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  Your connection, and your relationship with your spirit guide or angel is the most important one of your life.   Before you were born you had a plan for the life your soul incarnated into.

E very soul has a plan.  Every soul plans their next  life accordingly: you choose a creative expression for each life, a work you are good at & like,  then you choose a soul or life mate, you choose a spiritual lesson to learn & incorporate and you choose a knowledge you have already acquired to offer to others as a gift.  With our plan, we choose the guardian angels that are most suited to help us keep on our plans.

After the life has been set up, we work with our spirit guides to learn and practice all of the above.  After we are confident we have incorporated the knowledge we need to succeed in our life, we choose  birth parents and jump into the physical world.  Our guides are close by and very connected to us.

Our guides are our partners in this life. Their job is to keep us on our chosen path and in return, we share our physical experiences with them.

The gift we give to our spirit guides every day is the experience of physical life, which they get to, perceive thru us, without incarnating.    Their guidance is crucial to our success in this life. Without them, each soul may be doomed to repeat the same events over and over, lifetime after lifetime.

If you’re not able to connect with your spirit guides, it may be because their connections with you are frayed, knotted, or broken through trauma, all of these things can get you off your plan. This meditation will repair, open & extend those connections, as well as ask the Universe to send you a Master Soul to act as a spirit guide on your behalf.  Master Souls become spirit guides only when a living being on the Earth plane is advanced enough to ask for one.  The master soul that comes to you during this meditation will become your best friend and your best teacher.

Let’s begin.

Take a deep cleansing breath.  We are going to begin by grounding.

You ground by visualizing a hollow tube or cord extending from the base of your spine and moving down through the floor, down through the many layers of the Earth, until it reaches the center of the Earth where there is a warm orange liquid energy.  Bring that orange energy up your hollow tube or cord, up thru the many layers of the Earth, up thru the floor and up into your body.   This is called grounding.  Grounding feeds your aura with healing energy and should be done before any type of spiritual work.

Next we connect to the center of the Universe.  Imagine a hollow tube or cord extending up from the top of your head, up thru the ceiling, up thru the many layers of the Universe, until it reaches the center of the Universe.  At the center of the Universe is a bright, white, light. Bring this white light, down thru the many layers of the Universe, down thru the ceiling and down into the top of your head.   When it reaches the top of your head, extend the white light outward and down, similar to the shape of bell.  Let this bell of white light totally engulf you.  This energy feeds and nourishes the spiritual bodies and will help to heal any cords or connections that are frayed to your spirit guides.

Now continue and take a deep cleansing breath and as you exhale, ask the Universe to bring you a Master Soul to act as your spirit guide, friend and teacher.

Place your crystal in your right hand and press your right hand against your third chakra or solar plexus.

Focus your breathing as if you were breathing from your solar plexus.  Breathing is regulated by the subconscious part of the brain and where you move the focus of the breath, the subconscious mind will follow.  First we will breath in and out from our solar plexus and then we will focus our breath in and out from the crystal we hold in our hand.

So visualize breathing in and out from your solar plexus.  We will do this 5 times. Breath in/out

Breath in/out, breath in/out, breath in/out, last time breath in and as you breath out, now, focus your breath inside the crystal.

Take five breaths here.  Breath in/out, Breath in/out, breath in/out, breath in/out, last time breath in and as you breath out, visualize being inside of the crystal.

See yourself in an entry way with a long hallway in front of you.  Begin walking down that hallway to the fourth door on your right.  There is a sign on this door that says Spirit Guide Meeting Room.

Enter the room and sit in the chair in the center.  Repeat the following after me, silently to yourself:

I ask the universe to send me a master guide or Arch Angel to work with me, influence me and guide me.  I ask the universe to bring me the master soul that is most suited to my purposes at this time.

You hear a knock on the door of the room and your spirit guide enters.

Take a moment to look at your guide.  Some people see colors, some see detailed images, some do not see, but rather feel a guide, especially the first couple of times they do this meditation.

Whatever your experience, know that your guide is there and ask your guide to give you a name.  It is important to receive a name from your guide, so that you may call your guide and only your guide to you.  If you are unable to perceive your guide’s name at this time, ask that it be known to you in other ways.

The next few minutes, I would like you to tell your spirit guide about yourself.  Share your dreams, your wants, your life with your guide, whatever you want to share.  Ask for assistance or help with any aspect of your life, your guide has only the limits you place on them.  I’ll return to conclude this mediation in a moment, for now, enjoy getting to know your guide.

(Wait 3 minutes.)

Now it is time for you to leave your guide. Thank your guide for coming to you today.  You will leave the room and the guide will remain in it.  Walk to the door of the room and back out into the hallway.  Count the doors back to the entry way of the crystal and focus your breath there.

We will breath in and out 5 times from the crystal and then move out of the crystal back into our bodies, back thru our solar plexus.

Breath in and out, again, breath in, then out. Third one-breath in/ out, breath in/out, last one breath in and out, move the focus of your breath to your solar plexus.

