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Imagine a large cloud above our planet. Not a good or bad cloud, just a cloud and let’s call that cloud man’s thoughts and beliefs throughout history, how many people believe something and how long people have believed something. So, as I like to tell people when they come in the store, if I wear a t-shirt with a four leaf clover on it what I am attempting to do is connect with that part of the cloud of everyone who ever believed a four leaf clover is lucky. All the Irish, all the Catholics and anyone else who has ever believed a four leaf clover brings you good luck. I am attempting to bring that energy to me so I might have good luck. An interesting aspect of thought forms is that it has nothing to do with your beliefs, your thoughts, your culture or religion. It has to do with the fact that other people believe in a certain thing, how many people believe it and how long they believe it. This is what makes a thought form stronger. If one sits back and takes the time to think about it thought forms are a major part of what rule our lives at this level. Hell, the Devil, Saints created by the church (not all), many deities one prays to, a stone or crystal we believe protects us, a piece of sports jewelry that many believe makes them stronger or the idea that killing and consuming something will bestow it’s power or ability upon us. This is what our guides teach us. Thought forms can be very powerful but they are created by us and consequently hold us back from pursuing or connecting with truly higher aspects of us and other souls. Saint Francis of Assisi was an incredible soul that helped many but when he died that aspect of his soul moved on to other aspects of that soul to continue his evolvement toward Christ consciousness, enlightenment and his higher nature. When an individual now prays to Saint Francis of Assisi they are not praying to that individual but a thought form created by man of all the aspects we believe that Saint should possess and we pray to that Saint in the hopes some of that energy might be bestowed upon us. Five thousand years ago (or whenever ) there was no hell, no Satan or Devil, but somewhere along the line some priest or person of importance decided that if we want to control these people and make them do what we say we should create a place that if they don’t obey us they will go there when they die and not enjoy it and for good measure we need a person who rules over that place that is really not a good soul at all. Fast forward to now and now there is a Hell and there is a Devil created by us, by our thoughts because of all those throughout the past whatever time period that believes in the Devil and Hell. We create it. Man creates it. We have created our own stew, our own mess and per the guides it is up to us to get out of it (hopefully with as much higher assistance as we can get). Oden says he finds it amusing when someone prays to God or an Archangel to smite the devil or Satan. It is not their job. We created these thought forms. We can destroy these thought forms. It is possible. Just imagine how many thought forms or belief systems we as men and women have created. How these rule parts of our lives. How they prevent us from having experiences we should be having. As Oden says, “This is a make believe world of our own creation. Created by us, God and the Master Guides and Angels.” We created it so we can change it or uncreate the aspects of ourselves and our society we are not so enamored with. First stop believing in what you know not to be true. Next send love and light to everything, as much as you can. Wish all well, even those you don’t like or disagree with. Finally we are taught you can direct a beam of white light from God at the center of the universe into the top of your head and out your third eye at the perceived third eye of whatever thought form you are wishing to turn to raw energy. Start small. Thought forms are real and very powerful. Always protect yourself with the Armor of God. The guides teach us it is a process so begin with recognizing what is running our life and let us begin to take back our control. This is just one aspect of many aspects which most are not aware of that control our lives.


I can remember going to my mother’s house and always falling asleep.  Whenever friends would come with me, they too, would have to fight to stay awake, while my mother would get more energetic and more active. We all thought it was such a peaceful, relaxing, environment. 

All of our souls are powered by the field of energy around us, our aura. Also known as our life force energy. We acquire this energy, through many different methods, depending upon the soul’s level of development.  When we sleep, we bring energy to us from the Astral Plane, when we meditate & pray, we bring energy back to us from higher spiritual planes, when we bond with nature and other living things, we bring earth energy into our fields.  All of these different types of energy are then processed and utilized by our auras.  The emotional body can be a large consumer of energy, and so can the physical body, if either of them are out of balance. If you meet people who can’t or won’t meet their own energy needs by doing one of the above, the next step is to steal energy.  We may like, love or even enjoy the people who are feeding off of us, but we can’t allow it. Ultimately, being around an energy vampire on a regular basis can not only endanger your health and balance, but can also affect your prosperity.  Prosperity is the last energy priority in your aura: health, balance, mental well being, and connections to soul family come first. If you are feeling an energy vampire in your life, you need to limit the time you give them and certainly put a protection around yourself. My husband is a great believer in telling them they are stealing energy and we can only be around them a short time. He then educates them on how to create their own energy so they do not steal it from others. The only other thing you can do is put an energy shield up, similar to a mirror between the two of you.

