Money is energy. Once you are in control of your energy field than you control the money, you control the people who come into your life, you can control your health, everything, you can control everything. So it is about understanding energy and the chakra system and make sure your energy is moving at a quick pace (like in a tornado around your physical body moving in a clockwise direction, left to right on your front, right to left on your back ). All of the money talismans work because the collective consciousness believes they work. There isĀ  enough people who believe that a good luck stone works, there is enough people who believe that the number eight is the money number. All those things are true because everyone believes they are and thinks they are so always utilize symbols and talismans and those kind of things even if you don’t believe in them they still work because there are enough people who do./ The energy of the electricity in a couple of years is going to be very stretched and it is going to be very expensive. Having a generator as back up is probably a good idea but it isn’t something you would need all the time. Most of the problems will be in the change of the climate and the heat, more of an issue finding good water, finding pure water in the next couple of years. When you think about it, the springs are going to dry up because of the heat. So good water will be harder to find./ In four or five years they are going to make solar panels that are very small./ A lot of people who are dealing with low self-esteem and money issues, soul retrieval is also very, very useful to make sure that you have all of your soul’s energy in one location, in one place. If your scattered all over it is very difficult to manifest with bits and pieces all over that you have given away or has been taken from you. If you think about someone with a deep emotional issue that plugs into you and kind of drains you and when you are around them you are tired and sleepy, those are ones who are actually tasking your energy.

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