Lauralei recently had a plant communication class where we all received a plant or tree spirit guide (the guides tell us we all can have plant and animal guides just as all plant and animals can have mankind guides) and they came to the different individuals to help them with specific purposes. All the plants and trees have consciousness just like all animals. All the crystals we work with at the store have consciousness Oden tells us. So why do we continue to be so cruel and treat other individuals so badly, treat animals so poorly where we torture and cage and kill them in mass, use all the minerals and resources of the planet without a true and real thought of how to replenish or conserve such gifts. Through the guides eyes we must be some of the stupidest so and son’s they have ever had to deal with. They are all love and light, only want the best for us as God does and they just look at us as less evolved, but come on. It only takes half a brain to see what an absolute mess we have made of the planet we live on and how we continue to make it hard for those who are trying to be part of the solution. Doesn’t it make sense that our money should go towards education, health and spiritual needs. Animal shelters, alternative, renewable energy sources, those who plant trees, those who clean up litter, those who promote recycling, those who fight against mass genocide go species, woman’s shelters, etc., this is where the first thoughts should be for our money, not capitalism, mining, deforestation, to see who can become the richest or most famous, oil and gas, the continual pollution of the earth because it costs too much to change our ways, the systematic killing of animals for our consumption of billions of cattle and pigs and chickens and turkeys every year in the worst ways possible. Arianna has told us how plants and animals are totally willing to share of themselves to sustain people and others, but there is a certain way it needs to be done. You have to ask, it has to agree, our spirits need to be involved. Oden tells us not to never feel guilty, it is only giving your energy away. We should look at ourselves and others as less evolved and from now on we will be more evolved. Well it is really time to step up our evolvement and work with the planet and it’s pieces we are a part of, not to destroy and misuse and rape our mother earth. Anything is possible, it only takes an instant to change our viewpoint, our ways and our actions from now on.


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