Let’s do five more breaths from the solar plexus, Breath in and out, again, breath in, then out. Third one-breath in/ out, breath in/out, last one breath in and out.

Repeating this mediation every day, will strengthen the bond between you and not only your master guide but all of your guides. Come back into your body and open your eyes when you are ready.


From David -

I have heard from various people many times over the last couple of weeks something akin to “Well I believe in channeling and guides and stuff like that but I think I want to learn on my own, find out my own answers, learn from my heart, I don’t need anyone else.”  There are two things going on here.  One is ego and the other is a misconception that one is alone.  Ego might be the number one blockage to growing, understanding and evolvement at a more rapid pace.  We think we are the bomb.  We believe for some reason, on some level we are somehow better than another.  We want to show our belief is somehow better than another belief and we will defend those beliefs with actions if need be to stand our ground no matter what the emotional or physical consequence may be.  Belief, like trust, is ever changing and growing as our perspective grows and changes our guides tell us.  Ego is a lower part of our being.  When we evolve enough ego drops away.  Look at Gandhi or Jesus or Mother Theresa, there wasn’t a lot of ego going on there.  The other issue is what Oden calls the illusion of privacy.  We are beings of light having a physical experience.  To keep this aspect of ourselves at this level God and the guides and angels and us had to agree that we would be able to forget where we came from, forget what it feels like to be in God’s presence and on higher spiritual realms. This has caused many problems down here but suffice it to say we so aren’t alone.  Everyone is born with two guides similar to us in this aspect.  We can also have master guides, animal guides, plant guides, crystal guides.  Maybe our deceased relatives are hanging around us.  There are so many souls around us all the time screaming for us to do this or that and we think we just got the idea to do this thing when someone has been telling us to do it for the last hour.  You are never alone.  God is always with you as well as all these others, even random beings from other levels are around.  Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Our guides say that on the astral level there are all sorts of souls painting masterpieces, writing music, creating incredible works of art that they can somehow transfer to a physical soul to then be made at this level.  Lauralei read an article where Bob Dylan was being interviewed and he was asked how he wrote so much amazing music and he said, “You think a person could write these songs?”  Our thoughts are not just our thoughts.  You can randomly pick up another’s thoughts because thoughts are energy and travel through space just like a radio signal.  It could be your intuition, your astral body senses, a message from your higher self, a guide or angel communicating to you.  It takes a lot of practice to discern what thoughts are ours and what comes from elsewhere.  Yes, we have self-discovery.  Yes, we have lessons for us to learn.  And yes, we do have some original ideas, but oftentimes it is a group effort.  Ariel said that the three most important relationships in ones’ life are with God, your Higher Self & with your Master Guide.  Master guides’ come before a soulmate but that’s probably  the forth most important relationship.  If we have some of God within us why and how can we believe we are alone.  Our belief in our aloneness is one of the toughest difficulties to overcome at this level, but do not let it mask you from the truth that we have so many souls sending love and light to us always and at this level we can use all the help we can get.

~ White Light Bookstore




Think about eliminating space. Think for a moment that time and space only exist on the physical planes. With this concept in mind, hold a crystal in your hand and know that without space that piece of quartz is connected to all the other quartz everywhere. All the quartz in this world, all the quartz in other physical worlds and all quartz existing in non physical worlds. If you preface the above before you program a quartz crystal, imagine the power and ability of the piece you hold to manifest in your daily life.

~ White Light Bookstore



The use of Crystals for crystal healing or gem healing, has been linked to mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health of the auras and your chakra system. Stones, crystals and minerals are special because they can absorb and hold light.

We know that we live in an electromagnetic universe, and that like energy attracts like energy.  Light is electro- magnetic radiation. Each light ray vibrates to a frequency that attracts to it similar frequencies.   Some of them we perceive as a color, others, in this limitless spectrum we can only see with the help of various devices.

For Spiritual Healers, no stone is as essential to their craft as quartz. It is the quintessential healing stone.   We know that quartz has a pulse, a natural pulse; because of this pulse they are able to run and are in most of our electronics, including your watch, computer, radio, etc.

Crystal Healers believe this pulse can be heard on a subconscious level & that it is possible to place a thought in a crystal and it will pulse that thought to your subconscious brain. Since the subconscious brain believes & incorporates whatever it hears repeatedly, you can actually make positive changes in your life by using crystals.

They also believe that crystal grids can align the harmonies within the human body, & that acupuncture needles coated with quartz are more effective.

Quartz Use in Physical Healing Energy- Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz-They use Rose Quartz for treating cardiovascular health, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines and sexual dysfunction, as well as those disorders occurring in the throat, ears, nose and sinuses.

Rutilated Quartz-Believed by New Agers to have the power to regenerate the body’s tissues, aid in the assimilation of nutritional elements, bolster the immune system, and slow the advancement of aging diseases. They also  credit it with treating respiratory illnesses and being able to uncover the true cause of an illness.

