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From David -

I have heard from various people many times over the last couple of weeks something akin to “Well I believe in channeling and guides and stuff like that but I think I want to learn on my own, find out my own answers, learn from my heart, I don’t need anyone else.”  There are two things going on here.  One is ego and the other is a misconception that one is alone.  Ego might be the number one blockage to growing, understanding and evolvement at a more rapid pace.  We think we are the bomb.  We believe for some reason, on some level we are somehow better than another.  We want to show our belief is somehow better than another belief and we will defend those beliefs with actions if need be to stand our ground no matter what the emotional or physical consequence may be.  Belief, like trust, is ever changing and growing as our perspective grows and changes our guides tell us.  Ego is a lower part of our being.  When we evolve enough ego drops away.  Look at Gandhi or Jesus or Mother Theresa, there wasn’t a lot of ego going on there.  The other issue is what Oden calls the illusion of privacy.  We are beings of light having a physical experience.  To keep this aspect of ourselves at this level God and the guides and angels and us had to agree that we would be able to forget where we came from, forget what it feels like to be in God’s presence and on higher spiritual realms. This has caused many problems down here but suffice it to say we so aren’t alone.  Everyone is born with two guides similar to us in this aspect.  We can also have master guides, animal guides, plant guides, crystal guides.  Maybe our deceased relatives are hanging around us.  There are so many souls around us all the time screaming for us to do this or that and we think we just got the idea to do this thing when someone has been telling us to do it for the last hour.  You are never alone.  God is always with you as well as all these others, even random beings from other levels are around.  Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Our guides say that on the astral level there are all sorts of souls painting masterpieces, writing music, creating incredible works of art that they can somehow transfer to a physical soul to then be made at this level.  Lauralei read an article where Bob Dylan was being interviewed and he was asked how he wrote so much amazing music and he said, “You think a person could write these songs?”  Our thoughts are not just our thoughts.  You can randomly pick up another’s thoughts because thoughts are energy and travel through space just like a radio signal.  It could be your intuition, your astral body senses, a message from your higher self, a guide or angel communicating to you.  It takes a lot of practice to discern what thoughts are ours and what comes from elsewhere.  Yes, we have self-discovery.  Yes, we have lessons for us to learn.  And yes, we do have some original ideas, but oftentimes it is a group effort.  Ariel said that the three most important relationships in ones’ life are with God, your Higher Self & with your Master Guide.  Master guides’ come before a soulmate but that’s probably  the forth most important relationship.  If we have some of God within us why and how can we believe we are alone.  Our belief in our aloneness is one of the toughest difficulties to overcome at this level, but do not let it mask you from the truth that we have so many souls sending love and light to us always and at this level we can use all the help we can get.

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From David -

We were recently at the UMKC Holistic Fair and different people were broaching the same subject with me that there are all these various modalities for healing different parts of our being and why does everyone believe so much in the one they represent.  If you have ever heard me talk it is very obvious I am all about the Oden Reiki but I am sure others feel just as strongly about their beliefs on their healing technique.  Oden says that this is a make believe world, not a dream that we, the guides, angels and God have created down here.  It is malleable and manipulatable by our thoughts and beliefs.  Imaginary thought is just as strong as real thought and can affect our physical reality accordingly.  So if you believe in something at this level and enough people believe in it it makes it so.  All these different techniques work because there is belief they work, we are creating these beliefs and they become self fulfilling.  Key words are AT THIS LEVEL!  This place was designed to work with our thoughts and beliefs and we change what happens by raising or lowering the frequencies here.  What is different about Oden Reiki is it is not from here.  It comes from the highest levels we are currently aware of.


From Lauralei –

The last couple of months, I have been meditating on the 9th chakra of the 12 chakras that I believe our spirit has. This energy center, unlike any of our other chakras, is the medium through which we acknowledge and understand the purpose for which our soul was created. Each soul has a unique purpose and it is this energy center which directs and reveals that purpose to each of us. It is much like an onion or a lotus flower unfolding. Each layer contains vital information to guide our soul.  This information can only be found when the entire soul system, or spirit, is in balance with peace. My future class will bring more on how to do this.

