White Light Bookstore and Crystals – About the Owners

Lauralei is a gifted channel, and has communicated with spirits and her Angels since childhood. Her guides taught her to meditate at the age of 5 and trained her to astral project, read & see auras & develop her intuition. She began channeling in the early 80′s after years of work with her guides. She channels three Master Guides, who offer love and guidance on many levels.  All the information is in this blog comes from information taught to her from spirit.

Lauralei teaches classes on information that is brought to her directly from her guides, such as: Oden Reiki, Contacting Your Spirit Guide, How to Channel, Spiritual Healing, Healing the connection to your Higher Self & How to Reclaim Your Energy and more. As an adult, she has worked for government & police agencies in solving crimes and finding missing persons.  Lauralei is able to receive direct information from past friends & relatives, as well as EVP’s.
David, her husband,  is a gifted healer and seeker. He does Scared Geometry healings thru a technique brought the Norse God Oden, whom Lauralei channels. David teaches several classes including Tai Chi, spiritual healing and more.


White Light Bookstore and Crystals is a New Age, Spiritual and Metaphysical Bookstore that is a unique resource to anyone searching for inner knowledge, angelic wisdom and spiritual growth. It has been a dream of ours to create a space that offers a positive forum for the teachings of the Spirit Guides & Guardians we work with. Besides books, our store offers many tools to enhance your inner path journey, as well as raise your vibration by offering the following:
Classes that Offer Information Channeled Directly From Spirit

  • Psychic Fairs Every Other Month
  • Crystals, Stones & Minerals
  • Natural Incense Sticks, Cones & Resins
  • Candles & Essential Oils
  • Jewelry: Spiritual & New Age
  • Spiritual Statues
  • Meditation Supplies such as: Bells, Drums, & Cushions
  • Music & Singing Bowls
  • Much More!

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