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We have discussed this before but people continue to come to the store stating they have blockages, lower entities are attached to them and they need their prosperity fixed. This contains a majority of the issues people come to the store for. So let’s go over what our guides tell us about these situations and how to resolve them. Every choice we make in our lives either raises or lowers our frequency. Sip a cup of coffee it goes down, put on some essential oils it goes up, eat a steak it goes down, say a prayer it goes up and so on. We have free will so it is our choice to raise or lower the frequencies associated with us. So when we make less than positive choices we can create blocks in our energy field and body. The three major concerns creating these blocks are ego, jealousy and not giving and receiving in equal amounts. Thinking we are in some way better than another, that other souls are less than us, have less skills or gifts than us or that a group does not match up to our group is all ego and if believed will create major blocks in your energy field. As well jealousy can create huge blocks to our prosperity and health. Let’s say you have no money and are very sick. A friend or relative who is more well off than you are and loves you greatly goes out of their way to help you. They take you to the doctor, buy things for you, help with your bills, etc. Now let’s say you are not grateful in return. You bad mouth this friend and are jealous of their good fortune and just not very appreciative. This can create major blockages. Also not giving and receiving in equal amounts in all aspects of one’s life will block your prosperity. The guides teach us that being in balance, not creating holes in your aura and blockages in your energy field and having your aura moving at a rapid pace around your body in a clockwise direction keeps your health, prosperity and blessings coming to you and in a balanced fashion. Don’t forget your prosperity centers. They are your hands, elbows and shoulders. Pull all cords and attachments out of these six locations and fill them with white light coming down from the center of the universe into the top of your head and out your third eye, like a laser beam, filling these up. Then blast that laser-like light into your left hand, proceeding through your prosperity centers and out your right hand. Not like a circle, just in your left and out your right. This can help greatly. The guides also teach us that “Like energy attracts like energy” and so if you make those lower frequency decisions about your life then lower frequencies are more likely to attach to you and follow you home so you might consider choosing higher frequency aspects of life to be a part of your life. All things can be fixed. We need to be not too proud to ask, nor jealous of those who know things you might not and make more proper choices about the path you wish to travel.

~ White Light Bookstore


Many reiki masters come into our store and hear about the Reiki classes we offer and think that that is nice and here is just another group putting their own twist on these sacred Reiki teachings and that these people move energy just fine on their own and heal just fine and think that they will just stay with what they know because it works just fine. Here’s why everyone should consider taking the Oden Reiki classes at White Light.

First you are never too old or set in your ways to learn new information and a new and possibly better format for healing and helping others. We never, ever stop growing and learning so always add too your repertoire.

Second Oden says since he is a master soul he has free choice to give his direct connection to God to whomever he chooses and he chooses those who will learn the larger healing system he teaches. By putting a channeled attunement in your head, hands and heart you can hold more energy at a higher frequency and move more energy through your body.

Lastly Oden says when you use the traditional symbols one is taught in Usui Reiki you are accessing Reiki energy from the second and third spiritual planes (the physical and astral levels. When you use the symbols Oden gives us and you heal with what Lauralei calls the ultra energies you are accessing energy from the fifth, sixth and seventh spiritual planes (causal, eutheric and celestial planes). Consequently the healings’ from this higher frequency are more instant, more balanced and more broad in their applications. Why wouldn’t one want to have this information and these abilities? Thank God for Lauralei and those she brings through her.

~ White Light Bookstore



The use of Crystals for crystal healing or gem healing, has been linked to mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health of the auras and your chakra system. Stones, crystals and minerals are special because they can absorb and hold light.

We know that we live in an electromagnetic universe, and that like energy attracts like energy.  Light is electro- magnetic radiation. Each light ray vibrates to a frequency that attracts to it similar frequencies.   Some of them we perceive as a color, others, in this limitless spectrum we can only see with the help of various devices.

For Spiritual Healers, no stone is as essential to their craft as quartz. It is the quintessential healing stone.   We know that quartz has a pulse, a natural pulse; because of this pulse they are able to run and are in most of our electronics, including your watch, computer, radio, etc.

Crystal Healers believe this pulse can be heard on a subconscious level & that it is possible to place a thought in a crystal and it will pulse that thought to your subconscious brain. Since the subconscious brain believes & incorporates whatever it hears repeatedly, you can actually make positive changes in your life by using crystals.

