White Light Bookstore and Crystals is a New Age, Spiritual and Metaphysical Bookstore that is a unique resource to anyone searching for inner knowledge, angelic wisdom and spiritual growth. It has been a dream of ours to create a space that offers a positive forum for the teachings of the Spirit Guides & Guardians we work with. Besides books, our store offers many tools to enhance your inner path journey, as well as raise your vibration by offering the following:

  • Classes that Offer Information Channeled Directly From Spirit
  • Psychic Fairs Every Other Month
  • Crystals, Stones & Minerals
  • Natural Incense Sticks, Cones & Resins
  • Candles & Essential Oils
  • Jewelry: Spiritual & New Age
  • Spiritual Statues
  • Meditation Supplies such as: Bells, Drums, & Cushions
  • Music & Singing Bowls
  • Much More!

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