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I do intuitive readings for many people whom are going through a break up.  Most of them find it hard to move on. 

It seems our society has taught us that we need to stop loving someone when a break up happens. I believe this is literally impossible.  We are supposed to stop speaking to them, exchanging thoughts, ideas, physical expression.  One day you have someone with whom you share a big part of yourself  and then suddenly no more.

Oden says love is a power and force, it is what propels the universe and heavens in a mystic swirl of magnetic attraction and is responsible for our ability to incarnate here.

Without love we are a shell of matter, existing without purpose, without meaning, without joy.

We do not choose the people we love, and that also needs some consideration. We pre-plan and schedule love, and life events before we ever get here. Each soul we fall in love with has made an agreement to interact, learn, grow and experience physical life with us.  If the relationship doesn’t work, out, it is because one or both of you have dropped the contract you agreed to, by utilizing your FREE WILL to change your mind. If we didn’t have such a contract, we wouldn’t be magnetically attracted to that soul and we would not be able to express it with physical love.

So stop beating yourself up for bad relationship choices. It had to happen.  It was part of your life plan. The plan was to have the relationship, to give one or both of you to experience something. If the relationship ends, your souls have moved on different paths, but you still had to honor the agreement to meet. Love the soul, separate it from the actions. Understand that many things influence the outcome of a relationship: family, childhood, accidents, drug abuse; all things we may or may not have prepared for, because everyone has free will! (not just the good guys-sometimes it is someone using their free will to mess with yours.)  Love is the strongest force in the world.  We all know how happy and alive we feel when it enters our life.

So, don’t ever try to stop loving someone again. Instead expand your energy field until it blends with the highest guides, angels, God. Let the physical love transform into something greater than what can exist here.

~ White Light bookstore


Lauralei’s customers’ account of her experience with Oden Reiki:

At a channeling session I asked if I had any issues with the energy of my physical system and I was told by Jeramie, a spirit guide that Lauralei channels, that I should have my feet looked at. I wasn’t having any trouble but I visited my doctor for a checkup, and she said I had diabetes (foot problems are very common with diabetes).  She loaded me up with a blood testing kit and a list of foods I should eat.  I read it over a few times, but it didn’t have any sugar or carbs on it.  I came home and did some research and found I had to give up pretty much all normal food. I hated the way that made me feel everyday. It felt like the diabetes issue was consuming all my energy and my time. I was following the approved diet and still tested high blood sugar and I felt awful.  To give you an idea, I was averaging 250 levels in the early am on my test meter, when it should have been 70-100.  Later in the day I would hit near 297.  I continued Oden Reiki with Lauralei. During one session I registered 180, and five minutes after the treatment, I took my blood sugar again and it was 30 points less!  30 points!  (I really wish I had the doctor there to see that).  With some fine tuning, Lauralei figured out that clearing the energy of my blood, was vital to improvement.   My blood sugar levels started going down and staying down, either though I had added carbs and some sugar to my diet. When I next went back to the doctor, she said my blood sugar was better. This was my doctor using small words for big improvement. I returned for Oden Reiki with Lauralei every week for 4 weeks and my blood sugar went down to 109. Every session, I felt better and healthier.  When Lauralei received the Ying/Yang Reiki attunement, which is an energy to balance the aura around our organs, she began focusing on the pancreas.  Each time the bad energy around the pancreas got smaller & smaller. At my six month check-up, the doc said no more monitoring, no more sticking my finger for blood samples.  She said I didn’t need to go back until my yearly checkup.  It is miraculous that in a very short period of time, a disease that can span a lifetime was gone. I am so very grateful for Oden, David and Lauralei and the fact that Oden Reiki is available.  It changed my entire life.  Thank you, David and Lauralei, for your dedication and for helping me to feel better.