Smoky Quartz-In the world of spiritual healing, this stone treats problems associated with the area of the lower torso including, the sexual organs, kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, where healers use it to treat everything from STDs to kidney disease, menstrual cramps and fertility. Further uses include strengthening the adrenal glands and regulating bodily fluids.

-One of the traditional healing stones believed to draw out pain and amplify healing energy. Crystal Healers use clear Quartz in rituals meant to treat convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, exposure to radiation, general pain, hemorrhages, headaches, hypochondria and kidney diseases.

~ White Light Bookstore


Clear Quartz – For emotional healing, spiritualists believe this crystal to be an important self-esteem stone. They credit it with having the ability to treat the traumas of a neglectful or abusive childhood, to balance chaotic emotions and to increase emotional energy and motivate for action. Other mental healing uses include increasing insight and intuition, helping a person to avoid the traps of self-pity, helping one to achieve the ultimate potential and easing meditation and harmony.

Rose Quartz- is the essential stone for increasing love and balance for times of extreme emotional turmoil, such as divorce, bereavement or career setbacks, because it helps to remind the wearer of the importance of self-love. It stimulates the body’s love centers and can result in peace and fidelity in committed relationships. As one of the most important crystals for attracting love it does emotional maintenance clearing out emotional baggage, converting negative emotions, and calming hot tempers.

~ White Light Bookstore


Stones, crystals and minerals are special because they can absorb and hold light. We know that we live in an electromagnetic universe, and that like energy attracts like energy.  Light is electro-magnetic radiation. Each light ray vibrates to a frequency that attracts to it similar frequencies.   Some of them we perceive as a color, others, in this limitless spectrum we can only see with the help of various devices. Other frequencies or colors, we know exist, but we cannot see them.  To better utilize stones and minerals, in spiritually healing techniques, we need to first understand light, and more importantly, energy.

We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. We can change liquid water to steam for our sweat lodges, or freeze it for a cold drink, but water remains water, regardless of its form. This law is known as the fundamental Law of the Conservation of Energy.

Could God have discovered and utilized the principles of light waves, establishing a way to maintain or expand their vibrational frequencies?  We know that contracting or expanding light on a quantum level creates change to all the frequencies of light, in all realms, everywhere.

If we think of God as All Light, then could the creation of light, spoken of in the Bible, actually be God’s ability to separate his frequencies into bands of color, the rainbow.  I believe each Arch Angel represents a frequency of the purest form of that color of light. They are literally beings created from light, given part of God’s sentience to radiate that light, and emulate master examples of what each of us can become.

Return to the premise that Like Energy Attracts Like Energy. If you as a being of light, become the brightest purest form of your intended creation, then you attract similar beings to you, Spirit Guide, Angels, God. You also raise your ability to manifest through intent. We have heard it everywhere, the power of intent.

Intent is defined by Dictionary. Com  as the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific object.

If intent is a state of mind and not an emotional desire, then manifesting is done primarily with the Mental Body and not the Emotional one.  Could energy directed by the Mental body, produce greater results in a physical world than directed by the Emotional body, when used to manifest? Come to class & find out.

~ White Light Bookstore


Stones are special because they contain light. Different stones hold different vibrations or wavelengths of light when charged in the sun.  The different vibrations manifest in the physical world in different ways.  For example, Rose Quartz vibrates to Love, Amethyst to healing and intuition.  Quartz is the best to use for healing because it can be programmed for any type of dis-ease.  Another aspect of stones that make them ideal for use, is the agreed upon function of each by the collective consciousness of us all. If you look up onyx in a stone book, it will tell you it is useful for protection, you can also look it up online and in any other stone book, you find anywhere, it will state onyx can be used for protection. Both the light wavelength and our collective consciousness give stones and minerals amazing energy and power.


I have recently been taught by my guides when meditating with a gemstone that the family that piece came from has a collective consciousness much like the collective consciousness of mankind. When you use a grid to connect the gemstone or crystal you are meditating with to all of the others that exist, the results are amazing. What if you connected the part of you that is God in the same way? Amazing things might happen in such a meditation, come and find out.

~ White Light Bookstore



Gemstones and minerals are so special because they are able to store light. Different gemstones can hold different aspects of the light spectrum, including rays we can see and those that vibrate on a frequency that we can’t see, but can definably tune into. Through meditation we can tap into the light stored in the stones and utilize it in our daily lives.  The use of stones adheres to the principle that our Universe is magnetic and LIKE ENERGY ATTRACTS LIKE ENERGY. If you carry a stone that contains a certain frequency of light, it will bring to you more of the same, thru magnetism. Citrine brings us prosperity, rose quartz vibrates to love and onyx is used for protection & grounding. Additionally, you can place a stone on yourself and visualize connecting it to all the other citrine in the world, all the other rose quartz in the world or all the onyx in the world, with the stone resting on you as the focal point for all of them. It is amazing!~ White Light Bookstore