It matters what we do. It matters what we say. It affects everything. God is all love and light and always has been. There are no opposites created by God. God did not create hell or the devil. There does not have to be bad to be the opposite of good. There is not black because there is white. Forget the old testament. God does not smite ye down because you did something naughty. God brings you into a lifetime with good intentions for you to learn and grow and possibly work off some karma you might have accrued (in a good way). Before God took on this experiment, with us and the master souls, of “physicality” God knew only love and light, goodness and peace, learning and growth. When he lowered the vibrational frequencies of souls to have a physical experience he gave us all “free will” to see how we would work our way back to God. God had to give us all free will, God couldn’t pick and choose, so we all experience the choices of free will. God knew that there was a chance that this experience could change God in yet unforeseen ways. God split his essential essence up into the four primary arch angels so that there would remain a blue print of God should there be a drastic change in God, because of our growth, God’s growth and our free will choices. Well guess what, it has happened. As we learn all this information from Oden, the angels and the master guides we now come to find out that God, for the first time ever, is starting to learn about and understand pain, hurt, torture, revenge, depression and killing. These awful, awful things we do down here by our own hand and our own choice are now just beginning to become a part of God. This really makes me ill inside. By our choices we are diminishing that love and light of God. We are bringing darkness and evil and making it a part of God by our choices. This is not being written to make one feel guilty but no one knows every choice you make matters. Every thought you think matters. If you send nasty thoughts to this person or that person, even if they were wrong and hurt you in some way, you are teaching God about this type of behavior. If you physically hurt another you are making this a part of what God is learning. This type of behavior is becoming so prevalent I believe God can’t avoid learning about it now. Choose good, choose love, choose light, choose sending this to others no matter what you might receive from them. Lauralei recently taught in a class that when you go through your life review, after you have passed, it is not a judgment. What happens is the masters let you feel exactly how another felt that was affected by your actions, completely. When you yelled at someone once and they felt bad you now get to experience everything they felt, totally. This is in hope that you will not commit the same act in your upcoming lives. Why in the world would we do something wrong to another if we know we are really only doing it to ourselves? Your choices in life count. They affect everyone and everything and it is time we all take responsibility for our own actions and pray and hope everyone else does the same.

~ White Light Bookstore



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