~ White Light Bookstore


All skills come from practice./ The upper bodies that make up your higher self, you have to remember that this lifetime is just a drop in the bucket and so they don’t look as one singular lifetime as important. The higher self sees only the collection of lifetimes and the amount of learning that occurs from them. If you have a particular lifetime that you are struggling with or having difficulty with then it is important that you get that Atlantean attunement so that your bodies can better communicate with one another. So if a physical body is struggling with something then the eutheric body can better understand what the issue is because the eutheric body does not talk in language, does not talk in pictures, the eutheric body is not capable communicating word for word. It communicates in complete thought, complete knowing. Anything you can do to make that a stronger connection to acclimating the eutheric body at this level the better for both your physical body as well as your eutheric./ Never stop or slow down someone’s aura. It does not help in healing. Actually the faster your aura goes the better it is for healing because it processes it faster./ It is very important that you give and receive in equal amounts and many more advanced souls are givers, inclined to think of others and to give. The problem is that after a time they begin to incur karma because they are not giving and receiving in equal amounts. They are out of balance because of it. It is important you learn to ask for help, you learn to ask others to do things for you as well as accept it when they do./ There are enzymes man has not identified yet and when one goes through a difficult, hard, emotional, stressful time these collect in the body and they need to be removed, detox, cleansing, etc../ There is no should. There is nothing you should do. In a lifetime there are goals and achievements and you do what you can./ We are each the controller of our lives and we all have to move and grow at a pace that is comfortable for us./ If you think about God as a bright, white light and the universe as a prism and as God’s light shines through the prism and breaks up into different bands and each of you here is one of those bands so together we are all God.

~ White Light Bookstore


From David:

I see Oden get the most excited when someone tells him “I’m going to be the greatest healer on the planet” or “I’m going to be the best tarot reader ever”. He says “Yes that’s it. Do that or be that”. This is not a competition down here. Even though we have the appearance of one world or one reality there is actually everyone’s individual reality. As Oden says “When you learn to control energy you control everything. You control your money, your health, the people who come into your life, everything “. We are to become the stars of our own world. The focus and center of our attention. This does not mean in any way we don’t help or care about others. To do our best to be of support to others when needed. It is about doing the best we can in our own world from our own perspective and then growing and being the best we can as our perspective changes. It is not about being dominate or better than another. It is about perfecting all you can in the energies that are part of your world or come to your world. Lauralei is the best I have ever met at this. Appearances do not dictate this is always so but as we evolve higher more is put on our plate to deal with to see how we handle it. Also as we deal with our higher evolvement, the last vestiges of our karma quicken their arrival to be worked off in a more hastened manner. This all looks like it can lead to some minor chaos, but that can be what higher evolvement consists of. We do not judge ourselves to any others standards but our own and consequently we bring perfection to every task we undertake. Learn about energy, learn to control and manipulate it and the world is truly your oyster.

~ White Light Bookstore


     All of the laws of Physics are also Universal laws or fundamental spiritual laws.  For example, Newton’s third law of motion:  For Every Action, there is an Opposite and Equal Reaction.  Every spiritual student and guru recognizes the above as the Law of Karma:  The Energy We send Out, Always Returns to Us, if not in this Lifetime, then in the Next.  Souls interacting with other souls in the physical dimension, with time and space, could choose not to share every moment of everything, which is the case, basically, everywhere else, on every other plane.  Because of time & space souls believed they could hide parts of themselves and could even lie to one another.    It was never conceived by our creator that our free will, so generously given, with the gift of space and time, would be used in such a way as to harm one another.  This was the creation of Karma, the creation of hell. We became lost in physical sensations and begin to believe we were their bodies. We started leaving different parts of our energy behind, when we died; we created a need to return to retrieve it.

       After we begin murdering one another and committing unspeakable acts in the name of our creator, our memories of home and previous lives were taken from us. Why?  We had created a need to return to this plane, to fulfill and complete the karma we had created.   Souls who left their energy here, had to return to retrieve it, and they became stuck in the wheel. Feeling hopeless and isolated, many souls committed suicide to end their time on the planet and return to the peaceful home they came from, without completing their karma.

