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In this age of multi-tasking we are often attempting to do 3 or 4 things at once to make better use of our time. We believe that getting as much done as we can in the smallest amount of time will bring benefits to our lives, usually thinking we can do other things we might enjoy more with our saved time. I think science has told us we really can only do one thing at a time. Our brain goes back and forth between each activity very quickly so it appears we can do multiple tasks all at once. From the perspective of the guides we are actually multi-dimensional beings and are always performing multiple actions in all the various aspects of our being. We do not consciously think of our breath or breathing as we go about our daily lives but it could truly benefit us all if we did. Oden has told us we can change our world and raise the frequency of the planet if we would all pick up a stone off the ground every day and fill it with light and positive energy and place it back on the ground. He went on to say that if everyone on the planet did this every day in the matter of a month or a very short time we would be living on a planet with no war or violence, living in a higher frequency, existing and growing in the type of environment most all of us desire. During meditations with Lauralei and Oden they also have us focus on our breath, breathing in love and light and breathing out wholeness or breathing in peace and breathing out peace. I wonder how we might change ourselves and our environment around us if we would take the time to focus on our breathing in our daily lives, focusing partially on our breath all the time. For example: breathing in love and light and breathing out love and light to all the individuals around us or breathing in peace and breathing out peace to the world or whatever one might come up with as beneficial to all as what we are breathing out. If we could train ourselves to do this we might not just change things for ourselves but change our environment and all those we interact with and we might do and accomplish what we all hope for simply by breathing.

~ White Light Bookstore


As most everyone knows who would be reading this; change in the world around us is occurring at a rapid pace. We are told by our guides that over the next five years the world will be a very different place than it is now. President Obama will make sweeping changes related to gay rights, the environment, what is currently allowed in politics and what is currently considered normal in our society. The planet will have both poles melt, there will be a lot more water and a lot less land, the jet stream is changing and the weather will be just as radical as it has been the last two years (fire, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.). God, the planet and what we would consider higher evolved beings (angels, master guides) have determined it is necessary to eliminate less evolved and lower frequency energies and beings from our planet so that this new planet will exist at a higher level, a new dimension, a higher frequency of evolved beings who will take this new world of ours in the direction it was meant to go for a long time. It is finally time to get this experiment on a better path. Along with that most all of us are realizing these changes are happening within us. Some are interested in the metaphysical again. Others are remembering abilities and lifetimes that are assisting them in what their new, perceived roles are in this lifetime. Many are just becoming completely new people, unrecognizable from the life they were living formally. This happens in degrees with each of us differently so it is important to remember to let each of us grow at our own pace. I like to say that if there was ever a time one might want to meditate a little more and party a little less, this is probably it. What is important for us is to be open to all changes coming in our lives. You are not your job, your gender, your height and weight. You are not your age, your belief system or any other constraints your mind has put on you. You are more, much, much more. We are all beings of light who have come to have a physical experience and it is time we remembered that. Be open to all changes no matter how unusual you might think they are. Be unlimited in all aspects of your life. Embrace the highest parts of who you are. It is a big part of why we are here.

~ White Light Bookstore


More from Oden 6/6/13

You’re not repeating the same patterns, but your reactions are the same to stimuli.  It is difficult in the moment to change that but if you look at it I think you’ll see that those are indications on an emotional level that this is not working.  When a relationship is difficult and you are spending a lot of emotional energy within a relationship, there is not more joy or there is much more conflict or emotional issues, that is an indication that it is not working.  Instead of looking at it as a long term relationship look at it as a connection for today.  Take it day by day. // When People have an imprinted disease or someone who has an imprinted energy pattern for someone to get cancer they have imprinted that energy pattern on many levels in order for it to manifest on the physical.  When you have somebody that has that kind of an imprint what you do is you begin breaking it up on the physical and then they begin feeling better but that imprint will keep coming back so the cancer or disorder will continue to return without continuous treatment because it is kind of like a shoot with balls in it, you pull one out and the next one drops down and as you keep pulling the balls out that imprint comes all the way down to the physical world and you pull it out so that there are no more balls in it.  You can’t just do one on something that is imprinted that way.  Work on them but they should commit to additional sessions. // Moving pain is a couple of things.  Sometimes when pain is released in one place they notice the other area because they are only aware of the primary pain or the most intense pain.  Once that is gone then you have a secondary pain and sometimes it is a thoughtform or energy that moves and if that comes in you can just think of focusing a laser beam of light on it and breaking it up. // Give of yourself every day.  Through service we attract energies into our aura that are blessings and those blessings grow and expand and create more energy that gives us a greater ability to be of service and so it is only through the action of service that you are going to click one to who one is.  When you focus on a service, the helping of others then that will click inside you and not even be aware of it. // Thoughtforms are energy creations that take energy from you. // The light ones (light colored apparitions) have less energy than the others, they are not being energized.  All of them have to go.  The beings that are fully charged are angels and guides and spirit that are here to help. The light ones are an astral body that is malnourished and so it is starting to disintegrate and so it is very light colored and so you need to start protecting your space so that only higher frequencies come through.  You can do it by drawing a symbol of light on the walls, the floor & ceiling.  A sacred symbol in light on all those surfaces.

~ White Light Bookstore