~ White Light Bookstore & Crystals


We have all heard of the horrible oil spill occurring off our U.S. Coastline and now there is one that is doing the same thing to the coastline of China.  One of my spirit guides commented when the first spill began destroying our oceans that Mother Earth was taking back her gifts of the sea, because of the way we have polluted and abused her.  All of the fish, shrimp, lobster, & oysters she freely gave to us, will no longer be available. (Just as Mad Cow has made beef unattainable-if you are still eating beef, I would give it some serious meditation!) The worst petroleum polluter in the world is the United States, that is where the first oil spill began. Guess who is the second?? If this is not a wakeup call and a serious warning to take our environment and the earth seriously, I don’t know what is.  Please pray or meditate for the earth each day whenever you can at 11:12 AM or PM. These are two master numbers, putting your attention on them together is very powerful. It will unite the light in us all and send it into the Earth.


For the past year I have been working with spirits and teaching them how to make sounds into a recorder. We then play them back in real time and can hear their voices. Most spirits start off as static, then we hear whispers, then they graduate to clear, recognizable voices.  It is very gratifying to hear the voice of a loved one who has passed tell you in their voice, that they are okay.  I have had a lot of great results in my private sessions with people. I am going to try to do a small group class just to see if we can hear them.  So, bring your spirit guides, passed over loved ones, family on the other side and come and see if we can’t get a message from them. IF nothing else, I can guarantee you will hear some spirit’s voice.


Ultra Violets began incarnating in the mid to late 80′s.  They are created with white light and with ultra violet light.  A big rush of them came into the world in the late 90′s. They are always good friends with indigos, who teach them about life.  They usually attach to an indigo as a childhood friend and they do whatever the indigo tells them to do without question.

UV’s incarnated to model the use of our astral senses and how to use them.  They are inter-dimensional beings and exist both here and on the upper astral.  Ultra Violets are out of their bodies so much they are diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD), ADHD, Turrets and other mental disorders. They frequently hum or sing to themselves.

They come from a world of music and light so they probably will have a tough time sleeping, especially in the dark.  They can’t bear to be around anything unpleasant, ranging from the dirty pile of laundry to an argument. Both have the same affect on them, which can be violent.   This is because they are not used to having such a strong connection to an emotional body.  They are constantly striving to remember to breathe and release, they hate exercise and usually the outdoors.  They find structured environments both restrictive and comforting.  UV’s enjoy any story, especially fantasy creatures.  They love animals and many go into professions with animals and plants. They love anything that is beautiful with bright colors.

They rarely eat, drink, do drugs or get sick. (unlike the indigos).  They receive most of their energy from the upper astral.  If you ask a UV a question, they will pause as if to listen, and then give you the group answer that has just been channeled to them.

UV’s have all of the intuitive gifts: healing, intuition, clairaudience, clairsentience, clair-everything.  They are mind control masters. Their thoughts are very powerful and can be artfully directed towards anything they desire.  You cannot say no to a UV.  They are attracted to incense and oils more than stones or nature.  They also like art, music and will have a wide range of favorites and of types.

They are here to prevent, if necessary, thru their many gifts, a third world war and destruction of the planet.  When the UV’s join minds, as i suspect they will in 2012, they will blanket the planet with a new understanding of ourselves as beings of light.

~ White Light Bookstore & Crystals


Indigos are created with both white light and violet light.  They are extremely powerful and always control any space or situation, either thru personal command and charisma or thru a tyrant fit of rage. Either way, all eyes are on them.  Indigos began incarnating here in the late 60′s to mid 70′s.

They bring an understanding of balance for the earth and its resources. They are here to protect the planet and to teach us to respect both the planet and one another.  They can be judgmental when they sense someone is not performing at their best or they are walking thru life.  They are here to remind us to stay on the path, keep growing and keep striving to be more than what we are.

Indigos are not used to heavy physical bodies, so they hate taking care of them. They don’t eat right, hate water, and can become addicted to drugs very easily.  They either want to look beautiful or they don’t care what they look like.

They live shorter lifetimes and find the physical plane very difficult to exist in.  They tend to be depressed if they do not learn who and what they are.  They are natural healers, and will lean towards professions in the healing or intuitive arts. They rarely make it thru formal school or college, as it is too restrictive. They always have a way out of any unpleasant social gathering, and if not they just leave.

They take control in a crisis and always know exactly what to do to fix something. Anything, from a fight between friends to a problem at work, to a broken clock.  They will have the easiest, quickest method to solve any problem.