     So, to ensure each soul retrieved their energy, good or bad, and complete the karmic cycles they had created, they had to forget who they are and where they came from.  They also lost their connections to their super-consciousness or higher self, until their spirit had evolved to such a state where they understood the laws of karma and the need to complete its cycle.  The loss of this connection made souls believe they were just their physical body, and after the death of the physical body, and they ceased to exist.

      Yet we were never supposed to experience physical life detached from our source.  God did give us free will, but God never sent souls to the physical plane without a lifeline.  That lifeline is your guides. If we utilize their love and guidance, we have a stronger inclination to stay with our plan, stay on our path and increase our spiritual growth, as we spin and complete our karmic.

~ White Light Bookstore




Most of us have experienced at one time or another, a dark wave of negative energy that hit us out of the blue. For those of us sensitive to these things, it seems that this wave has no physical or emotional connection to us.  It feels as this dark wave originated outside of us, from somewhere or someone else. Then when we use the usual ritual & spiritual protections we know to do, they don’t seem to work on removing it.  So where did this wave of darkness come from? So why did we accept it into our energy field and why can’t we get rid of it???  What if I told you, most likely, it came from yourself!

Whenever any of your bodies receives an injury or injurious energy, that wave of negative energy can move through each of your seven spiritual energy bodies, like a wrecking ball thrown at the roof of your house.  It   first crashes through the roof, into the attic, then falls through the attic into the second storey, then crashes through the living room ceiling, to finally fall into the basement of the house, leaving havoc, chaos and giant holes in each level it passes through.

The same thing happens to us.  When you work with a disorder that occurs in the physical body know that  you’re also working with disorders that are occurring, (and have occurred), in the many layers of your other seven Spiritual Energy Bodies.  We all have a Physical, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Causal, Etheric, and Celestial body, whether we are consciously aware of them or not, and all of them can  become damaged, hurt and sickly.

When a disorder has manifested in the physical body, it has first filtered through other layers of our spirit, because the physical body is the final and last layer of your entire soul system of experience.

When you have an energy that enters the Soul System, it usually passes through several of your other spiritual body prior to reaching the physical body.  If the negative energy is too strong to be processed out of the spiritual body it enters, it will be released to the next. So you may have dis-ease in any number of your other energy bodies, before you are aware on a physical level that any disruption has occurred.  As the last layer, the physical body will then manifest this injurious energy as a disease, in order to process and remove it from the entire soul system, it has damaged.

If the negative energy creates a dis-ease which is extremely massive in its nature, it can kill the physical body or create a permanent hole or blockage in the auric field.  If the soul is unable to process the injurious energy completely out of its field, that negative energy will return with that soul when it reincarnates.

The way to start  teaching individuals how to heal the physical body, is by emphasizing that the physical body is just one of many layers, of the soul.  The most important layer being the God Center.

The God Center, is another name for the higher self and it resides about half way between the Physical Body (your body which vibrates the heaviest) and the Celestial Body(your body that vibrates the lightest).

We use the term God Center when we are referring to healing aspects, because  it is the heart of the spiritual system of a soul.  It is the director of all of the other Energy Bodies.  It is unique in the sense that it can move up and down the spiritual planes at will, and exist in several planes, the past and future, simultaneously.

When you look past time and space of a multi-dimensional spirit, you will find there are re-occurrences of many physical bodies connected to that soul, in the past and future, not just the one that you are currently aware of.

Each of us has multi-dimensional layers, and when something occurs to one of our incarnations, it immediately creates change and factors of change, in all of our other incarnations.   Whether or not you view them, as simultaneous or whether you view them as past or future lives, according to your perspective, each of these parts of you should be considered and connected to a spiritual healing.

When a disorder manifests in a physical body,  which is the last and final layer, that disorder has affected at least one of your other 6 Energy Bodies. The most common pathways of dis-ease are from the Astral Body to Emotional Body to the Physical Body,  but that is usual and not absolute.

