Recently in Oden’s lecture on the “Galactic Alignment” (I highly recommend you attend his lectures, they are all amazing) he was answering a question about what path the earth will be headed toward in the near future and he stated that all possible futures are happening at all times simultaneously. There is the possible future where we stop polluting the planet, give up on oil and gas, let go of the survival of the fittest notion with man and nature ( survival of the fittest is a lower vibrational frequency we have allowed to rule our planet ) , man raises his frequency and we give up on killing, torturing  and abusing each other and we all move to a higher vibrational existence. There is also the future where it gets much worse, we believe the end of the world is upon us, guns and hate and violence rule, where no one feels safe and all hope is lost and the earth gets rid of man from the planet. There are also a million other possible futures for our planet Oden said and which direction we take all depends on us, where the majority of the more evolved individuals on the planet place their focus. That is what will occur. We set our future. We dictate the terms and parameters of our existence by where we place our attention and what we put our focus upon. If this is the case than I believe we all would want to start focusing on the perfect planet. No war, no pollution, clean, natural, sustainable energies for everyone, medical care and food for all, treating each other better than we would newish to be treated, moving beyond killing other souls ( animals and plants ) for our nourishment, remembering who we truly are and why we are truly in this life. Oden says the choice is ours. We can focus our vision of the future of our planet on the best possible scenario and highest imaginable light and live where we only dream of now.

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