When you start to communicate with your guide it is about both of you learning a new language, a little bit you and a little bit them so if you are not understanding I believe when you least expect it the meanings of symbols will come./ In order to understand something you are remote viewing you need to understand the workings of that thing, it doesn’t work if you don’t have a reference for it, you can get images and not classify them, a lot of intuitive people try to interpret what they have seen and instead of interpreting it is more, with remote viewing, about just giving what you see. Some people see an S with a line through it and think money but sometimes they think the S stands for something else and it is not about money. So remote viewing is about seeing it is not about any interpretation./ When you think about fire it is a transition, it is also a movement or an exchange of energy from one dimension to another and so if you think about a very large fire, we create a very large catalyst on a very large vacuum or a transition of energy from one level to another so a big fire is like opening a portal to bring energy to a different level so it would be like shedding a dead skin or bringing a new vibration or light. So it is like the earth going through a transition and the large fire creates an impetus that that energy can move through that fire or into that different level (in relation to a question on the Colorado fires)./ The founding fathers tried to promote spirituality as much as they could and countries have karma just like people do and countries and churches have a difficult time being a vehicle for spiritual growth./ In angelic orders you have the first level closest to God and than most angels on the next level. Those beings are love and light and seek out individuals to prepare them for their path, important tasks to perform on their mission that incarnated to this level. These high angels come very rarely to this level, they mainly are teachers and spiritual advisors for souls that have passed to the fourth spiritual plane.

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