A dis-ease can pass in any type of order from astral to mental to emotional or to etheric.  It can pass in any different numbers or layers, up and down, back and forth, prior to reaching the physical body.  There is no set order.

Dis-ease can also pass from one physical incarnation to another physical incarnation!  Know that an ailment can actually come from another aspect of yourself in the past,  because it was pulled out and thrown away!  Additionally the  future you can send ailments back to the present you. This is not spiritual healing!!

The spiritual healer should be delivering Life Force Energy  to all of the aspects of that particular soul, rather than removing dis-ease from the one personality, that can come and reattach to another in the past or future.

This happens because of the spiritual laws regarding magnetic fields.  Like energy attracts like energy, and no energy can be destroyed. Energy  will always return to its owner, (and by allowing the negative energy to create illness in your body, you have owned it).

So, never pull something out of a present body and throw it away, it will return to its owner, somewhere in time.   Removal is not healing, it is merely changing the time and location of the negative energy. .  It will just re-manifest somewhere else.

Instead try to connect all of the aspects of that person by making conscious contact with their God Center.  This is what directs or monitors every energy in its soul system, as well as any disorder that passes through its layers.  By contacting the God Center, you have a way to send spiritual healing to all the Energy Bodies, as well as all the past and future lives for that soul.

You can contact the God Center and send an effective, yet simple healing to your soul system with this meditation. First connect with the Earth. Visualize sending a hollow cord extending from the base of your spine, down into the ground until it reaches the center of the Earth. Allow the orange liquid energy that is there, to begin flowing up your hollow cord until it reaches your body and flows up into your body.

The visualize a hollow cord extending from the top of your head and moving up through the Universe until it reaches the center of the universe. Bring the White Light that is there down your hollow cord until it reaches the top of your head and flows into your body.

Next visualize an energy cord coming out of the back of your head where the spine and the skull meet.  This hollow cord reaches through time & space to connect with your God Center or Higher Self.  Send the white light that is flowing into the top of your head, through this cord.  As the white light moves through the cord, it will heal and unblock this connection. When you reach the higher self with the white light, greet and ask to utilize the system of communications that spring from the higher self to all the other aspects of you.

If allowed, bring the orange energy from the Earth, mix it with the white light coming in the top of our head and send to the higher self, which will then send the mixture to any of the your soul system that needs it. Clearing the path to the Higher Self, alone, brings lightness to you and a sense of a burden being lifted.

Before working on any client, make sure your connection is strong and free of blockages, before you do the same for them.




Think of an empty pan that is round and imagine it full of water. An Analogy of reincarnation: Imagine a round pie pan of water and what happens when you throw a small ball into the center of it. The initial splash sends the water over the edge of the pan. The moving waves each represent a lifetime. A new soul is thrown into physical matter. A new soul is thrown into the pan of water which..

Past, present and future lives are commonly represented with a line, A Linear example of past, present and future lives. On our line, the past would be at the beginning. The present in the middle of the line and the future as the end of the line.

A more accurate example of lifetimes is the reincarnation experience would be a circle with the center aspect representing the soul or higher self. Lifetimes would be represented as ripples. If you were to throw a ball into the center of a circular pan of water, the first thrust of ripples are the most forceful and some would even spill over onto the floor outside the pan. The resounding ripples that resonate as the 2nd wave would be an example of the next or present lifetimes. The smaller ripples resulting from the remaining waves,    from the force of initially throwing the ball into the water are the future lifetimes.

The early lifetimes are forceful. They are the biggest waves. This is because a new soul has the most to experience, the most energy, the most enthusiasm of the physical life.

The next set of waves are the kinetic energy from the first waves, still strong but less forceful. Here we are more selective of the experiences we choose, we are no longer a “blank slate”. We have the need for very purposeful experiences.

The final ripple is smaller, more faint, and the phase of one of our experience are more precise, more purposeful. Here we need very exact experiences to complete our journeys on the physical levels.

When the water comes to stillness our time here is done, when the water has stopped we have completed our cycle on the physical level.

