Imagine a large cloud above our planet. Not a good or bad cloud, just a cloud and lets call that cloud mans thoughts and beliefs throughout history. How many people believe something and how long people have believed something. So, as I like to tell people when they come in the store, if I wear a t-shirt with a four leaf clover on it what I am attempting to do is connect with that part of the cloud of everyone who ever believed a four leaf clover is lucky. All the Irish, all the Catholics and anyone else who has ever believed a four leaf clover brings you good luck. I am attempting to bring that energy to me so I might have good luck. An interesting aspect of thought forms is that it has nothing to do with your beliefs, your thoughts, your culture or religion. It has to do with the fact that other people believe in a certain thing, how many people believe it and how long they believe it. This is what makes a thought form stronger. If one sits back and takes the time to think about it thought forms are a major part  of what rule our lives at this level. Hell, the devil, saints created by the church ( not all), many deities one prays to, a stone or crystal we believe protects us, a piece of sports jewelry that many believe makes them stronger or the idea that killing and consuming something will bestow it’s power or ability upon us. This is what our guides teach us. Thought forms can be very powerful but they are created by us and consequently hold us back from pursuing or connecting with truly higher aspects of us and other souls. Saint Francis of Assisi was an incredible soul that helped many but when he died that aspect of his soul moved on to other aspects of that soul to continue his evolvement toward Christ consciousness, enlightenment and his higher nature. When an individual now prays to Saint Francis of Assisi they are not praying to that individual but a thought form created by man of all the aspects we believe that saint should possess and we pray to that saint in the hopes some of that energy might be bestowed upon us. Five thousand years ago ( or whenever ) there was no hell, no Satan or devil, but somewhere along the line some priest or person of importance decided that if we want to control these people and make them do what we say we should create a place that if they don’t obey us they will go there when they die and not enjoy it and for good measure we need a person who rules over that place that is really not a good soul at all. Fast forward to now and now there is a hell and there is a devil created by us, by our thoughts because of all those throughout the past whatever time period that believes in the devil and hell. We create it. Man creates it. We have created our own stew, our own mess and per the guides it is up to us to get out of it ( hopefully with as much higher assistance as we can get). Oden says he finds it amusing when someone prays to God or an Archangel to smite the devil or Satan. It is not there job. We created these thought forms. We can destroy these thought forms. It is possible. Just imagine how many thought forms or belief systems we as men and women have created. How these rule parts of our lives. How they prevent us from having experiences we should be having. As Oden says, “This is a make believe world of our own creation. Created by us, God and the master guides and angels.” We created it so we can change it or uncreated the aspects of ourselves and our society we are not so enamored with. First stop believing in what you know not to be true. Next send love and light to everything, as much as you can. Wish all well, even those you don’t like or disagree with. Finally we are taught you can direct a beam of white light from God at the center of the universe into the top of your head and out your third eye at the perceived third eye of whatever thought form you are wishing to turn to raw energy. Start small. Thought forms are real and very powerful. Always protect yourself with the Armor of God. The guides teach us it is a process so begin with recognizing what is running our life and let us begin to take back our control. This is just one aspect of many aspects which most are not aware of that control our lives. Next time we’ll deal with “The Man” ( just kidding).

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