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The basic principle, and this is for everybody, when you are wanting to increase your prosperity, you can’t increase prosperity until you are balanced and until your energy field is maintaining a steady rotation around the physical body and so your aura. Your soul blankets your physical body and when your soul is balanced it blankets all your physicals body, putting a protection around it and animating the physical body. A lot of times the soul will be off center, above or below the physical body and so aspects of the physical body are not receiving that energy from the soul. The soul needs to be centered in the physical body, centered on the physical body and you can center through prayer with your hands because there are energy centers which create a vortex and align you with the energy center in your third eye ( hands together in prayer at your forehead ) and this brings you into alignment, even more so when you knell. So when you take that position to pray you are in essence putting your soul and the physical body in its proper alignment. Then you want to visit the aura of the energy field of our soul to move around our physical body and if we have an emotional problem or disappointment or physical ailment or whatever is going on, all of those things create holes in the energy fields and keep us from spinning in a proper fashion. So when your energy is moving around the body at a very good pace than we bring more things to us and it should always be moving in a clockwise direction. So if you take a little bit of time every day to clean out your energy centers and to pull back your energy so that you have all of your soul, all of your energy present and then you align your body and your soul and you make sure that your energy is moving in a clockwise direction. When your energy is perfectly centered and all of your energy is present and moving at a good pace, than you are the perfect expression of your spirit in the physical form. So you bring the perfect experiences to you for that spirit. Trust that you can become the perfect expression of your spirit./ Every soul has a family and these are all people who are created at the same moment that you are. You are created with the same thought an sometimes the same essence and we have in our understanding many mates, many people who we planned to come into our lives and as we progress and evolve we progress and evolve with our soul family at different rates. Some of us incarnate more and some of us learn at different ratios so we progress differently and faster, but some of the other members of our soul family progress but not at the same rate and fashion that we do and so when we are youngsters we have many so called soul mates, anyone of our soul family could be our mate. As we progress through the stages, less and less of our soul family¬† are on the same vibration that we are and when it gets to a place where there is only you and one other member of our soul family that has progressed to a certain vibration than the two of you make a deal or a commitment to maintain your ratio of growth to be equal so you don’t leave one another behind. You always have at least one member of your soul family with you in every incarnation and as you progress and become more evolved it eventually becomes only one, one other spirit, one other soul that vibrates to the same frequency that you do and your incarnations become further and further apart./ If your drawn to part of your past you either left something there or something you have yet to achieve there. It is O.K. to revisit the past if you have a yearning or desire to do so, it means there is something not yet completed.