Stillness is good to meditate on, stillness in a moment of light, creates a connection to God.  God cannot know stillness, God is not aware of a present moment or a single moment.   God knows all things at all times in all ways.

Each soul returning to the source empowers our creator with a new aspect that enriches God as our parent.  For God will never know true stillness- still waters, still time. A single perspective, a single moment of light that is what we share with our God.

I stand before God in all of God’s wonder and light. I stand before God-As a soul on a journey to light and to become something I can never become, God, for I have memory of time, of a light touch across my face on a sunny day.  I can never achieve a place beside God, because I have journeyed into time and space. For this same reason, God can never become me.

We both cling to be one another we both long to be what we are not, but we also long to be more than who we are.  We both find a place and a way to merge and to share, and through that sharing the longing we feel ceases.  We know we are, and that is enough.




Most of us understand reincarnation and our current physical life, represented in linear time, as past, present and future lives.  In reality, a more accurate representation would be a circle.


Consider a circular pan filled with water, at rest and still, to represent the possibility of all your lifetimes. Now imagine, a single very large droplet, (your soul), entering into the center of the pan, which in turn, animates and creates ripples in all of the water.


The first waves are the most forceful and represents the early lifetimes of a soul. They have the biggest waves, because a new soul jumps into its early incarnations with enthusiasm and anxious to experience all it can.  Everything is new and everything is a learning experience for a new soul.


Additionally, that initial droplet’s thrust into the center of the pan will also cause some of the water to spill over onto the floor outside the pan. This spilled water represents the spiritual parts of you that do not incarnate, and remain in their original spiritual form.


The next set of kinetic waves, reacting from the first waves, is still strong but not as forceful. These are more selective lifetimes that contain pre- planned experiences.  We no longer are a “blank slate” or a new soul. We have the need for very specific experiences that will provide the exact spiritual growth and knowledge required to complete our paths and transpose our spirit to its next level.


The final smaller, barely there waves, gently moving to the outer edge of the pan represent the last and final phases of our incarnations.  The experiences of these lifetimes is very exact, precise, and more focused. These small waves symbolize a soul ready to complete its karma and end its physical journey.


When the waves stop and the water becomes still our time here is done, our cycle on the physical plane is complete.  Our soul has achieved it goals and understands the unique purpose for which it was created.


Now let’s return to the water that spilled out of the pan, the part of you that doesn’t incarnate. Besides the physical body, which is the water inside the pan, each soul has seven aspects of itself, all interacting with the physical self, and all having additional experiences on additional spiritual planes. Each of these seven bodies has a unique function, its own energy field or aura, and each are connected to your higher self or over soul.


There are many names for these other parts of you, I refer to them as: the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body, the Astral Body, the Causal Body, the Eutheric Body and the Celestial Body.


Most of us are aware of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Some of us are also aware of our astral bodies, on a conscious level.  The above are the primary bodies we use during our stay in the physical world. .

So, while on Earth, you have the physical body through which you obtain sensory experience, the emotional body which interprets and assigns a quality of feelings to those experiences, the mental body which reasons, processes and evaluates those experiences and the astral body which is responsible for creating each experience.


When on the second or physical plane, our physical body should be the focus of our physical lifetime; it should be the only body operating in the physical realm, with the higher self directing it, from the upper spiritual planes.


When we allow our emotional body or our mental body to be in control of the physical experience, we live lives focused on sensory experiences, and caught up in our emotional and mental reactions to them. This can create huge imbalances in all your spiritual bodies, limit your spiritual achievements and prolong your cycle of karma.


The emotional body resides between the Earth plane and the third or Astral Plane, Both the Astral body and the Physical Body uses the Emotional Body to assign qualities to each experience. This body travels freely between planes, absorbing kinetic energy on the Astral Plane.


The emotional body has a long memory, because it never dies, this is evident when you initially meet someone and immediately have a strong reaction to them.  Emotions transcend spiritual levels and evaluate the physical existence… When we die, our emotions remain intact. We always have, even in spirit form, the ability to feel love, anger, sadness and joy.