If the world would just listen to them we would all be alright. They get very frustrated when we don’t. They assume as children, that everyone understands and knows what they do about balance and energy. We don’t and when they realize that they can judge the human race harshly.

They love pink & violet quartz.  They rarely touch a black stone. Love everyone, but have few close friends. If they marry, it is late in life.


Star beings begin incarnating in the mid to late 50′s. They bring to this planet an expanded sense of right and wrong. The star beings have evolved to incorporate art, science and religion together, to form a unique understanding and approach to life, that brings balance with nature, science and the soul.

Their primary reason for incarnating is to bring the technology to travel and explore space. Their hope is that this technology will help us to understand the smaller universes of micro organisms, and our own DNA.

They channel answers to any questions we have and they channel the machine needed to find those  answers. They hope by enriching mankind with intimate knowledge of both time and space, we can find balance with our world. Their goal is to help us find our place in the universe, and to live in it in peace.

They also incarnate to break karmic patterns in families such as drug or alcohol addictions.  They are the smart, gifted weird kid in school and they tend to be loners, unless they acquire a small group of like minded star friendships that will last for life.

Star beings rarely acquire a lot of material goods and like to keep their belongings light, in case something calls them to change or leave at a moment’s notice.

They are extremely psychic, intuitive.  They have an innate sense of right and wrong.  They are easily hurt and easier to offend.  They are brutally honest and do not realize it.  They want to be everyone’s friend and they often fight for the underdog.  Star beings love stones of any kind, and they love the energy of water and mountains.  Crystals can keep the farms and meadows. They can look at the stars for hours and star maps are a great gift for them.  They have come to this level to model use of intuitive gifts, peace and environmental awareness.


The crystals begin incarnating during the mid to late forties, at the conclusion of WW2.  They brought the message of peace, love and freedom  in all things. Their souls were created with ALL the spectrums of light. They can find common ground with anyone and speak to all without judgment and total acceptance of others regardless of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, etc.

They began the sexual revolution and reorganized  the family unit. Your brothers and sisters no longer had to be related to you. You true family was one of love and spirit.

Crystals were the protesters against the Vietnam war, these are the beings that refused to fight in mass for the first time ever, against a war. They extended the understanding of spirituality  and how to seek it.  By using methods such as meditation, prayer, song, poetry and even drugs.

They taught our spirits what it is like to be unique and that it is alright to be unique.  These are the souls that taught us to live what we believe, to speak what we know and feel, and to live in the moment.

Crystals teach that being unique is a good thing as long as we pursue who we are in peace and love.  They are natural healers, teachers and artists. COME & LEARN MORE ABOUT CRYSTALS, STAR BEINGS, INDIGOS & ULTRA VIOLETS IN OUR CLASS!!


The more I learn about energy work, the more I realize I don’t know. When you only have a 3 dimensional viewpoint, you forget that the whole universe has a different perspective.  It’s important that we don’t limit ourselves or healing to just part of our lives. If you can add energy to an aspect of your aura and see positive changes in your physical body, why limit spiritual healing to just the physical body? With the right energy techniques, we can add energy, pick up the speed of the energy around us, we can adjust or change the energy around anything! Learn the basics and you can apply these energy techniques to any aspect of your life.  You can change the energy of your home, your business, your relationships. Why couldn’t you do a spiritual healing on your love life? When you let go of the 3 dimensional perspective, anything is possible using the tools you already have.

~ White Light Bookstore & Crystals


Often when people come to me for a reading or channeling, their first questions are usually: Who am I?, Why am I here? What am I supposed to do?  All questions I have asked myself many times in my life, and many times the answers have changed.  The great thing is, if you are asking the questions, you are ready to hear the answers. Don’t think for a minute that you are not special, if you are asking those questions. It is time for you to take the first steps toward your mission, whatever it is.  Learning to still the mind and hear spirit is the beginning of a wonderful journey and partnership.  How do you do that? Well, there are lots of methodologies: Chanting, Meditation, Hypnosis & my favorite, Trance States. You have to learn to meditate. I consider meditation very similar to prayer, only in deep meditation can you truly connect with your higher self, your spirit guides and your God. I find guided meditations work best with beginner’s. Take meditation classes of any kind, because some people will find some types of meditation easier than others. I have always used my meditations to gain knowledge so I typically do one to speak with my spirit teachers, then I do one to heal and align my physical body.  Some people do great things with walking meditations in nature. Whatever type works with you, it is the path to finding the answers to the above questions.

~ White Light Bookstore