They also believe that crystal grids can align the harmonies within the human body, & that acupuncture needles coated with quartz are more effective.

Quartz Use in Physical Healing Energy- Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz-They use Rose Quartz for treating cardiovascular health, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines and sexual dysfunction, as well as those disorders occurring in the throat, ears, nose and sinuses.

Rutilated Quartz-Believed by New Agers to have the power to regenerate the body’s tissues, aid in the assimilation of nutritional elements, bolster the immune system, and slow the advancement of aging diseases. They also  credit it with treating respiratory illnesses and being able to uncover the true cause of an illness.

Smoky Quartz-In the world of spiritual healing, this stone treats problems associated with the area of the lower torso including, the sexual organs, kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, where healers use it to treat everything from STDs to kidney disease, menstrual cramps and fertility. Further uses include strengthening the adrenal glands and regulating bodily fluids.

-One of the traditional healing stones believed to draw out pain and amplify healing energy. Crystal Healers use clear Quartz in rituals meant to treat convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, exposure to radiation, general pain, hemorrhages, headaches, hypochondria and kidney diseases.

~ White Light Bookstore



No matter what we think we know there are always higher perspectives than ours in looking at a particular situation. We cannot hope to find the best solution to a problem based on our limited scope of experience and knowledge. What appears to be the most logical answer is to find ourselves letting go to a higher source of understanding which will come through us if we give it a little time and stay our ego. With this in mind let us propose a new way of conducting ourselves. Let us suppose that when a situation or issue arises we take ourselves out of the equation and let the answer flow forth from a higher vibrational frequency. Than we can look at the answer that was given and decide if that is not a better solution than what we came up with on our own. This is how it has always been done throughout our history. What we might call the great minds of the world, the great people or those that were blessed really just sat back and connected with this higher source to bring them the answers that would help raise the consciousness of man on a difficult situation. Furthermore, our limited scope only exasperates an already tough decision which often is then worse than when we started examining it for we have placed our problems and shortcomings upon that issue. Why not take this format and apply it to all common men, not just the great and the gifted. Doesn’t everyone deserve this same opportunity? Shouldn’t we all follow in the same footsteps of those that appear to be the best among us? Not to do as they did, but to use the techniques they used to get where they were going. What if all mankind did this? The world would raise its consciousness tenfold overnight. We would be happier, more satisfied and moving forward to the type of place in which to live that we can only dream of now. We don’t need large companies and conglomerates making our decisions for us, for their perspectives are clouded by their preset goals of expanding and obtaining. Let us take ourselves to a place we can all be proud of, let us move forward on a path that doesn’t take two steps back for every step forward. Almost all believe there is a higher source of consciousness or God in this universe so instead of just giving it lip service lets use that gift before us and help ourselves to a new and better level of being.

~ White Light Bookstore


Clear Quartz – For emotional healing, spiritualists believe this crystal to be an important self-esteem stone. They credit it with having the ability to treat the traumas of a neglectful or abusive childhood, to balance chaotic emotions and to increase emotional energy and motivate for action. Other mental healing uses include increasing insight and intuition, helping a person to avoid the traps of self-pity, helping one to achieve the ultimate potential and easing meditation and harmony.

Rose Quartz- is the essential stone for increasing love and balance for times of extreme emotional turmoil, such as divorce, bereavement or career setbacks, because it helps to remind the wearer of the importance of self-love. It stimulates the body’s love centers and can result in peace and fidelity in committed relationships. As one of the most important crystals for attracting love it does emotional maintenance clearing out emotional baggage, converting negative emotions, and calming hot tempers.

~ White Light Bookstore


Stones, crystals and minerals are special because they can absorb and hold light. We know that we live in an electromagnetic universe, and that like energy attracts like energy.  Light is electro-magnetic radiation. Each light ray vibrates to a frequency that attracts to it similar frequencies.   Some of them we perceive as a color, others, in this limitless spectrum we can only see with the help of various devices. Other frequencies or colors, we know exist, but we cannot see them.  To better utilize stones and minerals, in spiritually healing techniques, we need to first understand light, and more importantly, energy.

We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. We can change liquid water to steam for our sweat lodges, or freeze it for a cold drink, but water remains water, regardless of its form. This law is known as the fundamental Law of the Conservation of Energy.