The Mental Body, which exists on the fourth spiritual plane, evaluates our life experiences and the impact they make for the collective karma of that soul. Additionally, it will measure the amount of spiritual growth attainable through future physical experiences.   It makes sure our collective soul utilizes every moment of physical life as effectively as possible. This makes the Mental Body a very important aspect of who we are.


The next body, the Astral Body is an energy duplicate of the Physical Body and is the link between the Physical Plane and the Astral Plane.  The Astral Body is nourished and absorbs energy from the Astral Plane, when we sleep. Also known as the light body, this part of us, plans and creates physical life interactions and events with other souls to further our spiritual growth.  This explains why you have a dream about someone and then run into them the next day. Your Astral Body is responsible for setting up that meeting, as well as many others.


A healthy Astral Body initiates strong communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind. If your Astral Body is disconnected from part of you or anchored in the physical realm, then your life is not being pre- planned, and you are more or less walking blind, without guidance, a victim of circumstances.


Now we look at the spiritual bodies you may not be aware that you have. The first one, the Causal Body, is also known as the Upper Mental Body.  This body evaluates karma. It evaluates the need for the soul to continue reincarnating and it understands the path you need to take to be free from karma.  When you meditate, pray, or slip into any kind of altered state, your experiences are translated through the Causal Body.


When you have a spirit or soul with a strong connection to their Causal Body that spirit radiates love and light. They are givers of energy, you feel good when you are near them. The Causal Body is the link to our Eutheric Body, informing it when karma and missions have been completed.

The Eutheric body when housing a master soul can change spiritual planes at will, appearing solid or less dense as required.  It does not need to go through the birth process to become physical.


In simple terms, the Eutheric Body is your soul’s meter, conscience or moral compass. Truth changes, it is not constant, which makes right and wrong subjective to each soul.

No two people have the same purpose for creation, so no two people have the same path, or the same lessons or karma.


If each of us were to commit the same action, some of us would have a very large bag of karma, some of us smaller bags and some souls, none.  It is the evolution of the soul, the experiences and intent of the soul, the learning and knowledge of the soul, and the interconnections of each soul to its other bodies that determine the karma associated with an action.


The Eutheric Body comprehends God’s unique purpose for your creation. It knows why your soul was created, what purpose it has and how that purpose is best discovered and revealed.  It measures and tests the growth rate of the soul and determines if that soul is worthy of advancing to higher levels.  All moral judgments and all moral understandings come from the Eutheric Body.

The Seventh Spiritual Plane is home to your seventh spiritual body, called the Celestial Body.  It is the part of you, which always remains with God.  Part of each soul always vibrates in God’s presence, for which there are no physical words or experience to describe it. Only a handful of physical beings every decade, make it here consciously.


The Celestial Body’s main function is to sustain the flow of energy to the entire soul system.  Additionally, it repairs, rebuilds or strengthens communication between all of your various bodies and parts.


The Celestial Body monitors all the other bodies and decides when any of them becomes damaged, whether or not to continue with the current incarnation. It may decide to end the physical life and put the Emotional, Mental, Astral and Causal Bodies into a deep state of rest. While these bodies are unconscious, it will repair, reprogram and re-plan the path for its soul’s progression.


When we have completed the task for which we were created, our Celestial Body absorbs the energies of any of our remaining bodies.  We vibrate only to light, serve light and produce the light, of all that is.



Each soul incarnated on the physical plane has at least 7 aspects of themselves, which have also incarnated on additional spiritual planes.  Besides, the physical body, we all know and most of us are aware of our emotional, mental and astral bodies.  The systems that you have in place here you have the physical body through which you receive sensory experience, you have the emotional body which assigns a quality and interpretation of those experiences, the mental which evaluates the experience for the entire soul’s growth, and you have the astral body that creates those experiences.

Yet only one of them is supposed to exist or be anchored in the physical plane.  The physical body is the only body that should reside on the physical plane.