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We are reflections of each other and we reflect to those around us what they are. We have heard this mirrors and reflection talk before, but what in the world are these people talking about. She probably won’t like it but I’ll use Lauralei as an example because what I’m writing is true for all of us, yet with her it is easier to understand. When Lauralei goes out in public to shop or eat or whatever, generally speaking people either love her or hate her. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground. Since she has spent more time meditating and evolved a little higher than most, the reactions people have are stronger. It is like she has a couple of very powerful angels holding up a huge mirror above her head and when she meets someone those individuals are looking into that mirror and seeing ( or forced to see ) their true selves. If they are generally good people, trying to do the right thing, helping others, etc., they are liking what they see, they suddenly feel extra good about themselves and they often mistake that feeling for having something to do with Lauralei, so they love her instantly. If they aren’t such great people, lying, cheating, stealing, hurting others physically or emotionally, etc., they really do not like what they see when they look at their true self. All their garbage is being reflected back at them and they interpret that as a hatred for Lauralei even though she has never met them or done anything to them. This can be a real issue for Lauralei to deal with, forgetting who she is, wondering why these people hate her who she doesn’t even know. This holds true for everyone to some degree. If we are with a group of individuals who have over achieved, accomplished great things, worked extra hard to get what they have and we have not done those things we feel smaller around them, less confident, asking ourselves why we didn’t do more with our lives and consequently we then make fun of that group, hate them, call them names when in actuality we are only upset with ourselves. These are only examples, for we are all only reflections for everyone we meet every day of our lives. Know that if you are living your dreams, are on your path and working for the betterment of all, the greatest good for all concerned, you will always be happy with the reflections that all are sending back to you. If not you might consider a possible change in your approach to life.

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Pendulums work with your own subconscious mind. When correctly used, they tap into your Higher Self. A pendulum is a tool which can be used to communicate with your higher self & super-conscious mind. Consider that your super-conscious, which includes your unconscious mind knows everything. This is the premise for every type of divination.

Once bonded to you, it won’t work for anyone else. The same is true of one that has been gifted. It should not be used or tested by the giver more than a couple of times, otherwise it will bond for the giver and not work for the giftee.

Using a pendulum is easy, to begin hold the pendulum over your receiving hand, which is usually your left palm. Over your palm and ask the pendulum to show you the answer for YES. The pendulum will swing length-wise, across or even in clockwise or counter clockwise circles. This is your Higher Self answer for YES. It is not the same for everyone.

Next ask your pendulum to show you the answer for NO. Again, the pendulum will show you your higher self’s answer for NO.

Lastly, ask your pendulum to show you the answer for NOT KNOWN AT THIS TIME. I always include this, because the future is bendable, and it is possible to change the future if certain events have not been pre-planned by your soul and they are not part of your Karmic Debt. Next hold the pendulum in both hands against your third eye. Ask your question to your higher self in this mode.

After saying the question, aloud, open your receiving palm and hold the pendulum over it. The pendulum will move to the appropriate answer. Pendulums are also excellent for measuring energy fields and each individual chakra.   If you are worried one of your energy centers’, might be blocked. Lay your client lengthwise on the table or floor. Hold the pendulum over each chakra. The pendulum will move in a clockwise direction and will swing in an arch matching the output of energy from that chakra.

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Many people ask for the difference between angels and spirit guides. Angels can be spirit guides and spirit guides can become angels but not all spirit guides are angels.  Angels are so evolved, they vibrate in God’s presence. Arch Angels, however, have never incarnated.   When God created light, the band of colors in that spectrum, are in essence, the Arch Angels.  Each Arch Angel represents a frequency of pure light, ranging from the colors we can see: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & violet, to the many we cannot see.  Each of them vibrates to the highest frequency for the light spectrum they were created for.   They are literally beings created of light, that radiate light and they are the master examples of what each of us can achieve.  All angels have access to our creator’s direct presence and many find it difficult to leave that presence.  Anyone that has had an Angelic encounter, achieved a deep state of meditation, and has had a near death or out of body experience, knows what I am talking about.  It is very difficult to return to the physical plane after experiencing the bliss of unconditional love and light.