Could God have discovered and utilized the principles of light waves, establishing a way to maintain or expand their vibrational frequencies?  We know that contracting or expanding light on a quantum level creates change to all the frequencies of light, in all realms, everywhere.

If we think of God as All Light, then could the creation of light, spoken of in the Bible, actually be God’s ability to separate his frequencies into bands of color, the rainbow.  I believe each Arch Angel represents a frequency of the purest form of that color of light. They are literally beings created from light, given part of God’s sentience to radiate that light, and emulate master examples of what each of us can become.

Return to the premise that Like Energy Attracts Like Energy. If you as a being of light, become the brightest purest form of your intended creation, then you attract similar beings to you, Spirit Guide, Angels, God. You also raise your ability to manifest through intent. We have heard it everywhere, the power of intent.

Intent is defined by Dictionary. Com  as the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific object.

If intent is a state of mind and not an emotional desire, then manifesting is done primarily with the Mental Body and not the Emotional one.  Could energy directed by the Mental body, produce greater results in a physical world than directed by the Emotional body, when used to manifest? Come to class & find out.

~ White Light Bookstore


Many people believe we are who we are. Whatever we think, feel & consider ourselves to be all we are & everyone just better be fine with it, if we are. That’s all good & well but we are much more than that. We have a bit of God in us, we are part of all the different lifetimes we experience & there are greater parts of ourselves that most of us have barely touched. Even with this knowledge it might be best to focus on what we can do to make our current self more whole in every way. We leave bits of our self behind in this lifetime every  day. Through different events & situations all the way back to childhood we have left parts of who we are, our whole being, outside of our bodies  & energy fields. It is in our best interest to retrieve those parts of ourselves so we return our blessings, those things that were supposed to happen in our life but didn’t because we were not whole. What if we could retrieve those missing pieces we left behind from past existences? We can. Soul retrieval meditations, past life regressions, calling back your energy you have left in relationships or former occupations all can help in this matter. Someone else out there is gaining the benefit of your energy left elsewhere when it should be you. Before you do anything else with your life, physically or spiritually, first you need to get back those missing pieces of you so you will than receive the full benefit of what you are pursuing in life, your goals and wants. It’s really a numbers game. If you are working with 80%  instead of 100% of you, you’ll never feel quite right or that something is missing. Well it is. Bring your energy home &  live the rest of your life knowing that all of what you can be is within you & move forward confidently TO your life.

~ White Light Bookstore



Om is the most important and significant word used in a Mantra.  It is the one eternal syllable for all that exists. It is the past, the present and the future. It also all that exists beyond the three forms of time. It is a way to transcend time and space, and to enter into your true nature and the nature of God. Because of this, I like to play the CD: The Eternal Om at night just before sleeping.  Just playing it balances your aura and removes lower vibrations from it. It raises the vibration in the room, provides protection on all levels and raises your individual vibration. The higher your vibration, the powerful you are, the more connected you are to all aspects. When you listen to this nightly after awhile, your vibration will remain at its highest Earth level and enable you to consciously experience your Astral Travels. 
~ White Light Bookstore



First New Moon of the New Year is very powerful for manifesting for the New Year.  Each year you should light a green candle which faces your front door, write yourself a check & sign it the Universal Law of Prosperity, at the exact moment of the NEW MOON which is JAN. 15 at 3:11 AM, and place it under the candle as you light it…  To make the spell stronger, use a green REIKI charged candle, anointed with BERGAMOT.  Spend 5 minutes staring into the flame envision prosperity flowing through the door and into your life and home.  I do this every year and IT WORKS. 
~ White Light Bookstore

Dragon Spirit Guides Are Special Because They Exist Both On The Physical & The Non Physical Realms.

Dragons are able to ascend their physical bodies to aid and protect us. Dragons do not breathe fire, they do however blow it. Dragons have 2 pupils in each eye.  They have the ability to look in two directions at the same time. When all four pupils are focused forward, dragon’s can look past the physical dimension when they are on it. They can see all the dimensions at once, choosing the opposite dimension of the physical plane; they can remove an atom from it and transport it here. This causes a mini nuclear type reaction and creates a fire. The dragon’s then blow this anti-matter fire to purify a space or aura.  It can prove a valuable weapon to dissolve negativity, remove lower entities and purify or raise the vibration of the aura.

~ White Light Bookstore