When we go through physical life, the physical body should be the focus of our physical experience, not our emotional or mental bodies. When one on these two controls the physical experience, the lifetime becomes one that is centered around sensory experiences, and your emotional or mental reaction to them.    These souls tend to find physical life very difficult and dissatisfying.   This is especially true for people, who live primarily in their emotional body, while on the physical plane.

The emotional body is not meant to reside in the physical plane, for a long period of time, because it is energized, receives the energy it needs to maintain its aura from the Astral Plane.  If the emotional body does reside, both by the physical body and the Astral body.  If your emotional counterpart is in the physical plane for extended period of time, the physical body becomes its only source of energy. This in turn, requires the physical body to become larger to increase its aura to include the emotional body.

This creates a huge imbalance in the physical body which might manifest as extra weight, a lethargic condition, extensive sleeping, and no motivation.

Next we have the astral body, which is a double of the physical body.  The Astral body is the part of us that communicates with our higher self, and then plans encounters, events and experiences that we need to grow as a spiritual being.

The astral body should be nourished from the astral plane and through its connection to the over-soul.  Like the Emotional body, the astral body should not be nurtured by the physical body. It can be, but again, it will cause a huge imbalance in the rest of the soul system.

When we become afraid of dying or we have a paranormal experience that scares us, the Astral body can be unable or unwilling to leave the physical plane.  If this happens, it is not pre-planning the physical encounters, experiences and events we need for the entire soul system to grow.

When you have the astral body energized, healthy and aware, it travels nightly to the astral plane, and works in conjunction with the over-soul and the mental body to pre-plan your life. This is why we have a dream about someone and then run into them the next day.

When you don’t Astral travel, you are not pre-planning your life, you become a victim of random events that you may or may not need to grow.   Oftentimes the astral body, has, disintegrated to a state in which makes it difficult for the soul to then utilize it. If this happens, your experiences are not being pre- planned, and you are more or less going through life one step at a time without  guidance and without a plan.  This would be a very tedious and difficult process for any soul to experience.

If the astral body is not energized it is not able to set up your experiences that you are walking blind into a physical world.  Or you are walking blind into a physical world led by the emotional body.  The physical body or the emotional body in charge is not a desirable outcome.    If one of them is injured, it interrupts the lessons or learning experiences for that particular soul


A healthy, balanced individual has pre-planned life experiences by its Astral Body, which are then interpreted by the emotional body, who also assigns it an emotional quality of good or bad and a mental body which evaluates if the experience accomplished what it was created to do.  Ultimately we then have a physical body that is strong, sleeps well and enjoys life.




  Your connection, and your relationship with your spirit guide or angel is the most important one of your life.   Before you were born you had a plan for the life your soul incarnated into.

E very soul has a plan.  Every soul plans their next  life accordingly: you choose a creative expression for each life, a work you are good at & like,  then you choose a soul or life mate, you choose a spiritual lesson to learn & incorporate and you choose a knowledge you have already acquired to offer to others as a gift.  With our plan, we choose the guardian angels that are most suited to help us keep on our plans.

After the life has been set up, we work with our spirit guides to learn and practice all of the above.  After we are confident we have incorporated the knowledge we need to succeed in our life, we choose  birth parents and jump into the physical world.  Our guides are close by and very connected to us.

Our guides are our partners in this life. Their job is to keep us on our chosen path and in return, we share our physical experiences with them.

The gift we give to our spirit guides every day is the experience of physical life, which they get to, perceive thru us, without incarnating.    Their guidance is crucial to our success in this life. Without them, each soul may be doomed to repeat the same events over and over, lifetime after lifetime.

If you’re not able to connect with your spirit guides, it may be because their connections with you are frayed, knotted, or broken through trauma, all of these things can get you off your plan. This meditation will repair, open & extend those connections, as well as ask the Universe to send you a Master Soul to act as a spirit guide on your behalf.  Master Souls become spirit guides only when a living being on the Earth plane is advanced enough to ask for one.  The master soul that comes to you during this meditation will become your best friend and your best teacher.

