesting things to you. So my first thing would be to do some kind of clearing where you go meticulously through each of your energy centers, not just the major chakras but I would look at the minor chakras as well. You have a minor system of 24 that you can go through and clear in addition to your major systems and when you have methodically gone through and removed any energy from past relationships than it is also important to reclaim any energy that is gone from your system. So claim your own energy or do as soul retrieval and claim your energy back. The next thing that is very important in relationships is to make sure your heart center is open and that it is in good working order and that again is making sure there are not any connections in there, the heart center is open./ Your mastership is about finding and remembering who you are. It is about bringing back information and knowledge and technique that you have learned previously and bringing it into this lifetime. Energy is manipulated by thought and by sound and by frequency and by understanding./ What I refer to as elementals are elf’s and elementals. Spiritual beings that have an understanding of creating matter from energy Being able to tune into nature and effect change. These energies are what I consider beings who reincarnate. They are spiritual beings that are somewhat more advanced than human souls that incarnate but they are still in that evolutionary process of incarnating. So they are not master souls, they have mastership of the physical plane and of the earth and so in learning to take that mastership that applies to the wind or the earth and the various forces of the earth and to transform that understanding into spiritual law and law of the higher frequencies./ Dimensional frequencies revolve and move and at different times in history they connect and so they are closer together than at other times and so when you have certain dimensions that are touching that haven’t been back to back before you might have things where you have animals like unicorns, where you have fairies and those kind of things that begin to be seen and begin to be felt by people and eventually disappear as those dimensions move apart again. The beings are not able to cross as easily or as frequently and so they kind of disappear from understanding and they become myth or legend./ If you think of a frequency like when you are hearing a sound and the sound becomes higher pitched but you are always hearing it and it becomes very difficult to remain in a place where that sound is and so the spirit of the soul will find a way to remove itself from that room and so when the frequency changes on the planet than the entities or the souls that choose to incarnate here will change also.