programmed stones

Crystals grow. They are comprised of silica and they give off a pulse.  Which is why they make all electronics work from your watch, to your computer, to your television.  Quartz is in all high quality electronics you can buy.  Programmed Crystals work with our subconscious minds.  The idea is that you can put a thought in a crystal.  The crystal will then pulse the thought, which your subconscious mind hears.  The subconscious mind believes anything it hears repeatedly (which is why subliminal programs work for weight loss, to stop smoking, etc).  Since I have been offering instructions on how to program a crystal I have received many requests for help.  Together with Oden, one of my spirit guides, we have pre-programmed crystals which are now available in the store. We have them for: HEALING, MONEY, LOVE, PROTECTION, INTUITION, GOOD LUCK, NEW JOB, PEACE, AKASHIC RECORDS.

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