Each of us, including the angels, is a soul with many levels to their spirit.   Let’s define the soul as the aspect of your spirit that is conscious, the part you are aware of and the part you bring to the Earth plane.  Define your spirit as a much larger, multi-dimensional energy, which includes your higher self and the aspects of yourself, that you may not be in touch with.    In other words, your soul is the incarnating conscious aspect and the spirit is the sum total of all the aspects which exist, both  conscious and unconsciously.  As we grow and evolve in our spiritual development, we integrate consciously, more and more of our spirit.  With each lifetime, with each lesson learned, each lifetime integrated, we become more consciously whole.  Master souls, which have achieved total spiritual consciousness and integration, can be considered angels.  Ultimately, it is everyone’s goal.  A good first step towards this goal is to consciously learn to connect and communicate with your higher self. Your higher self, also called your over-soul, is available 24-7 to aid your soul in its spiritual development.  Contact and connection with the higher self can be achieved in many different ways.  Many have utilized meditation, vision quests, hypnosis, yoga, chanting, and mantras.

There is no doubt that the body is a temple. What goes into your body affects your ability to achieve higher states.

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~ White Light Bookstore


FROM LAURALEI – 7/7/11:  

How does Oden Reiki Work? Everything alive has a Life Force Energy, Aura or Shield around it. We know it can be photographed and we think many intuitive people can see it. What exactly is this shield and what is its function while we exist on the physical plane? The Aura is a series of rings of energy that encircle and nourish our physical and spiritual bodies. The inner ring usually remains the same color  in our lives and it is the vibrational frequency we used to enter this physical plane. The middle and outer rings change frequently.  The patterns and colors contain all we are, all we have experienced and everything we are about to.  This is what a clairvoyant often tunes into when reading a person. If we have any kind of dark or heavy pattern in our middle or outer auras, we might have a corresponding condition in our physical, mental or emotional bodies.  Rather than pulling the energy out or pouring light into it, Oden Reiki matches the frequency of such an energy, surpasses and then shatters it. Much in the same way Ella Fitzgerald did in the 1960′s Memorex Commercials, when she shatters a glass by hitting a high note.  In easy terms, Oden Reiki is instant in its results to purify the Aura, or Life Force Energy Field of anyone or anything. Within minutes the offending energy pattern no longer exist as it was, it has been shattered to raw energy to be returned to the first spiritual plane of Energy.

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FROM LAURALEI – 7/1/11:  

With nuclear plants  & research centers in New Mexico being threatened by fire, and the nuclear plants in Nebraska being threatened by flooding, and remember those three TOTAL NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS in Japan?? Experts say that it will take over 50 years to clean up that area. If you can locate any news on them, you will find that Japan’s plants are still not stable and they are having a problem at another site.  What is really interesting, is that no one in the media is connecting the dots. We have to give up this energy if we want to continue to live on this planet. That message is pretty clear. I am going to meditate on this and probably have a group meditation when my guides give me better direction. Their must be something on an energy level we can do. Pray for our Earth and send love to the planet.

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FROM LAURALEI – 6/22/11: 

This week’s Oden Special Channeling is nothing I have ever really wondered about, but when he started talking to me, I realized what a weak concept I have about the true nature of the soul and its ability to exist in three dimensions.

Think about a candle and a flame, rarely does the candle wick light immediately, it takes several seconds for the flame to catch and heat the wick long enough to flame itself. If the candle & wick represent our physical bodies, and the flame we use to light it, what is going on in the seconds before the candle wick begins to burn. What is our spirit experiencing and how does it ultimately transform a candle into a source of light? I hope you will come and learn more!!

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FROM DAVID – 6/16/11:

The planet in going through a tough time right now. There is a change of consciousness on the horizon so the collective consciousness of man is attempting to fix or eliminate all of the lower vibrational situations on the planet, as well as take care of some karmic issues, so when the time comes for that consciousness shift to take place those who are on the planet can go through it smoothly and successfully. That is why the turmoil in the Middle East is taking place, Japans earthquake, the major weather disasters, oil spills and so forth. These are all connected. This is payback for the terrible things man has done to the earth and each other. It will only get worse before it gets better. We shouldn’t look at what is taking place as a negative situation so much as a correction back to a proper balance in everything. Everyone should know that if you commit improper acts, like polluting the planet, eventually you will have to pay for those actions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is inevitable good that will come from these situations. For instance the guides say that there will be no more dictatorships on the planet in a couple of years. We are heading toward a better planet, a better life, a higher vibrational frequency of existence, so just hang on until we get there. Until then we can all do whatever we can to heal the planet. Spend time focusing any healing energies we have access to upon helping the planet in any way you can. Arianna recently mentioned to pick a piece of yard somewhere and everyday focus your healing energies upon it. When it grows healthier and stronger than the area around it this will help build your confidence and you can expand your energies to do greater things for the world you call home.

~ White Light Bookstore