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When you do the Oden reiki you bring in perfect light which can only be brought in if you believe you are perfect and so it is about vibrating to a frequency because like energy attracts like energy. If the healer does not believe in their own perfection it is not possible for them to believe in anyone else’s./ Everything is available and everything is open to you but on the physical level you have the illusion of privacy and you also have a morality of privacy, so you have a need to maintain your own life and your own goals and your own system and when you become overly curious about another’s than that is when there is not enough living in the moment of your life and your focus and attention need to be on you not on anyone else./ You are still a connected ( after a break up ) and the healing would be removing that connection. You don’t want the connection on a subconscious level, you want it on a physical level, that is the purpose for coming into the physical plane. When you have a connection on a subconscious level it can maintain the feelings, maintain the connections, maintain the loss with the new energy coming into that area so it is kind of like making you stagnant, staying in the same place because when you are in a relationship you have a connection between the two of you but there is energy coming in and there is energy going out in equal amounts. When the relationship ends the connection is still there but you are not sending energy back and forth to one another, but you are still tuned in on a psychic level to one another and so that can cause stagnation and a lot of pain. We remove that connection and when that happens than we begin to find that both of you are more open to talking on the physical level, communicating in a physical nature rather than on a subconscious one. It is always great to understand soul connections. It is always great to understand energy cords between people. It is also great to learn to communicate with your spirit guides because if you are joined with a person on a soul level than you can also communicate with their spirit guides and ask for their help./ Many coming now have had lifetimes in other places that were not as heavy as here and not as judgmental or crude or violent. I think it is very hard for star beings to understand those aspects of this place but they have come and incarnated in large amounts and droves in order to change the collective consciousness of the level of wisdom that exists on this place and it is necessary because it is the only way the collective can move forward./ If you are a master soul or master being one would come in with about 40% or 50% of your soul. The larger amount of your soul you have present in the physical plane the less restrictions the physical plane has for you. If you are a master soul you could put your hand through the wall./ A coma is caused because the physical body has exploded in some way, a wire has been broke. It shuts down to maintain the life force energy or to be able to hold the life force energy until those repairs can be made. If you use Oden reiki to facilitate that repair, once whatever caused the coma has been addressed on an energy level than they can come out of it. It is a physical survival tool but it can be used as a spiritual tool.