Let’s begin.

Take a deep cleansing breath.  We are going to begin by grounding.

You ground by visualizing a hollow tube or cord extending from the base of your spine and moving down through the floor, down through the many layers of the Earth, until it reaches the center of the Earth where there is a warm orange liquid energy.  Bring that orange energy up your hollow tube or cord, up thru the many layers of the Earth, up thru the floor and up into your body.   This is called grounding.  Grounding feeds your aura with healing energy and should be done before any type of spiritual work.

Next we connect to the center of the Universe.  Imagine a hollow tube or cord extending up from the top of your head, up thru the ceiling, up thru the many layers of the Universe, until it reaches the center of the Universe.  At the center of the Universe is a bright, white, light. Bring this white light, down thru the many layers of the Universe, down thru the ceiling and down into the top of your head.   When it reaches the top of your head, extend the white light outward and down, similar to the shape of bell.  Let this bell of white light totally engulf you.  This energy feeds and nourishes the spiritual bodies and will help to heal any cords or connections that are frayed to your spirit guides.

Now continue and take a deep cleansing breath and as you exhale, ask the Universe to bring you a Master Soul to act as your spirit guide, friend and teacher.

Place your crystal in your right hand and press your right hand against your third chakra or solar plexus.

Focus your breathing as if you were breathing from your solar plexus.  Breathing is regulated by the subconscious part of the brain and where you move the focus of the breath, the subconscious mind will follow.  First we will breath in and out from our solar plexus and then we will focus our breath in and out from the crystal we hold in our hand.

So visualize breathing in and out from your solar plexus.  We will do this 5 times. Breath in/out

Breath in/out, breath in/out, breath in/out, last time breath in and as you breath out, now, focus your breath inside the crystal.

Take five breaths here.  Breath in/out, Breath in/out, breath in/out, breath in/out, last time breath in and as you breath out, visualize being inside of the crystal.

See yourself in an entry way with a long hallway in front of you.  Begin walking down that hallway to the fourth door on your right.  There is a sign on this door that says Spirit Guide Meeting Room.

Enter the room and sit in the chair in the center.  Repeat the following after me, silently to yourself:

I ask the universe to send me a master guide or Arch Angel to work with me, influence me and guide me.  I ask the universe to bring me the master soul that is most suited to my purposes at this time.

You hear a knock on the door of the room and your spirit guide enters.

Take a moment to look at your guide.  Some people see colors, some see detailed images, some do not see, but rather feel a guide, especially the first couple of times they do this meditation.

Whatever your experience, know that your guide is there and ask your guide to give you a name.  It is important to receive a name from your guide, so that you may call your guide and only your guide to you.  If you are unable to perceive your guide’s name at this time, ask that it be known to you in other ways.

The next few minutes, I would like you to tell your spirit guide about yourself.  Share your dreams, your wants, your life with your guide, whatever you want to share.  Ask for assistance or help with any aspect of your life, your guide has only the limits you place on them.  I’ll return to conclude this mediation in a moment, for now, enjoy getting to know your guide.

(Wait 3 minutes.)

Now it is time for you to leave your guide. Thank your guide for coming to you today.  You will leave the room and the guide will remain in it.  Walk to the door of the room and back out into the hallway.  Count the doors back to the entry way of the crystal and focus your breath there.

We will breath in and out 5 times from the crystal and then move out of the crystal back into our bodies, back thru our solar plexus.

Breath in and out, again, breath in, then out. Third one-breath in/ out, breath in/out, last one breath in and out, move the focus of your breath to your solar plexus.

Let’s do five more breaths from the solar plexus, Breath in and out, again, breath in, then out. Third one-breath in/ out, breath in/out, last one breath in and out.

Repeating this mediation every day, will strengthen the bond between you and not only your master guide but all of your guides. Come back into your body and open your eyes when you are ready.